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Working People

Working People (in partnership with In These Times and The Real News Network) is a podcast about working-class lives in the 21st century. In every episode, you’ll hear interviews with workers from all walks of life. We talk about their life stories, their jobs, politics, and families, their joys and hopes, their dreams and struggles. Overall, Working People aims to share and celebrate the diverse stories of working-class people, to remind ourselves that our stories matter, and to build a sense of shared struggle and solidarity between workers around the world.

The Real News Network proudly partnered with Working People during Season Four of the show and will be posting all new episodes here on the TRNN website. To listen to the back catalog of Working People episodes, listen and subscribe on your podcast player of choice using the buttons below.

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Why childbirth is deadlier if you’re not white

The statistics don’t lie: Maternal morbidity and mortality rates in the U.S. are significantly higher in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. We talk with filmmaker Dominique Rémy about her investigation into why this is happening and what can be done about it.

A small-town hospital goes after its union nurses

Instead of resolving short-staffing issues and unsafe working conditions, Lehigh Valley Health Network hospitals in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, are pitting union nurses against non-union staff.

Coal miners in Alabama are striking for their fair share

Miners at Warrior Met Coal sacrificed and made concessions when the company they worked for went bankrupt in 2016. Now that the mines are more productive than ever and bringing in more profits, they’re being asked to give up more.

After COVID-19, does higher education have a future?

Higher education was already suffering from decades of corporatization and public disinvestment, then COVID-19 hit. We talk to professor and local union president Aaron Major about what the pandemic will mean for the future of higher ed and its workers.

A sanitation worker’s vision for a better society

Former Philadelphia sanitation worker Terrill Haigler created the Instagram account “_yafavtrashman” to talk directly to residents about their trash pickup during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now he’s using it to advocate for a better world.

How the bourgeoisie thinks

Internationally acclaimed author and historian Rick Perlstein opens up about his family history and shares some insights into how the ruling class lives and thinks.


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