We explore the different areas of labor rights and the role we all play in their enforcement, while digging deeper into the aspect of mental health as it relates to our rights as workers.

Genevieve Montinar

Booking Producer

Genevieve Montinar is a booking producer at TRNN. She graduated from The George Washington University in 2018 with a Bachelor's degree in political science and minors in journalism and criminal justice.

Bababtunde Ogunfolaju

Studio Technician

Coming from a background in video production and filmmaking, Tunde Ogunfolaju is currently a studio tech for TRNN. He has undertaken the role since 2018. He operates, monitors, and adjust audio, video, lighting, and broadcast equipment for the purposes of handling day-to-day production of in-studio, remote and live streamed interviews involving current political news for TRNN. He is a Baltimore native and great enthusiast of 90’s R&B as well as old school wrestling.