Can Land Value Tax Give Baltimore’s Neighborhoods Back To Their Residents?

November 4, 2019

Joshua Vincent of the Center for the Study of Economics talks about how a land value tax could give Baltimore residents relief from the wealth extraction that absentee landlords perpetrate.

Fighting Apartheid By Taking Ownership of Land and Time

October 23, 2019

City residents are fighting a history of exploitation through collective ownership of food, labor, and land, showing that another world is possible.

American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: The Propaganda That Upholds the Status Quo

American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: The Propaganda That Upholds the Status Quo

September 19, 2019

In the book American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News From the Revolutionary War to The War On Terror, authors Roberto Sirvent and Danny Haiphong assert that “The mainstream corporate media is one of the chief propagators of American exceptionalism and innocence…the narratives of American exceptionalism and American innocence work together…

Socialism Back on Agenda, 30 Years After 'End of History'

Socialism Back on Agenda, 30 Years After ‘End of History’

July 9, 2019

Alexandr Buzgalin discusses the crisis of neoliberalism and the resurgence of socialist thought and political movements, 30 years after the publication of Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’ thesis, which argued that there is no alternative to capitalism

Racism in America, Socialism, and Medicare for All Dominate Democratic Debate (1/2)

Democratic Debate: Racism and Socialism

June 28, 2019
Kamala Harris seized the evening by taking on bussing and race with Biden, while Hickenlooper and others confronted Sanders’s socialism and the nuances of Medicare for All    
What Would It Mean to Win? (Pt 2/2)

Why Socialism

May 17, 2019
Bhaskar Sunkara, founder of Jacobin and author of The Socialist Manifesto, explains what socialism could actually look like in the United States
Pablo Picasso, Guernica, 1937.

If War Is an Industry, How Can There Be Peace in a Capitalist World? The Seventeenth Newsletter (2019).

April 25, 2019

By Vijay Prashad. Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. On 26 April 1937, twelve bombers of the German Condor Legion and the Italian Aviazione Legionaria flew low over the Basque country of Spain in the midst of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). They tore down over the small town of…

Humane Capitalism or Fascism and War - Q&A with Paul Jay

Q&A with Paul Jaya and Taya Graham

March 27, 2019
A viewer asks why did Paul say that capitalism led to World War I, and another viewer asks if humane capitalism is the answer to today’s problems – Paul Jay joins Taya Graham