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TRNN takes you to the front lines of the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, after authorities violently clear Native encampments

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JIHAN HAFIZ, TRNN: I’m coming to you from the front lines. North Dakota Standing Rock. There’ve been a number of different injuries. This here is the police sign. I don’t know if you can see them but just behind there’s a police truck. Just about 10 minutes ago, they brought out non-lethal weapons and they’re shooting people at point blank range. So the distance at which I’m speaking to you on this phone right now, they were shooting people with non-lethal weapons. This started because one of the natives came on his horse and they were holding the front line along with everyone. One of the officers ordered them to shoot the horse. So a number of natives lined up against the horse to protect it and then they started shooting non-lethal weapons directly into the crowds, non-lethal bullets at people, at 5 feet away. As you can see, now they’re moving in. This is them right here. They’re moving the line. On that end are plain-clothed, we don’t know where they’re from. People here are assuming they’re from the pipeline – the people constructing the pipeline – everyone here is saying that. Just gonna take you over here really fast. I don’t know if you can still see it. That’s the military structure. I think there’s probably 20 of these, surrounding this entire area. There’s about, I wanna say more than 200 people on this side. And I don’t even know how many police are out because its all surrounded. So, they’re somewhere we can’t see. They’re moving in. Look, they’re moving in. There’s 2 gas canisters in hand, batons, non-lethal weapons, tear gas, rubber bullets. There it is. They shot at people at point blank range. So the same distance at which I’m speaking to you, that’s how they shot at people. POLICE OFFICER: We are not coming to [inaud.] you guys go [inaud.] HAFIZ: And that’s defiance. SPEAKER 1: [inaud.] of our horse. Look at his leg. We went back there cause – we see them doing what they’re doing up there. Went back to go get the [inaud.]. Came back and they started shooting guns at us. We’re unarmed. We just got horses. They’re trying to do everything to scare us. We just barely even got away. They got some of us. SPEAKER 2: They got 2 of us. SPEAKER 1: They got 2 of us. SPEAKER 3: And I saw them throw something at one of the horses. SPEAKER 1: I put that on my [inaud.] they shot live bullets at us. I’ve never been shot at before in my life. When I heard that bullet, it was at the back of us. I just knew [inaud.] HAFIZ: What are you gonna do about your horse? Can you get your horse somewhere? SPEAKER 1: Yeah, we’re heading back to camp. Bro, we gotta get this horse outta here. We gotta go, we gotta take care of these horses. End DISCLAIMER: Please note that transcripts for The Real News Network are typed from a recording of the program. TRNN cannot guarantee their complete accuracy.

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