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More than 200 cities nationwide participated in events to send a clear message to the oil and gas industry of a major fight ahead for climate justice as the Paris summit nears

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JESSICA DESVARIEUX, PRODUCER, TRNN: Welcome to the Real News Network. I’m Jessica Desvarieux coming to you from Washington outside the headquarters of the American Petroleum Institute. This is the largest trade association representing the oil and gas industry, and some 400 corporations. Today activists are here as a part of a day of action on climate change that’s happening across the nation in 100-plus cities. We spoke to some protesters to understand why they are specifically targeting API as a part of their fight against climate change. SPEAKER: Local targets like fossil fuel companies and particularly lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry are one of the targets, because we really want to lift up the fact that we need to provide and create good jobs in the renewable and clean energy sector, and so we want to make sure that we don’t have any lobbyists or companies or corporations blocking the creation of good jobs in the renewable energy sector. SPEAKER: I believe climate change is the biggest problem facing mankind, and these guys are a part of the problem. I mean, it’s a lobbying outfit, okay? And it’s funded by ExxonMobil, BP and all these guys. And of course, so the money’s flowing to Capitol Hill. And they’re not listening to the little guy. SPEAKER: What I think most folks don’t realize is that the United States is the largest historic contributor to climate change. And as such our contribution to the Paris agreement needs to be commensurate with our historic responsibility. That means that not only do we need to be reducing emissions at home, we need to give finance to help developing countries transition on a clean energy pathway. DESVARIEUX: Is there going to be another day of action ahead of Paris? Are you guys planning anything else? SPEAKER: There is going to be a digital day of action. There’s a big global rally that’s happening. Global day of action that’s happening Thanksgiving Day weekend, because it’s Thanksgiving Day weekend in the U.S. we’re really focusing on a digital day of action. And actions leading up to Paris.


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