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Raw News: For the 4th day Turkish troops attacked Kurdish rebel bases in Iraq; US policy conflicted

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Sirnak, Turkey
February 24, 2008

Troops gather at Turkey-Iraq border

(TEXT ON SCREEN): Turkish border incursion against Kurdish rebel bases in Iraoq continued for 4th day.

Irbil, Iraq

NECHERVAN BARZANI, IRAQI KURDISTAN REGION PRIME MINISTER (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): The leader of the Kurdish autonomous region, Massoud Barzani, has sent an urgent message to President George W. Bush to tackle the current situation. If the Kurdish citizens are subjected to any aggression by Turkish army, we will defend ourselves by all available means. The Iraqi central government’s stance is weak and feeble. And we were expecting a stronger position.

Washington, DC
February 22, 2008

CONDOLEEZA RICE, US SECRETARY OF STATE: We continue to express our absolute solidarity with Turkey about the PKK. This is a common enemy of the United States and Turkey. It is also an enemy of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government, because the Iraqi territory cannot be used for terrorist–should not be used for terrorist–attacks against Turkey. We’ve also been very clear, though, that stability and progress for Iraq is in the interest of Turkey. And so everything should keep in mind that nothing should be done to destabilize what is a fragile but improving situation in Iraq.

Malatya, Turkey
February 24, 2008

(TEXT ON SCREEN): Pro-Kurdish protesters confronted by Turkish ultra-nationalists in city of Malatya.

Istanbul, Turkey
February 24, 2008

(TEXT ON SCREEN): Turkish Prime Minister Ergdogan and wife at an AK party meeting.

RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN, TURKISH PRIME MINISTER (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): Our Iraqi friends, brothers and sisters and civilians living in the region should know this, they are not the target of our armed forces. Never! This is a clearance operation for terror camps and of terrorists.

HAKAN BAYRAKTAR (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): Terror needs to be stopped. We are supporting our boys with all means.

Diyarbakir, Turkey
February 24, 2008

ENVER GUVEN (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): This cross border operation is good for no one. It only makes people in the region suffer. Erdogan is making youngsters kill each other. USA is trying to drag Turkey into the Middle East swampland.

SALIH TEMIZ (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): Only people suffer. We need to stop this. Mothers need to stop crying. Soldiers and guerrillas killed are both our sons.


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