“Burn It Down with Kim Brown” is a show from The Real News Network calling out systemic issues within our society and envisioning a new world where we talk with people about how to restructure and create systems that are inclusive of everyone. We keep it real, and will actively destroy myths that the media and politicians love that we believe, like American Exceptionalism.


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Unemployment benefits expiring, evictions mounting, COVID-19 (still) raging—and yet, Congress’s latest proposed relief package is even paltrier than the first. We discuss the effects of living under a callous and inept government.

Proud Boys run wild while police stand by (again)

The Proud Boys hit the streets yet again this week to protest the validity of the general election results and demonstrate their undying support for Donald Trump. We discuss why, with stabbings and a shooting taking place at these demonstrations, police continue to take a hands-off approach.

Cabinet of the living dead

Biden’s cabinet picks so far read like a murderers’ row of detested Clintonites, Obamaites, and neoliberal zombies. Is anyone surprised?

The double struggle of Black Native Americans

The legacy of slavery and anti-Black racism haunts Indian Country, too. To this day, Black descendants of Indigenous nations fight for acknowledgment and citizenship from their tribes.


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