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Nuclear threats and double standards Pt.3

June 19th 2009
IAEA’s Gustavo Zlauvinen: Israel must join the NPT and get rid of their alleged nuclear weapons

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June 19 – In the latest video, TRNN Senior Editor Paul Jay asked Gustavo Zlauvinen about the apparent hypocrisy of the IAEA’s pursuit in limiting Iranian nuclear armament.

Jay asks that if the major nuclear powers were not disarming, and not signing the NPT, by what standard should countries like Iran limit their own nuclear programs.

The international pressure to prevent Iranian nuclear weaponization has drawn attention to the nuclear arsenals of other Middle Eastern countries like Israel, a country with allegedly extensive nuclear capabilities.

Zlauvinen says that “there are number of resolutions” from the IAEA and other organizations “calling on Israel to join the NPT, calling on Israel to place all their nuclear facilities under inspection of the IAEA, and obviously by getting rid of their nuclear weapons, as allegedly they are.”

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