“Burn It Down with Kim Brown” is a show from The Real News Network calling out systemic issues within our society and envisioning a new world where we talk with people about how to restructure and create systems that are inclusive of everyone. We keep it real, and will actively destroy myths that the media and politicians love that we believe, like American Exceptionalism.


Latest Episode

Election 2020: The final countdown

The race for the White House is important, but it’s the Senate races that could determine whether we’re headed towards a dictatorship.

Recent episodes

Tearing down Columbus statues is just the first step

As Christopher Columbus statues come down across the U.S., and his legacy is being reevaluated, the real story must be told. We talk about how Columbus’ actions continue to impact Indigenous, Black and Brown communities today through genocide and colonization, and what we can do to fix it.


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