By Neal Weintraub.

By the time you get the News on CNBC, it is history.

Next month you will hear gurus suggesting and predicting huge stock moves. Without knowing your portfolio, they will pitch certain stocks. Ignore them. They have no clue and most of these gurus never beat the market on a consistant basis. PLus they have no idea about your investment objectives

One of the biggest cons on Wall Street and LaSalle Street is promoting Day Trading. For the last nine months, I signed for a Day Trading morning discussion based on S&P Futures. It was the Leavitt Bros. day trading forum. When I asked for TRACK RECORD. NONE could be produced. Yet, these erudite traders could talk about Fib. numbers and chart patterns. But the real news is that holding Bonds or dividends in 2011 beat the market. And you did need to day trade or subscribe to a day trading service. Make life easy on yourself. Go to Yahoo Finance. com. You can compare your stock to any of the averages. Is your stock beating the Dow? Stay long. If not, why are you in this trick bag?

Want to hear how smart I am?

Well, I used to work for Refco….they went broke. And MF financial well I bought the stock and lost all my loot. And I even bought GM. And when they went down the tubes, I went with them. So the Real News is never invest more in a stock than you are prepared.

Fear and Greed are the true emotional terrorists. And all that “eye candy” you guys enjoy is merely for entertainment.

For full disclosure purposes, I am not a broker or solicit clients for the “trade of the century.” I told Jay we would hit 12000. And I said 12500 should be here before April. In subsequent columns, I will tell you how I base my predictions. And why you should close your Futures account. But then again, I just trade the stuff.

Neal Weintraub resides in Evanston, Illinois.  He has authored four books on trading, and worked for MTV, the Disney Channel and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Neal received a direct commission from the President as a Public Affairs officer. Neal received degrees from Michigan State University and Ohio State University. Neal is not a broker or solicits money for investing. He blogs at Dow 12000. com

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