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The Marc Steiner Show meets you at the intersection of politics and culture. We produce dynamic conversations and visual productions with activists, actors, artists and authors to creatively get to the root of the social, political and cultural issues that we and our world face.

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There’s more riding on Democrats’ budget battle than you think

The internal battle within the Democratic Party over President Biden’s economic agenda is inevitable, but the outcome is not. And the lives of many Americans, the climate, as well as the results of the midterm elections hang in the balance.

The spiritual void at the heart of Israeli militarism

In the latest installment of the “Not in Our Name” series, Marc Steiner talks with Mizrahi feminist, multi-media artist, and Jewish mystic Hadar Cohen about identity and the crisis of spirituality underpinning Israeli occupation.

Canada’s big, fat, expensive, nothing-burger election

Canada’s snap election took place this week with a lot of media hullabaloo, a price tag of hundreds of millions of dollars, and shockingly low voter turnout—and practically nothing changed. Now what?


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