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Working People

Working People (in partnership with In These Times and The Real News Network) is a podcast about working-class lives in the 21st century. In every episode, you’ll hear interviews with workers from all walks of life. We talk about their life stories, their jobs, politics, and families, their joys and hopes, their dreams and struggles. Overall, Working People aims to share and celebrate the diverse stories of working-class people, to remind ourselves that our stories matter, and to build a sense of shared struggle and solidarity between workers around the world.

The Real News Network proudly partnered with Working People during Season Four of the show and will be posting all new episodes here on the TRNN website. To listen to the back catalog of Working People episodes, listen and subscribe on your podcast player of choice using the buttons below.

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UAW workers explain why they’re ready to strike

Auto workers are poised to strike against the Big Three automakers: Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis—workers from each of these companies explain what’s driven them to this point.

Without action, East Palestine will happen again

The devastating train wreck disaster caused by Norfolk Southern has been all but forgotten five months later—but it’s not too late to build a safer, greener, more humane rail system to prevent another catastrophe.

UPS-Teamsters could strike Aug 1: What you need to know

UPS Teamsters will walk off the job in one of the largest strikes in US history unless the company can satisfy workers’ demands by July 31. We talk to Sean Orr, a UPS package-car driver and elected shop steward, about what workers are fighting for.

In Canada, the strike wave is winning workers real gains

A reinvigorated labor movement post-COVID is shaking up workplaces and strengthening unions in Canada. But there’s still more work to do. Between a cost-of-living crisis, an ascendant right wing, and many workers still left out of the movement, can labor meet the moment?

East Palestine, 100 Days Later

Months after an explosive Norfolk Southern train derailment changed their lives and communities forever, residents of East Palestine, Ohio, and the surrounding area feel “numb,” lied to, and abandoned… and they’re running out of drinkable water.


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