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Erdogan to Israel: Don’t test our patience
Turkish prime minister calls IDF’s operation against flotilla to Gaza ‘massacre’, ‘state terror’, ‘piracy’; says Israelis must pressure gov’t to cease such acts.

During a speech before the Turkish parliament in Ankara, Erdogan said the flotilla was legal, and the operation against it was a violation of the spirit of the UN. He added that the unjustified attack against the flotilla was “a blow to world peace and against international law.”

“Turkey’s friendship is as strong as its animosity,” he said. “The Israeli nation must pressure its government to cease such acts. All detainees must be released, including parliament members and the 60 Turkish journalists. Israel will not be able to show itself in the world until it apologizes for what happened and undergoes self-criticism. It is destroying its alliances one after the other.”

Due to the flotilla events, Erdogan cut short his visit to South America and returned to Ankara. During talks with Chilean reporters before his return, he said the events were “state terror” and called for an emergency NATO meeting to discuss the escalation.
“This operation, which is completely against international law, is an act of inhuman state terror,” he said. “Don’t think that we’ll sit by in silence after such events.”

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