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Bolivian ministers meet US ambassador and reach agreement

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ZAA NKWETA, PRESENTER: The Bolivian government has accepted the explanation of the US embassy in La Paz over the recent spy scandal. The scandal erupted after Fulbright scholar Alex van Schaick said that he was asked by US embassy official Vincent Cooper to report on the whereabouts of Venezuelans and Cubans in Bolivia.


DAVID CHOQUEHUANCA, BOLIVIAN FOREIGN MINISTER: Regarding the Fulbright scholar, we, the Bolivian government, accepts the explanations given by the ambassador and would like to get past this problem.

PHILIP S. GOLDBERG, US AMBASSADOR TO BOLIVIA: I also thank Bolivian officials for accepting our explanations about this incident. You already have these explanations which we have made public several times. I would like to echo the minister’s sentiments in that we always have every intention to improve relations between the United States and Bolivia and for that reason it is important to move past this incident and it is important that the government has accepted our explanations.

ALFREDO RADA, BOLIVIAN INTERIOR MINISTER: It was officially communicated to us that Vincent Cooper will not return to Bolivia. Vincent Cooper has left the country and, I repeat, will not return to Bolivia.


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