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Recent episodes

Lord of the Lies

Series finale! We’ve had a good run here on Stir Crazy and want to thank all of you who have tuned in for the last few months. On today’s show we are joined by our Editor in Chief Maximillian Alvarez, visual producer Andrew Corkery, and fan favorite and co-host of “By Any Means Necessary” Jacqueline…

White House COVID Cluster Is A Mutha

Stir Crazy! Episode 94: Today we are joined by AFT-MI Local 3550 Graduate Employees’ Organization Secretary Amir Fleischmann, associate professor in the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland Baltimore County Zoë McLaren. Hosted by Kim Brown.

Continued Covid Disparities in Native Country

Stir Crazy! Episode 93: Today we are joined by journalist, organizer, and founding executive director of Crushing Colonialism Jen Deerinwater, Miwok journalist and community organizer Desiree Kane, and journalist and community builder Johnnie Jae. Hosted by Kim Brown.

Why even debate?

Stir Crazy! Episode 92: Today we are joined by political commentator Marcus Ferrell, political consultant Adriel Hampton, and TRNN investigative reporter Stephen Janis. Hosted by Kim Brown.

America 101: Criminalizing Dissent

Stir Crazy! Episode 91: Today we are joined by journalist Justine Barron, sociologist Taure Brown, and Baltimore based activist and recording artist Eze Jackson. Hosted by Kim Brown. Follow all of our panelists on twitter. Kim Brown: @kimbrownlive, Taure brown: @sankofabrown, Justine Barron: @jewstein3000, Eze Jackson: @ezewriter

No Such Thing as Endless Growth on a Finite Planet

Stir Crazy! Episode 90: Today we are joined by TRNN visual producer Andrew Corkery, TRNN climate reporter Steve Horn, Principal Research Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne Anitra Nelson, Executive Director of the Centre for Environmental Justice and Development in Kenya Griffins Ochieng, and Kentucky State Rep. Attica Scott.


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