Police Accountability Report, hosted by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis, is a weekly show that seeks to expose and hold to account one of the most powerful institutions in this country—the police.

The show shines a critical light on all facets of American policing, exploring the systemic and political imperatives that put law enforcement at odds with the communities they purport to serve.

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Illegal checkpoint arrest tied to a controversial shooting

In the small town of Talking Rock, Georgia, a man was supposedly stopped for avoiding a roadblock, had his car searched without consent, and was arrested for having balding tires. But residents say the story of gross overpolicing in their area goes much deeper.

A police chief tried to stop the drug war—then they came for him

An in-depth look at the obstacles to police reform. PAR examines the story of a police chief who tried to limit arrests and end the war on drugs by helping people get treatment and jobs. His efforts made the public safer, but cost him dearly.


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