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The Upsurge is a podcast about UPS, the Teamsters, and the future of the American labor movement. It is produced in partnership with In These Times and The Real News Network.

On July 31, the labor contract of over 340,000 UPS workers will expire, and if their demands aren’t met in a new collective bargaining agreement, they may launch one of the largest strikes in US history. The contract fight by the Teamsters union, which represents the workers, may be the most important fight for the labor movement in a generation.

Through interviews with UPS workers themselves, as well as experts and other workers and activists, The Upsurge explores what makes this an unprecedented moment in US history. Please become a patron to keep this show going. The show is produced by NYGP with the help of Ruby Walsh and in partnership with In These Times. Teddy Ostrow is host and co-producer of the show.

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