What is RSS?

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feeds are free content feeds. The Real News Network RSS feed contains recent headlines, each with a link to a video on our website.

What can RSS do for me?

RSS is an easy way for you to check for content on websites and keep up-to-date without you having to always go back to the sites. Instead of visiting a particular website to browse for new articles, you can check the RSS feed to see whether something new has been posted. Some people prefer RSS to email newsletters because you decide when you want to check on the latest news.

How can I use RSS?

We offer three methods:

METHOD 1: Add our RSS Google Gadget to your iGoogle home page

A Volunteer who works at Google has helped us to create a custom Google Gadget that turns our RSS feed into a combination slide show and video player, so you can watch The Real News Network right on your iGoogle home page. Get this Google Gadget now!

METHOD 2: Download our RSS Widget (Mac only. Windows Gadget coming soon)

If you have a Mac (with OS X 10.4 or above) we invite you to download our RSS Widget. After downloading, double click on it to unzip, then double click on the file called TheRealNews.wdgt to install. Every fifteen minutes, the Widget will check our RSS feed for updates. Get this Mac Widget now!

METHOD 3: Use RSS Reader Software


First download RSS Reader software. There are many RSS Readers available for Windows and for Mac.


Click on the feed link below and copy the URL into your RSS reader software.

Click here to link to The Real News RSS

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