My family were farmers in Michigan. And during the Depression it was farming and canning that kept them alive. They were so poor that the neighbors took up a collection to feed them.
However, my grandmother made all the children return the food.
Everyone once and a while, a loaf of bread would fall off a truck but the kids made sure my grandmother would not know.
Back in those days hobos crossing the nation would work for food. Gee, what a novel idea. And nothing was thrown away.

Well, you would think those days would never return. Well, like an ex-spouse they have returned. And they are not going away. Why not? Simple. There is big money in food. As an Agricultural Trader, we make money off the misery and scarcity of food. We love plagues, famine, and misery. We can make more money in three days than a homeless person can in a lifetime. Oh, sure we have food drives for the hungry.. Makes us feel good. You see the commodity exchanges are there to hedge big agri-business.

I guess (you could say we) much like Wall Street we are predators. Or Speculators. We now have futures and options on grains and meats. And we use Corn for Ethanol.

Plus all the High Sugar Fructose is from Corn.
So let’s talk straight. The food crisis is not going to end. Food is control.
Even when the U.N. gives food away, they need people to unload it.
And even those who are hungry want to get paid for unloading the boat.
Most Americans cannot relate to hunger.
They don’t even say, ” Are you hungry.”
Nope they say, ” What do you have a taste for.”
In the days ahead, I will write more on the subject.
But please nobody wants to really eliminate hunger on this planet.
Well, not the people in power, at least.

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