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Despite Hillary Clinton’s double digit win in New York State, the Sanders campaign insists they have a path to victory in the Democratic primary

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(THIS TRANSCRIPT WILL BE UPDATED) HILLARY CLINTON: Thank you, New York! JAISAL NOOR, REPORTER: Hillary Clinton secured a crucial victory in the Democratic New York State primary on Tuesday April 19th, but the Sanders campaign has vowed to fight until the convention. Republican front-runner Donald Trump easily secured victory in his home state. DONALD TRUMP: We are close to 70%, and we are going to end on a very high level, and get a lot more delegates then anybody projected, even in their wildest dreams. NOOR: Former Secretary of State Hillary CLinton handily defeated opponent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by double digits, picking up 129 delegates to Sanders 98. The election was marred by voting irregularities and news over 100 thousands voters had been stricken from the voting rolls. HILLARY CLINTON: The race for the Democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight!” NOOR: The Clinton campaign had the full weight of the state’s democratic party leadership behind it with Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio stumping on her behalf. Clinton supporters have argued Sanders can’t against defeat a Republican opponent in a potential a November match-up, despite polls showing otherwise. Exit poll data showed Clinton winning majorities of Latino and African American voters. The Sanders campaign had predicted a victory in New York, outspending Clinton, & mobilizing the full weight of its extensive grassroots campaign. Sanders did not address supporters after results were announced, instead traveling to Vermont to quote ” get recharged and take a day off.” His campaign is faced renewed calls from pundits like Chuck Todd to step aside. CHUCK TODD: He’s got an opportunity, he could lose the battle for the nomination, but win the long-term ideological war, if he plays his cards right. How does he act as a candidate tomorrow morning? Is he again the head of a movement or does he go and hard nose after Hillary Clinton like he’s done the past five days. NOOR: But in Vermont, Sanders told reporters he’s going to fight onto the convention. From Baltimore, this is Jaisal Noor

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