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The Marc Steiner Show meets you at the intersection of politics and culture. We produce dynamic conversations and visual productions with activists, actors, artists and authors to creatively get to the root of the social, political and cultural issues that we and our world face.

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How militarism eats the poor and destroys the planet

In this blockbuster episode of “The Marc Steiner Show” (now premiering every Tuesday), we talk to Congressman John Sarbanes about the attack on voting rights, and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis about the Poor People’s Campaign and the fight for a just future.

Recent episodes

America: The land of lost causes

As the pandemic hammers the world of higher education, graduate student-workers are fighting for their livelihoods; then, we examine the continuing relevance of forgotten 19th-century political struggles in the U.S.

The debt is too damn high!

We talk with Umme Hoque of the Debt Collective about the push to cancel all student debt; then, we examine why we have failed to fight COVID-19 on a global scale the way we fought polio or smallpox.

‘We’ve made this kind of war invisible’

The reality of war has become so distant and abstract for U.S. civilians that most have no idea how many wars we’re actually engaged in. And that, as writer and combat veteran Danny Sjursen argues, is by design.


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