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PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Endless wars, abuse of powers, declining living standards, and the climate change crisis—the stakes couldn’t be greater in the US 2008 presidential elections. And with your help, we’re moving our news operation to Washington, DC, where we’ll focus on money and corruption. For example, big oil and arms companies shape American economic and foreign policy with far-reaching effects on the lives of ordinary people, with allies in government, trade unions, the media, and the think tanks. They are a hidden hand that controls the commanding heights of American politics. Taking on the industrial-military complex is what real change requires. Even former presidents and high administration officials have said so, but corporate television news treats such positions as marginal. Well, we think it’s the decisive issue in the coming presidential elections. Uncompromising journalism requires questioning assumption, interrogating structures of wealth and power. Corporate TV news just won’t do it. Only a news organization that’s truly independent can tackle such issues with courage and tenacity. And we’ll take on corporate TV news live. You’ll watch TV news with our panel of writers, journalists, scientists, historians. You’ll be able to join in by phone, web cam, chat. Together, we’ll discuss and debate what’s the real story and take on the myth and the propaganda. But this is only possible if you support us now. We need to prove that a viewer-funded model works. So if you want The Real News, we need you now. Please click on the donate button and give generously. Now is the time to decide if you want The Real News to thrive.

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