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World Politics

Germany’s Social Democrats Are Moving Left. Will it Save the Party?

December 5, 2019

Germany’s SPD followed the example of Britain’s Labour party, electing new left-wing leadership after years of decline. Steve Hudson, an activist in both parties, discusses whether this move can still save the SPD.

Fossil Fuel Production Plans Could Push Earth off a Climate Cliff

December 4, 2019

The United Nations is beginning its climate summit in Madrid. Their new report says that if all booked fossil fuel reserves are burned, it could lead to a cataclysmic rise of global temperature by 2100.

Do We Still Need NATO?

December 4, 2019

Macron said the alliance is brain dead, and Trump tweeted about Europe not paying its fair share. Bureaucratic inertia and vested interests are keeping NATO alive.

AcTVism: The Julian Assange Case

Partner Content Provided By: AcTVism
December 3, 2019

In this video we compile excerpts of interviews that we conducted from 2018 to 2019 pertaining to the extradition case of Julian Assange and the implications it has on press freedoms and democracy. This compilation includes analyses from Abby Martin, Jill Stein, Yanis Varoufakis and Noam Chomsky. This video also includes statements from Edward Snowden,…

Laura Flanders Show: Mondragon’s Cooperatives and the Legacy of its Founder

Partner Content Provided By: The Laura Flanders Show
December 2, 2019

In this episode, Laura learns about the culture of the Basque Country’s Mondragon Coop and the history of its founding by Catholic Priest José María Arizmendiarrieta’s. Catholic social doctrine, resisting Franco, and protecting Basque identity are all part of the story of the world’s largest cooperatively owned business. Follow Laura as she endeavors to understand…

Capitalism’s Failures Ignited Worldwide Protests

November 29, 2019

While the spark for each protest might be different, it is not about left and right but the failure of neoliberalism

How Israel/Palestine Became a Central Issue in US Politics

November 29, 2019

Alex Kane discusses how US-Israel relations evolved from a bipartisan to a partisan issue in recent years and how Israel/Palestine serves a symbol for other social struggles over social justice in the US

Britain’s Labour Party Fights to Retain Traditional Strongholds

Partner Content Provided By: Deutsche Welle
November 29, 2019

The town of Bishop Auckland in northern England has traditionally been a Labour stronghold. But frustration over Brexit and years of decline appear to have left many locals ready to switch allegiance.

Egypt’s Media Crackdown Can be Stopped

November 28, 2019

Angela Joya discusses the raid on the last independent media center in Egypt: Mada Masr. Thanks to international protest, the authorities allowed Mada Masr to re-open and resume publications. As opposition to Egypt’s President Al-Sisi continues, the government intensifies the repression of free speech.

Anti-Indigenous Racism on the Rise in Post-Coup Bolivia

November 28, 2019

President Evo Morales, as Bolivia’s first indigenous president, introduced numerous changes to the country to benefit Latin America’s largest indigenous population. The new coup government, however, is seeking to reverse all of these changes.