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Ongoing investigation as to whether blast was an accident or intentional

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VOICE OF ZAA NKWETA, PRESENTER: The investigation into the blast that killed twelve and injured over 190 people in an Iranian mosque in Shiraz continues. Initial reports from the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars reported a police official who said that a homemade bomb had caused the explosion.

VICTIM (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): When the crowd started to mourn I was standing in the back of the hall, and suddenly there was a massive explosion and many people were wounded.

NKWETA: The governor of Fars province, Mohammad-Reza Rezazadeh, had this to say.

MOHAMMED-RAZA REZAZADEH, FARS PROVINCE GOVERNOR (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): A special committee has been formed to investigate the exact reason of the accident. Until now there is no evidence to prove this blast was intentional. The location of the explosion was near an exhibition where a number of weapons from the Iran-Iraq war were displayed.

NKWETA: On Sunday, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the investigation into the incident should not be prejudged.

MOHAMMAD ALI HOSSEINI, SPOKESMAN, IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): The latest news is that none of the police and security authorities have officially commented on the incident so far and the investigations have been underway since last night. Therefore no one can prejudge it. No group has accepted responsibility for the blast either.


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