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Progress in distributing aid is slowly being made

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VOICEOVER: Myanmar has confirmed 78 thousand people are dead, and another 56 thousand are still missing, victims of Cyclone Nargis. That number is expected to keep rising. International organizations have been pleading with Myanmar to be allowed in; the military junta showed signs of relenting on its closed door policy on Monday, and said it would allow a task force of Asian nations to begin distributing relief supplies. The World Bank indicated on Tuesday it will not offer loans or assistance to Myanmar at this critical time, as the nation has not repaid its debts for a decade. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon left for Myanmar to personally inspect the extent of the cyclone’s impact, details which the junta has not released.

BAN KI MOON, UN SECRETARY-GENERAL: This is a critical moment for Myanmar. We have functioning relief program in place, but so far have been able to reach only about 25 percent of Myanmar’s people in need. My aim in going to Myanmar is to first of all demonstrate my sympathy to the people and government at this time of crisis and challenge and to see for myself the situation on the ground, particularly in areas most affected by the disaster.


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