The Real News Network is a non-profit, viewer supported center for digital journalism, dedicated to telling the stories that matter to movements fighting back against capitalism, white supremacy, and imperialism.

We live in dangerous times. Fascism and reaction are on the march globally. The climate crisis is accelerating. Incarceration and disinformation are making a mockery of democracy. And tepid liberal centrism is less and less adequate to the demands history is making.

In such an era, it’s not enough for journalism to be accurate or informative—it needs to be attuned to the needs of the historical moment unfolding around us, and committed to its role in a collective struggle for a future worth fighting for.

Here at The Real News, we believe that the journalism we need most is one based in hope. While there is plenty to be cynical about or afraid of in our world, fear and distrust by themselves don’t lead to action. We work to tell the stories that go beyond outrage, that instead work to foster a sense of collective power—a sense that the world can be changed, and that our audience can play a role in making that change happen. That means centering the voices of people that the mainstream media keeps unheard or at best tokenized—and giving them a platform.

Our history and model

Founded in 2003, The Real News Network moved into its downtown Baltimore headquarters in 2013, renovating two vacant industrial buildings a block from City Hall into a 31,000 sq ft. multimedia newsroom and studio, with an associated restaurant (Ida B.’s Table), 6,500 sq. ft. events space, and offices for local progressive nonprofits.

Our video reporting has been viewed hundreds of millions of times online, and we have produced tens of thousands of stories—all powered by donations from our viewers and other philanthropic support, because we believe that relying on advertising dollars, seeking corporate underwriting, or submitting to government control of our content would be fundamentally incompatible with our mission.

Our funders

In addition to the thousands of people supporting our work with donations, major contributors supporting the work of The Real News include:

  • Dimitri Lascaris
  • Gary Loughrey
  • The Benjamin Fund
  • Bertha Foundation
  • The Flora Family Foundation
  • Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation
  • Matthew Palevsky, Upaya Zen Center
  • Maximum Differences Foundation
  • Quitiplas Foundation
  • Sheila, Dave and Sherry Gold Foundation
  • Knight Foundation

TRNN does not share, sell, trade or otherwise release donor’s personal information to any third parties.