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Why You Should Give a F*ck | Ep. 9 | Finale

We take you through the first season, and explain how the concept of power connects all the topics we covered in Season 1.

Why You Should Give a F*ck | Ep. 8 | Crime

We discuss the way the U.S. approaches different types of crime and how certain acts arguably shouldn’t be considered crimes.

Why You Should Give a F*ck | Ep. 7 | Courts

We talk about how the courts have an impact on society, and issues within the court system.

Why You Should Give A F*ck | Ep. 6 | Accountability

We look at how to hold people in government accountable, and the systems that act as a check on their power.

Why You Should Give a F*ck | Ep. 5 | Campaigns

We explore the world of political campaigns, and discuss the importance of local elections, and the type of people who run for office.

Why You Should Give A F*ck | Ep. 4 | Voter Rights

We discuss your rights as a voter, and how in many places those rights are under attack from people in power.


Bababtunde Ogunfolaju Headshot

Bababtunde Ogunfolaju

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Genevieve Montinar


It’s a pretty crazy time in U.S. politics to say the least, and when all hell breaks loose some wild things happen. Like a news organization letting two nobody millennials create a show.

To keep it simple, we want to cut through the elitist bullshit and keep it real with you on why these events, issues, and never-ending stacks of legislation will impact your life. Way too often, the importance of why you should care gets lost in the news. And what better way to overcome that than to have two know-nothing millennials break down these complex topics in a way you’d actually want to listen to.

You can catch the show every Wednesday, starting June 10 at 7PM EST on therealnews.com and The Real News Network’s YouTube channel. Make sure to show us love on Twitter, Facebook and IG! We look forward to going on this crazy ass journey with you!