This week, Paul Jay published a blog and a video commentary in response to criticism directed at TRNN’s coverage of the Libya conflict. A great deal of support rolled in from Facebook, Twitter and on our own site for these editorials. Ray McGovern, a regular TRNN contributor and retired CIA analyst offered the following “unsolicited” and remarkable response.

“THANK YOU for your sensible balanced-but-also-no-holds-barred editorial on NATO and its Libyan adventure. You are so right in reminding us all that “REAL life is complicated.” That’s why we need REAL NEWS, and an occasional editorial from senior editors.  Good show for not shying away from very much needed commentary to supplement the reporting from your experienced women and men on the scene.

I sincerely hope that viewers with some money will recognize THE REAL NEWS’ invaluable effort to enable people to be fully informed, even, and especially, when the situation – like real life – is complicated.

Voice of America is having me for a video interview this afternoon on Libya and related issues. This will not be the first time I will be able to draw on the facts found in your reporting – so unlike the thin gruel found in “mainstream” outlets.

I continue to dream of a time when The Real News Network will have the wherewithal to provide a more effective antidote to the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM) and the pablum with which it leaves American TV viewers malnourished.”

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