Battleground Baltimore: Freedom?

In this week’s roundup of Baltimore news: A controversial security deposit bill, Amazon donates what Bezos makes in four seconds to a local community garden, and a Prince George’s County mayor calls out the governor.

One reason why The Real News Network calls Baltimore home is because we know that the struggles that the people in this majority-minority city face (unequitable access to resources like education, clean air, and transportation, for example) are the struggles people face all over the globe. By reporting from the Baltimore trenches, we hope to keep our friends and neighbors abreast of what’s going on in our city, but also hope these stories will resonate with people united in the struggle everywhere.

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—Lisa Snowden-McCray, Baltimore Editor

Battleground Baltimore, Jan. 29

In this week’s round-up of Baltimore news: Members of the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police try to make the case for keeping the LEOBR, city students are going on strike, and Lawrence Brown’s “The Black Butterfly” is released.

Battleground Baltimore, Jan. 8

Local leaders react to the insurrection that happened just 45 minutes away in Washington. D.C.; why a move to end home detention fees might not go far enough; and a “spy plane” that has been flying in Baltimore (ostensibly to solve crime) is headed for St. Louis.

Hope and havoc in Baltimore politics

From progressive insurgents and petty tyrants to Kim Klacik, TRNN Baltimore Editor and Managing Editor Lisa Snowden-McCray speaks with Maryland State Senator Jill Carter and local musician DDm about the wild world of Baltimore politics.


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