US & Canada Violate International Law with the Arrest of Chinese Huawei Exec

December 10, 2018

Col. Larry Wilkerson explains that it’s not the Chinese Huawei executive that violated law when circumventing US sanctions, but it is the US that violates them by imposing sanctions that were never agreed to on an international level

Trump's Trade Policy Towards China: A Distraction to Benefit of the Rich

Trump’s Trade Policy Towards China: A Distraction to Benefit the Rich

December 7, 2018

As stock markets around the world are reeling from contradictory Trump administration signals regarding US policy towards China, we look at: Who benefits? And: What would a better trade policy towards China look like? CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot and PERI’s Gerald Epstein discuss the issue

World Leaders Fight Over Turbulent Oil Market at G20 Summit

World Leaders Fight Over Turbulent Oil Market at G20 Summit

December 3, 2018

As world leaders gather for the G20 summit, oil is at the top of the list of issues. Scholar Vijay Prashad discusses the fight between the US, Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia over price and production, and notes India is in talks with Crown Prince MBS

Chinese Scientist's Human Genetic Engineering Experiment is 'Crazy'

Chinese Scientist’s Human Genetic Engineering Experiment is ‘Crazy’

November 28, 2018

Stuart Newman, cell biology professor and founding member of the Council for Responsible Genetics, says that the experiment where human twins had genes engineered to make them immune from the HIV virus is a ‘crazy’ project because it misunderstands the dangers and complexity of how genes work

Chinese consulate attack puts Pakistan between a rock and a hard place

November 24, 2018

By James M. Dorsey / Mid-East Soccer. A podcast version of this story is available on Soundcloud, Stitcher, TuneIn and Tumblr. Two attacks in Pakistan, including a brazen assault on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, are likely to complicate prime minister Imran Khan’s efforts to renegotiate China’s massive, controversial Belt and Road investments as well…

China Intensifies Crackdown on Marxist Student Activists

China Intensifies Crackdown on Marxist Student Activists

November 21, 2018

Chinese university students, inspired by their studies of Marx, are facing an increasing state crackdown on their movement in support of workers who have been trying to organize Shenzhen’s Jasic Technology. Prof. Zhun Xu analyzes the situation

Economic Update: U.S. Midterm Elections

Economic Update: U.S. Midterm Elections

November 20, 2018

This week: Updates on how China hits back economically; capitalism surviving in Italy through explosive debt creation; why lotteries have heavy economic costs; how Grinnell College undergraduate workers successfully organized; Professor Wolff interviews Prof. David Harvey on a Marxist view of the US midterm elections: causes and consequences

U.S. Planned Nuclear First Strike to Destroy Soviets and China - Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (6/8)

Reality Asserts Itself - Daniel Ellsberg

November 9, 2018
In this series, Daniel Ellsberg and Paul Jay explore Ellsberg's latest book, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. In the introduction to the book, Ellsberg writes: “No policies in human history have more deserved to be recognized as immoral or insane. The story of how this calamitous predicament came about and how and why it has persisted over a half a century is a chronicle of human madness. Whether Americans, Russians, and other humans can rise to the challenge of reversing these policies and eliminating the danger of near-term extinction caused by their own inventions and proclivities remains to be seen. I choose to join with others in acting as if that is still possible.”

On the Road to World War III?

November 6, 2018

By Michael T. Klare This is not your mother’s Cold War When it comes to relations between Donald Trump’s America, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and Xi Jinping’s China, observers everywhere are starting to talk about a return to an all-too-familiar past. “Now we have a new Cold War,” commented Russia expert Peter Felgenhauer in Moscow after…

China’s GDP Growth Slows Down: Is it Trump's Trade War?

China’s GDP Growth Slows Down: Is it Trump’s Trade War?

November 4, 2018

Prof. David Kotz argues that the trade war is counter-productive for everyone, including the US, because it does not include a plan for an industrial policy. The conflict foreshadows increasing unresolvable tensions between the two powers