PAR is a weekly show that seeks to hold one of the most powerful institutions in this country accountable, policing. To do so we will take a critical look at all facets of American policing, exploring both the systemic and political imperatives that often puts law enforcement at odds with the communities they purport to serve.

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The Critical Role Auditing Plays in the Battle Against Police Surveillance

Auditors across the country are turning the tables on police surveillance. The Police Accountability Report spoke to an auditor who was arrested to understand how filming cops ultimately preserves our civil rights.

The Top Five Most Ridiculous Arrests of 2019

The police accountability report takes a critical look at some of the most disturbing acts of policing caught on video in 2019.

Exclusive: Did A Sheriff intentionally Hit This Motorcyclist?  

PAR investigates a collision that lead to serious injuries for a motorcyclist on Maryland’s lower Eastern Shore, and examines both the evidence what police aren’t saying about the incident that almost killed a man.

Cop Charged with Making Multiple False Arrests

Baltimore Police Sgt Ethan Newberg is facing 32 counts of false imprisonment and assault for using illegal arrests to intimidate the community, prosecutors allege.

The Inside Story of an Elite Law Enforcement Unit Which Ran a Criminal Gang Inside a US Jail

The police accountability report talks to a first-hand witness to the alleged crimes of a group of corrections officers charged with brutalizing inmates as part of a larger criminal scheme.

Shoot First, Get Paid Later

The Police Accountability Report explores how a controversial shooting may lead to a lifetime pension for the officer involved, and why concepts like blanket criminality and moral disqualification drive the system that rewards questionable behavior.