PAR is a weekly show that seeks to hold one of the most powerful institutions in this country accountable, policing. To do so we will take a critical look at all facets of American policing, exploring both the systemic and political imperatives that often puts law enforcement at odds with the communities they purport to serve.

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Calling BS on the ‘Bad Apples’ Theory of Police Misconduct

On this episode of The Police Accountability Report, we tell a harrowing tale of a firsthand experience with drug dealing cops reveals the long and troubling history of police selling narcotics, and calls into question the idea that police corruption is limited to a few bad actors.

Woman Goes Into Premature Labor After Aggressive Arrest; Judge Still Sends Her to Jail

In this episode we will look at a federal lawsuit accusing police of violating the civil rights of a then-pregnant woman that has cleared a major hurdle. Court filings reveal the harrowing experience for a woman who went into labor shortly after she was put in handcuffs and jailed.

Former Detective Says Police Lied About Controversial Arrest Caught On Video

In the latest episode of the Police Accountability Report we discuss an arrest caught on tape which seems to diverge from the account given by officers, and discuss if it’s possible for police to police themselves

Are Police Being Paid to Kill Us?

A recent secret deal to give a Mesa, Arizona police officer a lifetime pension after a controversial shooting is raising questions about a system that appears to have troublesome incentives

Cop Caught on Body Cam Arresting a Man for Talking

The illegal arrest by a Baltimore City cop has lead to charges of false imprisonment and misconduct, but also reveals a deep-rooted reason why police seek to silence critics

Marijuana Activist Faces 10 Years in Prison for Using Facebook Live

A 20-year-old student activist was charged with felony wiretapping for using Facebook Live while in the office of Rep. Andy Harris, known for pushing back against the legalization of marijuana in DC