One reason why The Real News Network calls Baltimore home is because we know that the struggles that the people in this majority-minority city face (unequitable access to resources like education, clean air, and transportation, for example) are the struggles people face all over the globe. By reporting from the Baltimore trenches, we hope to keep our friends and neighbors abreast of what’s going on in our city, but also hope these stories will resonate with people united in the struggle everywhere.

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—Lisa Snowden-McCray, Baltimore Editor

Battleground Baltimore: Pushing back

In this week’s roundup of Baltimore news, Black community space Terra Cafe won’t cave to noise ordinance NIMBYs, out of town developers try to silence Poppleton residents, and the “Free Keith Davis Jr.” movement raises the stakes with some help from DeRay Mckesson.

No funding? No problem, for Baltimore’s co-ops

While large corporations received billions in tax breaks and subsidies, worker co-ops struggled to raise capital. So worker-owners in Baltimore started their own revolving loan fund, supporting nearly two dozen co-ops as they successfully weathered COVID-19.

Worker Co-ops vs COVID-19

We know that workers have been on the front lines of the pandemic, too often with no real say in the conditions they’ve had to face and the risks they’ve had to take. How would a more democratic economy respond to the current crisis?


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