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The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War - Day 2
After 14 years of costly war based on lies, it's time for truth and accountability. The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War will unify the global anti-war/peace movements with other justice movements by uplifting testimonies of the costs of this war - and war itself. The Tribunal will bring the lies that created the war on Iraq into public awareness, while demanding Obama act on them. It will build and inspire the anti-war movement that we will need after the inauguration of the next administration in 2017. It will be a tool that all groups can use to build, inspire, and enliven their organizations and communities.

Livestreaming on TRNN: December 1-2 from 9:30am-5:00pm both days
DATE: 2016-12-02

There's No Issue More Burning Than Creating Our Global Climate Change Bureau
Scientists are saying that by the year 2050 we will pass the 2% threshold and that was before the election of Trump. Watch Paul Jay's urgent appeal and make a donation today.
DATE: 2016-11-30 | LENGTH: 07:27

Pro-Regime Forces in Syria Respond to Trump's Election by Escalating Military Offensive
The only way to stop counterrevolutionary forces like the Islamic State is to end imperialist support for authoritarian regimes and foreign intervention in the region, says Joseph Daher
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 18:42

Pocomoke's 1st Black Police Chief Convicted of Misconduct
A nearly all-white jury deliberated for less than an hour before returning a guilty verdict against the former top cop who has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the city
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 10:56

Shady Submarine Deal Ties Netanyahu to Another Corrupt Scandal, Threatens Israeli-Germany Ties
The German arms company ThyssenKrupp pushed enormously expensive weapons on Greece while Germany was imposing austerity on the nation, says political economist Shir Hever
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 12:06

Privatization of Medicare and Social Security on the Trump Agenda
Nancy Altman says Trump's choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services Rep. Tom Price has pushed for taking Medicare out of government control
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 17:24

Trump's Carrier Deal: Job Saver Or Photo Op?
The closure of another plant in leaving some workers in other parts of Indiana feeling abandoned again, says Workers' Project Executive Director Tom Lewandowski
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 13:01

Trudeau Approves Kinder Morgan Pipeline Amidst Increasing Climate Threats
Dimitri Lascaris says the worsening prospects of climate change negates any potential economic benefits from tar sands development
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 20:56

Trump Picks Ex-Goldman Banker Known as 'King of Foreclosures' to Head Treasury
The joke's on you if you thought Trump was going to do anything less than deregulate Wall Street, says former financial regulator Bill Black
DATE: 2016-12-01 | LENGTH: 08:38

Billionaire 'King of Bankruptcies' to Head Commerce Under Trump
Despite promises to 'drain the swamp,' Trump chose a man for Deputy Secretary of Commerce who enriched himself at expense of labor and consumers and shipped jobs overseas, says University of Missouri-Kansas City professor Bill Black
DATE: 2016-12-01 | LENGTH: 07:31

Jill Stein: Making Voting System More Credible is the First Step Towards Democratization
The former Green Party presidential candidate says razor-thin margins, unexpected outcomes, and use of unreliable voting machines prompted her to follow through with a campaign promise to stand for election integrity
DATE: 2016-11-30 | LENGTH: 22:00

Protesters in Haiti Say Moise Victory Amounts to 'Electoral Coup'
Some parties maintain their supporters were denied the right to vote and many are taking to the streets despite campaign of intimidation, says journalist Margaret Prescod
DATE: 2016-11-30 | LENGTH: 15:59

The Real News of the Day - Thursday, December 1
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DATE: 2016-12-01

People's Tribunal on the Iraq War Set to Open Thursday
CODEPINK cofounder Jodie Evans and attorney Inder Comar say Bush administration officials need to be held accountable for the deaths, costs, and violations of international law due to the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation
DATE: 2016-11-30 | LENGTH: 13:11

Paul Jay and Abby Martin on Trump and 'Fake News'
Paul Jay and Abby Martin discuss Trump's cabinet appointments, Jill Stein's effort to recount the vote, and who's really producing the fake news
DATE: 2016-11-30 | LENGTH: 24:58

The Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline Undaunted by Threats of Evictions and Fines
With two thousand veterans expected to join the opposition to the pipeline, Water Protectors say they remain resilient despite eviction orders
DATE: 2016-11-29 | LENGTH: 04:47

Fight for $15 Launches First Major Action Since Trump Victory
Baltimore workers, struggling to make ends meet, call on the city to raise the minimum wage
DATE: 2016-11-30 | LENGTH: 05:18

