Losing the Race

June 17, 2008

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Story Transcript

Losing the Race

By Nick Penniman & Garland McLaurin

JARED TAYLOR, EDITOR, AMERICAN RENAISSANCE: I think that hardly anyone realizes just how insulting it is to the majority of the population to ask it, to celebrate diversity. When you’re asking whites to celebrate diversity, you’re asking them to celebrate their declining numbers and influence.

VOICEOVER: Barack Obama. The Reverend Wright. Immigration. Race is taking center stage in American politics, and the organizations that try to widen racial divisions have benefited greatly in the last few years. According to a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, hate groups are on the rise. Since 2000, the center has tracked a 48 percent increase in the number of such groups. Not all these organizations are the same. Some are more militant, some are more antisemitic, some are more overtly racist, some more academic, but what ties most of them together is a common belief in what is called white nationalism, the theory that the more racially diverse America becomes, the less it remains America.

National Socialists Movement Rally

Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

SPEAKER: —hatred. I have no time for hatred or prejudice. The only thing that pushes me forward in this titanic struggle to save the white race from certain extinction is a very beautiful form of the purest love—love for a dying people.

VOICEOVER: But whereas organizations like the Klan or the neo-Nazis would never be granted a voice in the mainstream debate, a host of more academic organizations manages to get a hearing.


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