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The Marc Steiner Show meets you at the intersection of politics and culture. We produce dynamic conversations and visual productions with activists, actors, artists and authors to creatively get to the root of the social, political and cultural issues that we and our world face.

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Inflation panic is the new deficit hawkery

A familiar, hand-wringing chorus of politicians and pundits are freaking out about inflation and using it to argue against passing the Build Back Better plan, but the overblown panic is little more than a political ploy.

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Biden ‘fights’ climate crisis with kid gloves on

President Joe Biden and other leaders from wealthy nations used a lot of nice-sounding rhetoric about tackling climate change at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, but they’ve made it clear that the oil and gas industries are still running the show.

How do we avoid the politics of despair?

Democrats have struggled to deliver on their progressive promises—even ones that are wildly popular—but voters don’t have to wait for the upcoming midterm elections to push them to follow through.

Democratic accountability keeps revolutions alive

After decades of living between Cuba and Nicaragua, writing and editing for Nicaragua Farmer’s View and Havana Times, Circles Robinson shares his thoughts on how leftist governments succeed or fail to stay true to their revolutionary roots.

The painful, erased history of how Africa made Western modernity possible

When we tell the history of modern civilization, that story almost always centers on European expansion, innovation, and “discovery.” In a game-changing new book, Howard French examines the forcibly forgotten history of Africa’s central place in the making of modernity.

7 months into strike, Alabama coal miners keep the fire burning

Alabama coal miners and their families have been on strike against Warrior Met Coal since April 1, facing violence from scab workers while courts strip their legally protected right to picket. But they’re still holding strong.


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