PAR is a weekly show that seeks to hold one of the most powerful institutions in this country accountable, policing. To do so we will take a critical look at all facets of American policing, exploring both the systemic and political imperatives that often puts law enforcement at odds with the communities they purport to serve.

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Outrage In Minneapolis After Police Killing Caught On Video

The city roils after the death of George Floyd as police confronted protesters and the mayor urged prosecutors to charge the officers involved.

New Details Of Deadly No-Knock Warrant Show Just How Reckless Police Can Be

PAR uncovers new information on the dangers of serving no-knock warrants and analyzes the raid that killed 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor. Cop watcher Kenneth Dunham alleges continued intimidation from local Oregon police.

Handcuffed Man Dies After Minneapolis Cop Kneels On His Neck

Four officers are fired after one was caught on video kneeling on a man’s neck. The man later died. The FBI has joined the investigation and witnesses say the officer was kneeling on his neck for several minutes as he pleaded for help.

Inside America’s Cash-Hungry Plainclothes Police Units

Breonna Taylor, an EMT, was shot eight times in a botched no-knock drug raid. PAR interviews an ex-cop who tells the truth about drug raids, warrants, and asset forfeiture, and speaks with cop watcher Laura Shark.

The Secretive Police Commission The Justice Department Doesn’t Want You To Notice

PAR learns about life under lockdown with COVID-19 from a guest just released from 10 months of incarceration, and examines the secretive police commission created by Attorney General Barr.

Wall Street Is Profiting From Police Brutality

Taxpayers are paying double for police brutality settlements thanks to cities and towns buying bonds from Wall Street to finance payouts for officer misconduct. San Diego cop watcher Kat from Irate Productions discusses recent police harassment of unarmed residents.