As part of its ongoing investigation into the US covert war the Bureau has examined thousands of credible media reports relating to more than 310 Central Intelligence Agency drone strikes in Pakistan.

These incidents were reported by the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, CNN, ABC News, Reuters, Associated Press, AFP, the BBC, Al Jazeera, and reputable Pakistani media (see bottom table).

CIA drone strikes tend to be reported on a case-by-case basis. Yet it became clear to the Bureau that a number of specific tactics were being deployed. These included multiple attacks by drones on rescuers attempting to aid victims of previous strikes. There were also a number of credible reports of funerals and mourners being attacked by CIA drones.

With the aid of Pakistani journalist Rahimullah Yusufzai in Peshawar, the Bureau has spent four months working with independent researchers in Waziristan seeking to validate the reports. Villagers, militants and local officials have been questioned, and attempts made to identify those killed in the strikes.

The results provide independent verification of the tactics reported. Of the 18 attacks on rescuers and mourners reported at the time by credible media, twelve cases have been independently confirmed by our researchers. In each case civilians are reported killed, and where possible we have named them.

Strike DateLocationBureau’s Summary Findings
16/5/09Khesoor North WaziristanAttack confirmed. Nine civilian rescuers reported killed – six named as Sabir, Ikram, Mohib, Zahid, Mashal and Syed Noor, all from the Utmanzai Wazir tribe. Four Taliban rescuers also died.
18/6/09Wana, South WaziristanAttack confirmed. Four civilian rescuers reported killed, named as Jehanzeb, Liaqat, Daraz and Sabil. Three Taliban rescuers also died.
23/6/09Miram Shah, North WaziristanAttack confirmed. Supportive evidence. Between 18 and 45 civilians reported killed among up to 83 fatalities in strike on funeral.
17/12/09Degan, North WaziristanAttack confirmed. Eyewitness testimony. Six civilian rescuers reported killed, five named as Bashirullah, Amir Khan, Shairullah, Abidullah and Fazle Rabbi, all of the Dawar tribe.
18/12/09Degan, North WaziristanAttack confirmed. Five civilian funeral prayer-goers reported killed, four named as Syed Noor, Shakirullah, Banaras and Fayyaz.
6/1/10Datta Khel North WaziristanAttack confirmed. Five civilian rescuers reported killed, four named as Khalid, Matiullah, Kashif, Zaman and Waqar, all of the Utmanzai Wazir tribe. No Taliban rescuers were reported killed.
2/2/10Pai Khel North WaziristanAttack confirmed. Five civilian rescuers killed, named as Noor Janan, Farhad, Samad, Salam and Baseer. Four Taliban rescuers also died.
10/3/10Datta KhelAttack confirmed. Four civilian rescuers killed, named as Gulzar, Shamim, Majan and Sarwar. Two Taliban rescuers reported to have died.
16/4/10Toor Khel North WaziristanNo confirmation. According to researchers no rescuers were killed.
15/9/10Danda Darpakhel, North WaziristanAttack confirmed. Eyewitness testimony. Five civilian rescuers of the Dawar tribe reported killed, named as Yahya, Samin, Niamatullah, Shahzad and Ilyas. Three Taliban rescuers also reported killed.
20/9/10Darazinda North WaziristanNo confirmation – researchers could find no evidence of rescuers killed.
22/9/10Azam Warsak, South WaziristanUnconfirmed.
13/10/10Datta KhelAttack confirmed. Three civilian rescuers killed – named as Bashir, Wajid and Laiq – along with five Taliban rescuers.
28/12/10Ghulam Khan, North WaziristanAttack confirmed. Two civilian rescuers reported killed, named as Jamil and Mustafa. No Taliban rescuers were reported among the dead.
28/12/10Ghulam KhanEyewitness testimony. Not an attack on rescuers or civilians, according to researchers. Only militants died.
1/1/11Mandi Khel North WaziristanNo rescuers killed, according to researchers.
11/3/11KhesoorAttack confirmed. Five civilian rescuers reported killed, named as Noor Gul, Jaffar, Faraz, Musa and Kamal. Five Taliban rescuers also reported killed.
20/6/11Khardand, Kurram AgencyAlthough all of those killed were reportedly civilians, no rescuers were targeted in the attack.
12/7/11Dray Nashtar, North WaziristanAlthough not reported at the time by media, researchers claim that four civilian rescuers – named as Shabbir, Kalam, Waqas and Bashir died in the attack.

In six of the original cases the Bureau cannot confirm that rescuers and funeral-goers have been killed. So while, for example, all of those killed on June 20 this year were reported to be civilians, no evidence was found in the field that rescuers were involved. On other occasions, according to our researchers, only militants died and no rescuers were involved.

The Bureau’s researchers also identified one attack on rescuers, which had not been reported. They were told it took place on July 7, 2011 – which would make it the last known CIA attack on rescuers.

According to villagers in Waziristan, rescuers were also attacked on nine further occasions beginning on March 15 2008. The Bureau is continuing to work with its researchers to obtain further information and validation relating to these additional drone strikes, which are not included in the present data.


Locals offer funeral prayers for the victims of a drone strike in Miranshah, North Waziristan February 15, 2009

Original claims of attacks on rescuers and funeral-goers as reported by leading media.

Strike DateLocationAlleged TargetReported by
16/5/09Khesoor, North WaziristanRescuers at housing compoundThe News
18/6/09Wana, South WaziristanRescuers at alleged Taliban compoundNew York Times, AFP
23/6/09Miram Shah, North WaziristanFuneral-goersAFP, New York Times, London Times (paywall)
17/12/09Degan, North WaziristanRescuers at a houseCNN
18/12/09Degan, North WaziristanFuneral prayers for victims of previous strikeDaily Times
6/1/10Datta Khel North WaziristanRescuers at alleged militant compoundAFP, CNN, Al Jazeera, Pajhwok (Afghan news agency)
2/2/10Pai Khel North WaziristanPossible rescuers in two vehiclesNew York Times
10/3/10Datta KhelRescuers at alleged militant compoundThe News, Al Jazeera
16/4/10Toor Khel North WaziristanRescuers at carAFP
15/9/10Darga Mandi North WaziristanRescuers at housing compoundsPakistan Tribune
20/9/10Darazinda North WaziristanRescuers at motorbikeAFP
22/9/10Azam Warsak, South WaziristanFuneral prayers for victims of previous strike (confused reports)Al Jazeera
13/10/10Datta KhelRescuers at house and carAssociated Press
28/12/10Ghulam Khan, North WaziristanRescuers at compound after they waited three hoursCNN, ABC News, Al Jazeera
28/12/10Ghulam KhanVehicle with woundedDawn
1/1/11Mandi Khel North WaziristanRescuers at compound after they waited two hoursAssociated Press, Al Jazeera
11/3/11KhesoorRescuers at vehicleAFP, Dawn, Pakistan Observer
20/6/11Khardand, Kurram AgencyRescuers at carAssociated Press

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