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AINE MCGLYNN, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS, TRNN: Hi. I’m Aine McGlynn, the communications director at The Real News Network. It’s my first month on the job, and together, you and I are going to raise $100,000 to support uncompromising Real News journalism. Join me tonight, June 7, for the first half of our two-night webathon. We need to raise $55,000 by June 8 to reach our $100,000 goal. And the best part of this $100,000 goal is that every penny of it will be matched by a generous donor. That means that $100,000 of donations from you translates to $200,000 for The Real News Network. From 8 p.m. Tuesday night, June 7, we’re turning the tables on Paul Jay and putting him in the hot seat. We’ll be taking your calls and responding to your Tweets and Facebook posts live on air. No question’s too small or too big. Give us your feedback on our coverage, your suggestions for future reports. Let us know what you think of The Real News. Tweet your questions to @therealnews, post them on your Facebook page, or email us at questions (at) therealnews. And of course there’s always the phone. Call us at 1-888-816-8867. So that’s Tuesday night. On Wednesday, join us when we’ll open the lines for a discussion with Real News journalists Lia Tarachansky from Tel Aviv, Jesse Freeston from Honduras, and David Dougherty from Madison, Wisconsin. We’ll also be joined by some of your favorite Real News guests, bloggers, and contributors. You’ll be able to donate on our website, through Facebook, and by phone as well. Call us at 1-888-871-6557. Remember, it’s our members’ support that allows us to make Real News for ordinary people, people like you and me. So don’t roll over. Take over. Help us make Real News.

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