Investigation Turns Ugly Against Pocomoke Officers Who Suffered Discrimination
Residents of the Eastern shore town say investigators have been asking about the personal lives of officers who the Justice Department says were illegally fired as a criminal trial against the former chief is set to proceed
DATE: 2016-11-30 | LENGTH: 08:36

Is Assad Poised to Reclaim East Aleppo?
Some 20,000 Syrians have fled rebel-held areas in the past two days, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross
DATE: 2016-11-29 | LENGTH: 04:38

The Real News of the Day - Wednesday, November 30
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DATE: 2016-11-30

Trump's Dark Web of Far Right Militarists Who Want to Attack Iran
Filmmaker Robbie Martin and Paul Jay discuss Trump and Pence's foreign policy appointments and advisors which include many of the neocons who created The Project for the New American Century, led the U.S. into war with Iraq - and are now targeting Iran
DATE: 2016-11-28 | LENGTH: 28:52

People's Tribunal to Examine Legacy of Iraq War
TRNN Replay: CODEPINK's Jodie Evans and AFSC's Raed Jarrar say the tribunal is an attempt to bring the anti-war movement together and pressure president Obama to hold the architects of the Iraq war accountable
DATE: 2016-10-27 | LENGTH: 22:08

Can Trump's Gangster Capitalism Manage the Global Economy?
Leo Panitch and Paul Jay discuss what the consequences of Trump's plans to deregulate Wall St., reduce taxes, create an infrastructure boondoggle, attack unions and foreign policy adventures will have on the global economy
DATE: 2016-11-28 | LENGTH: 18:24

Unprecedented Imperial Powers Will Soon Pass into Trump's Hands
It's really frightening to imagine that the war powers granted by the AUMF will soon be used by the most inexperienced team ever to serve in the White House and commanded by a man who lied himself into wealth and power, says Col. Larry Wilkerson
DATE: 2016-11-29 | LENGTH: 09:26

Donald Trump Decries Recount Efforts While Also Repeating Lie that Millions Voted Illegally
A recount is set to begin in Wisconsin on Thursday while the Green Party's Jill Stein is leading efforts for recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania
DATE: 2016-11-28 | LENGTH: 01:42

Trumps Taps Billionaire School Privatizer for Education Secretary
Barack Obama and corporate Democrats opened the door to the serious threats to public education represented by Betsy Devos, says Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report
DATE: 2016-11-28 | LENGTH: 14:00

Canadian Supreme Court Set To Hear First Nations Challenge to Seismic Testing and Pipeline Construction
Justin Safayeni and Jerry Natanine argue that the law should be interpreted to halt certain gas and oil projects involving seismic testing and pipeline construction
DATE: 2016-11-29 | LENGTH: 09:32

The Real News of the Day - Tuesday, November 29
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DATE: 2016-11-29

Obama's or Romney's Foreign Policy: Does it Matter Who Wins ?
TRNN Replay: As Donald Trump considers Mitt Romney for the position secretary of state, The Real News looks back at an interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson about the neocon advisors surrounding Romney during his 2012 presidential run
DATE: 2012-11-01 | LENGTH: 07:30

How Did Workers and Campaign Finance Reform Fare During This Past Election?
Right to work legislation, minimum wage laws, and public financing of elections were at stake on many state ballots
DATE: 2016-11-29 | LENGTH: 04:09

Fidel Castro and Political Rights in Cuba
James Early and Paul Jay discuss the death of Fidel Castro and how corporate media deals with the question of political freedoms and human rights in Cuba
DATE: 2016-11-27 | LENGTH: 23:01

Fidel Castro a Fighter for Global Revolution
A leader of a small island nation, Fidel Castro became a figure of global historic importance who led his people in revolution and defied the U.S. empire
DATE: 2016-11-28 | LENGTH: 06:21

Trump's Existential Threat
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that while some Republicans acknowledge climate change and see the national security threat, most don't believe it's caused by human activity and see no reason to regulate or phase out fossil fuels
DATE: 2016-11-28 | LENGTH: 13:27

Activists Vow to Continue Fight Against Police Brutality Under Trump Presidency
Baltimore activists gather every week for 'West Wednesdays' to demand accountability for the death of Tyrone West and other victims of police violence
DATE: 2016-11-28 | LENGTH: 03:46

The Real News of the Day - Monday, November 28
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DATE: 2016-11-28

US National Security Policy for Climate Change Seeks Security for Corporate-Controlled Assets
TRNN Replay: Nick Buxton, co-editor of 'The Secure and the Dispossessed: How the Military and Corporations Are Shaping a Climate Changed World,' says the military's prime concern is the continuation of its global imperial footprint
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 13:09

