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Trump Administration Allowing States to Kick People off Medicaid

Trump Administration Allowing States to Kick People off Medicaid

September 26, 2018

In a blatant reversal of Obamacare policy, of adding people to Medicaid, the Trump administration is allowing states to kick them off Medicaid by imposing new requirements to receive benefits

Israel Shuts Vital Crossing, But Gazans Will Not ‘Die in Silence’

July 10, 2018

Israel has intensified its crippling blockade of the Gaza Strip by closing the only crossing for commercial goods. Former Gaza health minister Dr. Basem Naim discusses the impact on a devastated health system and says that Palestinians will continue their weekly protests for freedom

Two Doctors Laid Off From Pediatric Hospital Speak Out

June 15, 2018

On the Marc Steiner Show, two doctors who worked at Franklin Square Pediatric Hospital talk about how the loss of the hospital will affect the communities it served

Advocates Say Hospitals Should Prioritize Health, Not Profit

June 15, 2018

On the Marc Steiner Show, Marc talks to Rev. Annie Chambers and Margaret Flowers about the closing of a Baltimore pediatric hospital and how corporate hospitals harm patients and doctors by prioritizing profit

US Movement for Single-Payer Health Care Grows, with Historic NY Bill

June 11, 2018

As the demand for single-payer health care in the US becomes mainstream, the New York Health Act could lead the way. TRNN’s Ben Norton speaks with Ursula Rozum of Physicians for a National Health Program, who says NY state could soon adopt a universal system

Bernie Sanders – Medicare for All National Town Hall

January 23, 2018

Bernie Sanders on Medicare for All

The Nina Turner Show

June 30, 2017
Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the fight against corporate democrats from the struggle for single payer in California to electing progressives countrywide, and take viewer questions live on air

Health Care

June 29, 2017
Dean Baker, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy, discusses the fight over Trumpcare and the problems with the existing healthcare system that the GOP wants to gut even further

The People's Summit 2017

June 20, 2017
San Francisco city representative Jane Kim tells Paul Jay that she helped lead successful ballot initiatives that won a higher minimum wage, free college for all, and a much higher affordable housing component in new developments; much of this fight has been against corporate Democrats