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Posted inPolitics and Movements: International

Pakistan elections: Start of democratic turmoil

Analysis by Aijaz Ahmad: Emerging political forces in Pakistan resist US pressure Story Transcript AIJAZ AHMAD, SENIOR NEWS ANALYST: The incoming Parliamentarians who have been elected are to take an oath of office under the constitution. If they take this oath, according to this new constitution that has been printed by the Musharraf government, and […]

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Turkish incursion in northern Iraq continues

Raw News: For the 4th day Turkish troops attacked Kurdish rebel bases in Iraq; US policy conflicted Story Transcript Sirnak, Turkey February 24, 2008 Troops gather at Turkey-Iraq border (TEXT ON SCREEN): Turkish border incursion against Kurdish rebel bases in Iraoq continued for 4th day. Irbil, Iraq NECHERVAN BARZANI, IRAQI KURDISTAN REGION PRIME MINISTER (SUBTITLED […]