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Pepe Escobar on Iraq

Says Escobar: If the US gets the oil law it wants it will be happy otherwise it will not withdraw. Story Transcript PEPE ESCOBAR, TRNN ANALYST: The debate in the United States about the surge in my view is completely misguided, first of all because the surge is not a strategic option. The surge is […]

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Pepe Escobar on Terrorism

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Pepe Escobar covers the huge Latin American landscape for Asia Times Online. Story Transcript PEPE ESCOBAR, TRNN ANALYST: What I try to do is to explain how Islamist movements work, and this is something that has not been well understood in the West, I think. I try to put into […]

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Crisis in Pakistan

Chief Justice Chaudhry gave President Musharraf’s 1999 coup legitimacy by swearing allegiance to military rule when other judges refused. However in the last few years Chaudhry and Musharraf’s relationship fell apart after Chaudhry ruled against several key court cases that Musharraf supported. Chaudhry was expected to rule against General Musharraf’s right to run for president […]