Rattling the Bars, hosted by former Black Panther and political prisoner Marshall “Eddie” Conway, puts the voices of the people most harmed by our system of mass incarceration at the center of our reporting on the fight to end it.

Rattling the Bars offers an honest look at the lives of prisoners, returning citizens, their families, and their communities. With Rattling the Bars, by presenting hard data and real-life stories, we examine and seek to shift public opinion around the misconception that incarceration, punishment, and increased policing make cities safer—the truth of which has been disproven by countless studies. The series examines the history and root causes of the current so-called justice system. It showcases individuals and communities nationwide who are grappling with real solutions to problems created by the prison-industrial complex.

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‘This is COINTELPRO 2021’

The recent release of longtime political prisoners David Gilbert and Russell Maroon Shoatz is cause for celebration, but the state apparatus that imprisons radicals and squashes political dissent is alive and well.

‘We want Rikers closed and no new jails in its place!’

COVID-19 turned what were already inhumane conditions at Rikers Island, New York’s most notorious jail, into a full-blown humanitarian crisis. Prisoners, activists, and legal advocates are demanding it be closed for good.

Cuba, COVID-19, and ending the US blockade

The US has effectively jailed Cuba for over half a century through illegal political intervention and economic war. COVID-19 highlighted how this is not only a crime against the people of Cuba, but the world.

A staggering number of inmates have died in Louisiana prisons

When law professor Andrea Armstrong and her students wanted data on inmates who had recently died in Louisiana prisons, they realized that such data didn’t exist. After conducting their own research, they were shocked by what they found.


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