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The Marc Steiner Show meets you at the intersection of politics and culture. We produce dynamic conversations and visual productions with activists, actors, artists and authors to creatively get to the root of the social, political and cultural issues that we and our world face.

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Unearthing the horror of Native American boarding schools

Calls for deeper investigations rise after hundreds of unmarked graves were recently discovered at Canadian boarding schools used to assimilate Native children; Jews against Israeli apartheid say “Not in our name.”

Grim grinning ghosts come out to moralize

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis translates culture war paranoia into state law; Current Affairs Amusements and Managing Editor Lyta Gold asks if Americans are capable of processing mass death.

The coordinated assault on voting rights is ‘Jim Crow 2.0’

Georgia’s new voting law is the latest example of the right wing’s naked assault on democracy; Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to Mexico and Guatemala proves the US government has no interest in addressing the “root causes” of Central American migration.


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