Trump and the Deep State
Thomas Drake tells Paul Jay the deep state would've been more comfortable with Clinton; and while they'll do what they're told, many will be concerned that Pence is the new Cheney
DATE: 2016-11-27 | LENGTH: 16:14

Justin Trudeau Not Fulfilling Promises Made to First Nations
Canada is about to see struggles like the one against the Dakota Access Pipeline within its own borders, says Pamela Palmater
DATE: 2016-11-27 | LENGTH: 07:18

Not a Done Deed: Trump Will Face Legal Barriers in Attempts to Approve Keystone XL
TRNN Replay: The environmental movement is up against great odds, but its previous victories in denying the project should encourage it to renew a sense of solidarity and continue struggle against pipelines
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 08:31

Castro's Legacy for Cuba, Latin America, and the World
Fidel Castro died on Nov. 25, 2016. We replay a TRNN interview with Aviva Chomsky on the occasion of Fidel Castro's 90th birthday that discusses his impact on Cuba and the global revolutionary movement
DATE: 2016-08-17 | LENGTH: 17:01

Will Cuban Reforms Create More Inequality? - James Early on Reality Asserts Itself pt3
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, James Early who has visited Cuba more than thirty times says what's needed is more citizen participation and less centralization but Cuba is not headed towards the Chinese capitalist model
DATE: 2013-11-20 | LENGTH: 25:30

Cuban Resilience
TRNN Replay: As the US officially removes Cuba from the state sponsors of terror lists, Michael Ratner, just returned from Cuba, reflects on the resilience of Cuban people in the face of the harsh decades-long US embargo
DATE: 2015-05-31 | LENGTH: 20:12

Thanksgiving on Standing Rock
Native Americans water protectors are facing police repression for defending sacred sites and drinking water on Thanksgiving in 2016
DATE: 2016-11-26 | LENGTH: 08:13

Did Trump Win Through Vote Flipping and Vote Stripping?
Robert Fitrakis, election lawyer and international election observer, says had the outcome on November 8 occurred in another country the State Department would have questioned the integrity of the vote
DATE: 2016-11-26 | LENGTH: 22:49

8 Arrested Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline in Baltimore
The arrests in Baltimore were part of a national day of action targeting banks invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline
DATE: 2016-11-26 | LENGTH: 07:48

Trump and the Fascistization of Europe
Paul Jay and Robert Johnson discuss how the financialization of 'the system' and the economic despair about the future is fueling the far-right across the globe
DATE: 2016-11-26 | LENGTH: 12:13

As National Governments Procrastinate on Climate Action, Sub-National Governments Fill the Void
At COP22, the Environment Minister of the Australian Capital Territory describes his state's ambitious climate action plan.
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 05:30

Iranian Government Preferred Trump But Will Have Second Thoughts Now That His Team is Emerging
Trita Parsi tells Paul Jay that the Iranians thought Trump's anti-interventionist language would be better that Clinton's declared antagonism; but now that Flynn, Pompeo, and Pence have been chosen, regime change is likely back on the table
DATE: 2016-11-25 | LENGTH: 14:27

Trump's Energy Policy: More Shale Gas and a Return to Coal
Janet Redman of Oil Change International says Trump has rejected 'Just Transition' policies as well as clean energy investment that would improve our environment and create jobs
DATE: 2016-11-25 | LENGTH: 14:08

Former IAEA Director: 'Very Dishonest' to Claim Iran Violated the Nuclear Deal
Robert Kelley says the Iranians have stuck to the agreement for a full year now
DATE: 2016-11-25 | LENGTH: 07:36

'Managed Decline' of Fossil Fuel Projects Needed to Meet Goals of Paris Climate Agreement
A new report by Oil Change International calls for an end to both the expansion of fossil fuel industry and new fossil fuel infrastructure
DATE: 2016-09-29 | LENGTH: 11:45

Why is Trump Appointing Someone With No Foreign Policy Experience to be UN Ambassador?
Phyllis Bennis says the choice reflects the imponderable, opaque realities of the decisions made by Trump's transition team
DATE: 2016-11-23 | LENGTH: 13:47

Incarcerated Women in LA County Jails Face Threat of Valley Fever Illness
Diana Zuniga of Californians United for a Responsible Budget says her coalition is pressing officials to address public safety by providing communities with necessary social services
DATE: 2016-11-24 | LENGTH: 12:19

Gore Vidal on What Americans Should Be Thankful For
TRNN Replay: At the end of Eisenhower's reign, the president did something extraordinary: he warned us about himself
DATE: 2007-11-23

