PAR is a weekly show that seeks to hold one of the most powerful institutions in this country accountable, policing. To do so we will take a critical look at all facets of American policing, exploring both the systemic and political imperatives that often puts law enforcement at odds with the communities they purport to serve.

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Despite Crisis, Auditors Continue To Confront Aggressive Policing

PAR guest James Freeman discusses the aftermath of a police chase that nearly killed two bystanders: a mother and her three-year-old child.

In A Pandemic, The US Addiction To Incarceration Comes Back To Haunt Us

For decades, police could surveil and drug test thousands of Americans every day. Why can’t those same resources be used for coronavirus testing? Police Accountability Report continues its analysis of overpolicing and public health.

Breaking: Police Officer Charged with Drug Dealing and Lying to FBI

More than 14 Baltimore City Police Officers have been now caught in the ever-widening scandal of cops drug dealing, robbing residents, and stealing overtime.

Are Police Targeting Rural America for Mass Incarceration?

There has been an explosion of incarceration in rural communities across America. PAR explores the profit motive that has stimulated this rapid increase in our carceral complex with guest Otto the Watchdog, a first amendment auditor.

‘They Know Who I Am’: Auditor Arrested Again—While Playing a Video Game

Disabled veteran and First Amendment activist Blind Justice returns to PAR, saying he and his wife were threatened with violence and arrest while playing PokemonGo in a church parking lot in Rockingham, North Carolina.

Police Arrest Man for Holding a Sign, But That Was Just the Beginning

The arrest of an auditor for holding a sign was just the first in a series of questionable charges that raise fundamental questions about the true imperative of American policing.