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Real Talk Tho: Ep. 5

May 2, 2019

Join us on May 21, 2019 at Ida B’s Table for the 5th installment of the newsroom in the community show, Real Talk Tho. Real Talk Tho is an opportunity for people to discuss and debate real solutions to our city’s intractable problems. What would effective policy look like and how do we get it…

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Real Talk Tho: Power, Corruption & Changing how Baltimore is Governed

May 2, 2019

Powerful commercial interests dominate Baltimore’s city government, where corruption and backroom deals are part of the fabric of how decisions are made. The recent scandal involving Mayor Pugh is part of a long history of political office being used for personal gain and handing over public funds and favors to wealthy elites. Can city charter…


FREELANCE: Call for Indigenous Journalists

March 18, 2019

The Real News Network (TRNN) is seeking freelance video or print journalists to cover critical and relevant issues impacting indigenous and tribal communities with a strong focus on (but not limited to) the impacts of climate change. We are commissioning 5-7 minute video reports or 1000-2500 word text reports from journalists with indigenous and tribal…

Not. Just. Theater. - Political Cartoon by Ted Rall

Not. Just. Theater.

November 9, 2018
Jim Crow Rides Again: A Cartoon by Tom Chalkley

Jim Crow Rides Again

October 19, 2018

Jim Crow rides again: a cartoon by Tom Chalkley

Trump is Winning. Sure, the Country is Screwed But Who Cares?

Trump is Winning. Sure, the Country is Screwed But Who Cares?

October 12, 2018

The Trump Administration is bullying its way into big wins. Pundits warn about the cost to civic society, but why should the Trumpies care about that? They’re getting what they want and that’s what really matters.

The Empire Calls Back Cartoon

The Empire Calls Back

October 9, 2018
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Homecoming Happy Hour and Live Broadcast Panel Discussion: HBCUs and the Future Economy

September 9, 2018

Come join us to celebrate this year’s homecoming with a happy hour at Ida B’s Table followed by a live broadcast and panel discussion about the opportunities and challenges facing Maryland HBCUs as we move into the future economy. Hosted by TRNN’s Dr. Khalilah Harris and featuring expert contributors. Homecoming Happy Hour at Ida B’s…

The Future of Education Part 2

The Future of Education Town Hall Part 2

August 30, 2018

Join the conversation. Students, parents, educators, advocates, and university scholars will participate in a community conversations on the future of education in Baltimore and across the State of Maryland. Hosted by Khalilah Harris.

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Freedom Summer: Activating & Mobilizing Communities Then & Now

August 30, 2018

An intimate cross-generational conversation with activists and organizers around mobilizing communities and activism as considered through the lens of the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project and illustrated by excerpts of the award-winning documentary Freedom Summer. Hosted by Eddie Conway and featuring Charlie Cobb and Cristina Duncan Evans.