The Two Faces of Fascisization Inequality and the Fight Against Anti-Semitism - Q&A with Paul Jay (3/5)

The Pittsburgh Massacre

November 2, 2018
Q&A with Paul Jay

Uri Avnery, a Dissident Israel Voice of Non-Racist Zionism

August 29, 2018

Uri Avnery passed away on August 20th, a man who challenged the Israeli government and demanded rights for Palestinians throughout his life

Israel Legislates Apartheid into Law

July 19, 2018

TRNN’s Shir Hever explains that Israel’s new Law of the Nation-State makes it impossible to pretend that Israel is a democracy. Unequal rights are recognized by the government as the essence of the state

Jewish American Explains Why She Supports Palestine and BDS

June 25, 2018

CODEPINK organizer Ariel Gold discusses with TRNN’s Ben Norton why she supports BDS and the movement for Palestinian rights: “The actions of the state of Israel do not represent my values as an American Jew.”

The Zionist Tango: Step Left, Step Right

March 2, 2018

Speaking on the eve of the AIPAC summit in Washington DC, Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy says that across the mainstream Israeli political spectrum, there is no challenge to the occupation of Palestinian land

Pence Speech Fuels Conflict Between Israel and Palestine

January 22, 2018

Pence’s speech to the Knesset praised Israel’s democracy while Palestinian members of parliament were forcibly removed for expressing their views, says TRNN correspondent Shir Hever

Why do Far-Right White Nationalists Support Zionism?

October 26, 2017

The state of Israel is a model for the extreme right in the US and in Europe

Shir Hever on TRNN

September 7, 2017
TRNN’s Shir Hever says the eviction of a family in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah is part of a larger Israeli strategy to displace Palestinians, but it could inadvertently set a precedent for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who lost their homes in 1948