World Politics

NATO’s Arctic War Exercise Unites Climate Change and WWIII

February 24, 2020

NATO will hold war games in Norway’s Arctic Circle in March, where it will be supporting climate change-induced resource extraction and increasing the military tension with Russia.

Unreported Opposition Violence Continues in Venezuela

February 21, 2020

Venezuela’s opposition has a long history of burning government buildings, health clinics, and the local headquarters of the country’s social missions. The violence continues, but these acts of opposition violence are rarely covered in the press.

International Banks and Law Firms Are at the Heart of South Africa’s Corruption

February 21, 2020

In South Africa, corruption is called state capture. A new report by Shadow World Investigations reveals how world bankers, lawyers, and accountants manipulate politicians. We speak with Andrew Feinstein, the report’s author.

War Criminal Omar Bashir Faces Trial in the Hague as Sudan Aligns Itself with the West

February 20, 2020

Sudan has been through a revolution, but it’s unclear what former President Bashir’s extradition to the ICC indicates for the future of the country. Has Sudan been seduced by Western power and capital?

Human Rights Lawyer Jennifer Robinson on the Dangers of Extraditing Julian Assange

February 20, 2020

Human rights lawyer and barrister for Assange’s legal team Jennifer Robinson highlights the dangers that Julian Assange’s extradition poses to press freedom worldwide.

Canada Sees a ‘Watershed Moment’ in the Struggle for Indigenous Rights

February 19, 2020

Indigenous lawyer Pamela Palmater says ongoing solidarity protests show Canadians grasp more than ever how their government is violating indigenous rights.

US-Philippine Relations Worsen Despite Perceived Trump-Duterte Friendship

February 18, 2020

The Philippines ended the Visiting Forces Agreement, which allows the US military to operate within the Philippines and grants access to the South China Sea. Is President Duterte doing the right thing for the wrong reasons?

700,000 Displaced as Syria and Turkey Descend into War

February 14, 2020

Syria and Turkey are fighting each other in the rebel-controlled Idlib region, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee for their lives as the bombings intensify.

Presidential Campaigns Begin in Bolivia Despite Ongoing Repression

February 14, 2020

As campaigning begins to repeat the Oct. 20 election that ended in a coup against former President Evo Morales, it remains far from certain whether this new election, under right-wing President Jeanine Añez, will be free and fair.

El Salvador’s President Militarizes Legislature to Strengthen Police Force

February 13, 2020

President Nayyib Bukele tried to intimidate lawmakers into approving his national security plan, which is supposed to bring down El Salvador’s sky-high crime rate. But the law and order plan follows US dictates and doesn’t address real causes of crime.