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Scientists tell us if we are to solve the climate change crisis, we can’t keep doing business as usual. So, why does TV news tell us it’s enough just to use less gas and change our light bulbs? On Global Warning we will go past the easy answers and question the basic assumptions of how we live and how we do business.

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HOST, AVAAZ ORG.: Coming up on Global Warning, in an online campaign says climate change is the greatest threat facing the world today, and we’re almost out of time to stop it.

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR: One of the most important stories The Real News will be covering is the global warming climate change crisis. All the issues of our time converge here, from the disproportionate effects on the poor to the very way we do business. We’re going to cover this story with the daily urgency scientists are telling us is required. Sir Nicholas Stern was chief economist for the World Bank. He said climate change threatens life for people around the world on a scale similar to the great wars of the 20th century. Stern said it requires strong and urgent collective action. Delay would be costly and dangerous. The majority of scientists agree with Stern, so why aren’t more people demanding urgent action from their governments? Why are we left with the impression that changing our light bulbs and using less gas in our cars is enough? Because that’s what major television news shows are telling us. Well, scientists are telling us we can’t keep doing business as usual—and that’s why we need television news that doesn’t do business as usual. There are solutions for the urgent problems of our times. At The Real News, people working for change to find solutions will be the most important stories we cover. But we need you to make it possible.


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