PAR is a weekly show that seeks to hold one of the most powerful institutions in this country accountable, policing. To do so we will take a critical look at all facets of American policing, exploring both the systemic and political imperatives that often puts law enforcement at odds with the communities they purport to serve.

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Why Are Police Shooting the Mentally ill?

On this episode of the Police Accountability Report we analyze an investigative report on controversial police shootings in Greenville, South Carolina that points to a troubling trend of police using deadly force against people suffering mental distress. Send your tips to [email protected]

Police Chased Cyclist for Not Having a Reflector. He Ended up Dead

On this episode of the Police Accountability Report we review body cam footage showing Las Vegas police chasing Byron Lee Williams on his bike for not having a proper reflector. Police ignored pleas that he could not breathe and Williams died. Now police are facing questions.

Militarized Police Attack Man Who Filmed Controversial Arrest

On this episode of the Police Accountability Report we take a look at a Columbus, OH SWAT team’s brutal arrest of a man who recorded them swarming a residential neighborhood. We dive into how the militarization of policing turns law enforcement into an occupying force.

Police Say They Killed a Man Holding a Gun, But a Video Raises Doubts

Police in Aberdeen, Washington shot and killed a man while trying to serve a warrant two weeks ago. On this Police Accountability Report, we look at the video that raises doubts about their story and reveals underlying tensions caused by aggressive policing in the small Pacific Northwest town.

Police Use Ignorance of the Law as a Defense, But You Can’t

On this episode we take a critical look at the obstacles to holding police accountable, and expose how both politicians and judges defend an institution that is often at odds with communities.

Calling BS on the ‘Bad Apples’ Theory of Police Misconduct

On this episode of The Police Accountability Report, we tell a harrowing tale of a firsthand experience with drug dealing cops reveals the long and troubling history of police selling narcotics, and calls into question the idea that police corruption is limited to a few bad actors.