Eddie Conway Talks Indigenous People's Day and Political Prisoners
TRNN Replay: Eddie Conway, Real News host and producer, talks about his perspective of "Thanksgiving" as a former political prisoner and current community activist.
DATE: 2015-11-25 | LENGTH: 07:07

A Just Transition for Fossil Fuels Workers is Possible
TRNN Replay: PERI co-director Bob Pollin describes his plan that guarantees pensions and wages, shifts workers out of the industry through retirement rather than job losses, and helps the country meet the UN climate goals
DATE: 2016-10-24 | LENGTH: 16:24

Filmmaker Facing 45 Years for Covering Keystone Pipeline Protest Wins Suspension of Prosecution
Award-winning filmmaker Deia Schlosberg says if the corporate media ignores climate change, it's up to independent media to cover its impacts as well as the resistance to fossil fuel extraction
DATE: 2016-11-23 | LENGTH: 06:31

Is North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Trying to Steal the Election?
Two weeks after Election Day, McCrory is losing the popular vote, refusing to concede, and now he's demanding a recount. Investigative journalist Alex Kotch breaks it down.
DATE: 2016-11-23 | LENGTH: 13:47

Should Clinton Get off Scot-Free?
Glen Ford says Americans shouldn't be reconciled to criminality and corruption, regardless of one's opinion of Trump (Note: This interview took place before a Trump aide stated that the administration will not open an investigation into Hillary Clinton)
DATE: 2016-11-23 | LENGTH: 09:52

Donald Trump: 1, The Media: 0
Media Matters' Eric Boehlert says the corporate media has failed to learn the lessons of Donald Trump's rise to power
DATE: 2016-11-22 | LENGTH: 09:30

Jewish Activists: No Role for White Supremacy in the White House
Protests took place in NYC outside a Zionist Organization of American gala that featured Trump advisor Stephen Bannon
DATE: 2016-11-22 | LENGTH: 04:05

The Real News of the Day - Wednesday, November 23
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DATE: 2016-11-23

The Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science​
Narrated by esteemed actor Emma Thompson, ​the documentary ​"The Doubt Machine: Inside the Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science" reveals how the Koch Brothers have used their vast wealth to ensure the American political system takes no action on climate change
DATE: 2016-10-31 | LENGTH: 29:53

Exclusive Video: #noDAPL Protestors Share Experiences of Police Repression
Hundreds needed medical attention after being tear gassed and sprayed with water cannons during a Sunday protest in North Dakota. Lauretta Prevost with Mirrors and Hammers Productions
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 06:00

Wilkerson: If Trump Moves U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, War Against Iran Could Come Next
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss Trump's foreign policy team and whether it's a continuation of policy under former vice president Dick Cheney
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 13:26

Anti-Trump Protests Continue Nationwide
Protests were held in New York, DC, and Austin over the weekend, while students in Portland walked out of class Monday
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 02:19

Awaiting Presidential Poll Results, Haitians Worry of Election Theft
Margaret Prescod discusses the problems Haitian voters faced in the presidential elections, and says the Lavalas party is extremely popular among the impoverished majority but this is not reflected in the polls
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 20:43

Vietnam and the Legacy of the JFK Presidency - Peter Kuznick on Reality Asserts Itself (1/2)
On this episode of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and historian Peter Kuznick discuss whether or not JFK intended to withdraw from Vietnam before his assassination
DATE: 2013-11-22 | LENGTH: 19:19

Police Unleash Water Cannons and Rubber Bullets Against Water Protectors in Standing Rock
TRNN reports from Standing Rock, North Dakota with an on-the-ground look at the repression facing the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 02:01

The Real News of the Day - Tuesday, November 22
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DATE: 2016-11-22

Trump Considering Man Who Rigged the Economy for Treasury Secretary
Rob Johnson tells Paul Jay that you can't say you're fighting against the 'rigged' economy and then hire someone who helped rig it
DATE: 2016-11-22 | LENGTH: 15:55

Is War with Iran in the Cards with the Trump Foreign Policy Team?
Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay discuss the appointments of Flynn, Pompeo, and Huckabee and whether they will follow through on their calls to rip up the Iran agreement and promote regime change
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 19:13

How Taxes Were Shifted off the Donald Trumps of the World and onto Homeowners
Economist Michael Hudson, author of 'J is For Junk Economics, explains how the rising prices of homes came at a great cost to the middle and work classes
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 10:24

Baltimore's Latino Youth Speak Out After Donald Trump's Victory
Casa de Maryland organizer Lydia Walther-Rodriguez says Obama's record deportations have already prepared the Latino community for Trump
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 07:07

