Police Accountability Report, hosted by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis, is a weekly show that seeks to expose and hold to account one of the most powerful institutions in this country—the police.

The show shines a critical light on all facets of American policing, exploring the systemic and political imperatives that put law enforcement at odds with the communities they purport to serve.

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Charges dropped in multiple cases after PAR investigative reports

PAR has three positive updates on cases we’ve recently covered. We update the case of an Ohio cab driver who was tasered while waiting for a customer, a Texas resident arrested for drugs found in a car he just purchased from a police auction, and the activist grandmother who faced two years in prison for allegedly using a counterfeit $100 bill.

Did cops retaliate against this activist?

PAR investigates why a Maryland activist and pizza-delivering grandmother who supported community policing now finds herself facing felony charges and two years in prison.

Police union defends convicted cops keeping their jobs

Why is it so hard to reform the police, let alone hold police accountable for abusing their power? What are the legal and political protections that have put police above the very law they’re supposed to enforce?

The white establishment rebels against community policing

This week, in lieu of a new episode of PAR, we have a special interview with Stephen Janis and Taya Graham about their new full-length documentary, “The Friendliest Town,” which tells the story of Kelvin Sewell, the first African-American police chief of Pocomoke City, MD.

Police hijack helicopter ambulance for surveillance

Documents obtained by PAR reveal how an air ambulance service has been used repeatedly to fly surveillance missions over the city of Baltimore, raising troubling questions about the consequences of law enforcement’s growing civic influence.


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