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‘We’ve made this kind of war invisible’

The reality of war has become so distant and abstract for U.S. civilians that most have no idea how many wars we’re actually engaged in. And that, as writer and combat veteran Danny Sjursen argues, is by design.

Biden’s team won’t end the forever wars

While President Joe Biden instilled hope in some that his administration’s military policy would be less hawkish than those of his predecessors, his national security appointments tell a different story.

How Malcolm Little became Malcolm X

On the 56th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination, we talk with Tamara Payne, co-author of “The Dead Are Arising,” an award-winning biography—thirty years in the making—that offers a never-before-seen look into what molded Malcolm Little into Malcolm X.

The Guardian shuts down criticism of Israel

Nathan Robinson’s column at The Guardian US was shut down after a tweet criticizing US-Israel relations. Then, Tamara Payne explains how Malcolm Little became Malcolm X.


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