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Latinos at a Texas flea market talk about the importance of this election

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MATTHEW PALEVSKY, JOURNALIST: This is Matt Palevsky, and I’m deep in the heart of Texas. I’m at a large flea market right outside of Austin, where predominantly immigrant workers come to shop. These are the people with the least say in the upcoming election, but perhaps the most at stake. The people who come here are the ones who’ll be the first to lose their job in the case of a recession and the ones who might be thrown out of the country, depending on who gets elected. The sign behind me reads, “Caution,” but what it should read is “Caution, elections ahead.”


STREETER 1 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): I would like Barack Obama to win, for the economy of this country to move ahead. We have very little work, and we hope that, God willing, he will get lots of work for those of us who need it. The truth is any one of the two is very good, either one, because it’s the same party.


STREETER 2 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): Mrs. Clinton is better; she can change a few things in the government a bit. The lady will get us more jobs than Obama, she’s been there longer during the presidency of her husband.


STREETER 3 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): By the plans that I see, he has so-so plans regarding immigration, and he’ll bring change, I believe. And because of that I agree with Obama. Last time Obama was in a Hispanic radio station he said that he supported immigration. He said that if he’d win, he’d support immigrants through a reform for undocumented people, and that’s why I support Obama. Many immigrants are with him.


STREETER 4 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): She’ll bring lots of poor people and also for Hispanics, the poor people from the US but also for Mexicans who live here, the ones that behave. The bad ones have to be deported by force.


STREETER 5 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): I think it’s best if Hillary wins, because Afros are going to become a little unbearable if Obama wins.

STREETER 6 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): Hillary is better for bringing back the troops from war, so there’s not so much war, too many dead people already.

STREETER 5 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): Because they have killed too many of our people over there in Iraq, it’s not right. Too many Hispanics have died in the war.


STREETER 7 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): Clinton, Clinton, because he was the best, we already had him twice, two terms her husband, they already know the situation with the law.


STREETER 7 (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): Because he’s newer in politics, the other one has more experience, she’s longer in the tooth.


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