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Chris Hedges interviews writers, intellectuals, and dissidents, many banished from the mainstream, in his half-hour show The Chris Hedges Report. He gives voice to those, from Cornel West and Noam Chomsky to the leaders of groups such as Extinction Rebellion, who are on the front lines of the struggle against militarism, corporate capitalism, white supremacy, the looming ecocide, as well as the battle to wrest back our democracy from the clutches of the ruling global oligarchy.

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Latest Episode

The war on Palestine has gone on for over 100 years

Historian Rashid Khalidi reframes the ‘Israel-Palestine Conflict’ in light of the 1917 Balfour Declaration and beyond, breaking down the myth of an ancient and eternal Jewish-Arab antagonism.

Previous Episodes

Did Israel’s military kill its own civilians on Oct. 7?

Testimony from survivors of Al Aqsa Flood, combined with the documented past actions of Israel’s armed forces against captured soldiers and civilians, raise questions about what really caused the high Israeli death toll.

The ruse of identity politics

While the question is never as simple as identity versus class, the emphasis on identity without class politics only serves the ruling elite.

America’s trauma epidemic and its broken politics

From the home to the halls of power, violence and trauma are a regular fact of life for countless Americans. Specialist Dr. Judith Herman joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss how trauma distorts the mind and the body politic alike.

Remembering Staughton Lynd’s life of defiance

Alice Lynd and Luke Stewart recall the life of historian, lawyer, and activist Staughton Lynd, whose writings and speeches on the Vietnam War were recently published in a collection called ‘My Country Is the World’.

American poverty is a calamity by design

Sociologist Matthew Desmond explains the roots of poverty in America in exploitation, and the willful policies at all levels of government that keep people trapped in precarity.

The persecution of Jeremy Corbyn

The campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn from the UK Labour Party was accompanied by a purge of his supporters—what does this say about the capacity to change the system from within?

Did the US Navy destroy the Nord Stream pipelines?

Seymour Hersh, the journalist who uncovered the Mỹ Lai Massacre and torture at Abu Ghraib says America detonated the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. The response from corporate media has been stunning.

How the press misled the public on Russiagate

Veteran New York Times reporter Jeff Gertz dissects the role of the media in concocting a false narrative portraying Trump as a ‘Russian asset’ rather than a homegrown horror.

Will Julian Assange ever be freed?

Chris Hedges speaks with film producer and brother of Julian Assange, Gabriel Shipton, on his new film that follows his family’s journey to see Julian freed.

“America made me a Black man”

Boyah J. Farah came to the US as a refugee from Somalia at age 15. His new memoir recounts his introduction to American racism.

Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism and the roots of fascism

Noam Chomsky delves into how half a century of neoliberalism set the stage for contemporary fascist movements from Hungary to India and the US. This is the second part of a two-part interview.

The Chris Hedges Report: The monstrous myth of Custer

Over a century since his ignominious defeat, the story of Lt. Col. Custer still plays a part in our national mythology—one that covers up our heinous crimes against Indigenous peoples.

The Chris Hedges Report: Psychology of a Klansman

In a new book about the Ku Klux Klan’s 1966 murder of Black civil rights activist Vernon Dahmer, author Curtis Wilkie offers insights into the psychology of white supremacists relevant to our current era.

The Chris Hedges Report: Breaking the cycle of American violence

America’s deadliest epidemic is fueled by dangerous numbness and self-loathing, says Professor of Clinical Psychiatry Dr. James Gilligan, whose work analyzes the crisis of nihilistic violence through patient case studies, Greek myths, and Shakespeare.

The Chris Hedges Report: Hemingway’s Shadow

Chris Hedges speaks with journalist and author Mark Kurlansky about living in the shadow of Ernest Hemingway and his new book, “The Importance of Not Being Ernest.”

The Chris Hedges Report: Struggle makes us human

Decades of neoliberal policy have created the conditions for a rising neofascist wave that looks very different from the fascism of the 20th century, explains Vijay Prashad.

The Chris Hedges Report: The Long Road Home

In the first of a two-part series called The Long Road Home, we look at what happens to those in the United States who leave prison and struggle to reenter society through the eyes of five former prisoners.

The Chris Hedges Report with Dr. Cornel West

In this premiere episode of The Chris Hedges Report, Dr. West joins Chris Hedges to discuss the decay of the American empire, the struggle to show international solidarity in the face of escalating militarism, and what it means to examine this historical moment through a moral and spiritual lens.