The far right is not a monolithic project; it is, rather, a movement of movements around the globe that have grown out of the failures of capitalism as a social order and that are fueled by human society’s darkest tendencies (racism, misogyny, xenophobia, greed, domination, etc.). What are these different movements that make up what we call the far right today? What vision of social order are they fighting to impose? What does it mean for all of us that the heterogenous tendencies and motivations of the far right are converging into a powerful coalition that is willing to resort to political violence to achieve its collective ends? And how do we fight back?

In this special series of The Marc Steiner Show, co-hosted by Marc Steiner and Bill Fletcher Jr., we will examine the rise of the right in the US and beyond, we will explore the different tendencies and motivations fueling today’s surge in far-right politics, and we will engage with a range of critical voices who can help us understand how we got here and what we can do about it.

Episode 0

Episode 1

A man wearing a t-shirt in support of Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis that reads "Never. Ever. Back. Down."

The future the far right wants should scare us all

The far right is not one entity with one goal; it encompasses a range of political groups with different visions for society. But these varied forces are coalescing into a dangerous coalition.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

The rise of the far right is a global phenomenon

From India, Brazil, and the Philippines, to Hungary and the US, the growing powers of the far right are taking different forms, but they have shared roots and dangerous commonalities.

Episode 5

Anti-fascist counter-protestors demonstrate near the "Justice for J6" rally in Washington, DC, with a sign reading "Fascist losers out of DC."

How do we defeat the far right?

The far right around the globe is organized and well funded. In the final installment of “Rise of the Right,” we discuss how to mobilize against and defeat it.

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Marc Steiner

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Marc Steiner is the host of "The Marc Steiner Show" on TRNN. He is a Peabody Award-winning journalist who has spent his life working on social justice issues. He walked his first picket line at age 13, and at age 16 became the youngest person in Maryland arrested at a civil rights protest during the Freedom Rides through Cambridge. As part of the Poor People’s Campaign in 1968, Marc helped organize poor white communities with the Young Patriots, the white Appalachian counterpart to the Black Panthers. Early in his career he counseled at-risk youth in therapeutic settings and founded a theater program in the Maryland State prison system. He also taught theater for 10 years at the Baltimore School for the Arts. From 1993-2018 Marc's signature “Marc Steiner Show” aired on Baltimore’s public radio airwaves, both WYPR—which Marc co-founded—and Morgan State University’s WEAA.