Universal Basic Income: A Solution to Inequality, Economic Instability, and Climate Change
A guaranteed monthly income can be fully funded through charges on carbon emissions, financial market transactions, and extractive practices, says PERI's James K. Boyce
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 19:10

The Real News of the Day - Monday, November 21
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DATE: 2016-11-21

Will the Revised Colombia Peace Accord Succeed?
The proposed revisions came primarily from the right-wing while social movements and peace activists around the country were left outside of the renegotiation, says Professor Mario Murillo
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 14:28

Who Were the Biggest Polluters in 2016?
PERI's James K. Boyce breaks down the findings in this year's Top 100 Polluters Index
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 17:44

None of Trump's Foreign Policy Appointments Match Campaign Rhetoric
Phyllis Bennis and Paul Jay discuss how Trump's language of opposition to regime change and interventions is not represented by the appointment of his vice president or any of his cabinet picks
DATE: 2016-11-20 | LENGTH: 15:54

Sustainability, Just Transition Key to Successful Climate Efforts
From COP22, ITUC's Sharon Burrow discusses the role of organized labor in achieving a zero-carbon world
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 02:41

MD Bail Industry Takes Hit From New Rule Protecting Poor Defendants
Judiciary Rules Committee approves guidance for judges instructing them to reconsider bail for defendants to poor to pay
DATE: 2016-11-19 | LENGTH: 11:27

Trump National Security Advisor an Islamophobe Who Will Target Iran
Ray McGovern tells Paul Jay that Ret. General Flynn advocates regime change in Iran and keeps saying Iran is building a bomb despite contradictory reports by the intelligence communities
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 16:55

Trump CIA Chief Pick A Big Fan of Torture Who Will Target Iran
Ray McGovern tells Paul Jay that Mike Pompeo is likely to follow George Tenet's lead in helping fabricate intelligence supporting an attack on Iran but hopes that honest analysts in the agency will undermine these efforts
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 08:20

Will Trump's Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions Use the DOJ as a Tool of Social Control?
Deeper investment in police forces in communities will amplify the racial divide says, Center for Constitutional Rights Executive Director Vincent Warren
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 17:05

Standing Rock Visited by Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
November 15, 2016 marked a national day of action against the the Dakota Access Pipeline (Credit Lauretta Prevost, Mirrors and Hammers,
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 05:31

Canada's Indigenous Peoples Contribute Least to Global Warming While Suffering From It the Most
At COP22, AFN Regional Chief for Manitoba, Kevin Hart, discusses humanity's urgent need to heed the ecological wisdom of indigenous peoples.
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 12:17

Canadian Youth Struggle to be Heard at COP22
At COP22, representatives of Canada's Youth Delegation demand that Justin Trudeau honor his commitment to be the "Minister of Youth."
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 10:07

Michael Hudson: Donald Trump Wants to Make the 1% Even Richer
Economist Michael Hudson explains how economic terms like capital gains are deployed to mislead the public about who is benefiting from economic policy and where wealth is going
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 18:20

Even if the U.S. Does Not Pull Out of Paris Agreement, Worst Climate Change Scenario Still Ahead
With the right steps in reductions we can keep warming at a tolerable level for 200 years; if not, future societies will be irredeemably condemned, says Dr. Pablo Canziani
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 12:36

Sanders and Nurses Join Forces to Fight Trump and Establishment Democrats
National Nurses United also attempted to deliver a letter calling on Senator Mitch McConnell to not privatize Medicare and instead implement a single-payer system
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 04:36

COP22 Not Addressing Inadequacies of Paris Agreement
Reporting from Marrakech, Dimitri Lascaris says inertia afflicting prior conferences is still at play despite determination of the global community to move ahead with climate change efforts
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 10:07

Islamophobia: An Acceptable Form of Racism in France?
Yasser Louati says the state confronts the problem of anti-Semitism but promotes Islamophobia, which is being used by the far-right National Front party to promote itself
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 13:33

De-monetisation: Another Failure of the Modi Government?
Professor C.P. Chandrasekhar says the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes will keep the corrupt unaffected by this scheme while the poor suffer
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 12:33

NY Parole Board Regulations Should Focus Primarily On Risk & Needs Assessments
Organizer Laura Whitehorn says that the reasons to release aging prisoners are not only financial, but also ethical
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 17:28

Michael Hudson on the Orwellian Turn in Contemporary Economics
Economist Michael Hudson sits down with Sharmini Peries to talk about the elections and his new book 'J is for Junk Economics'
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 15:23

Trump Justice Department May Halt Police Reform Efforts Nationwide
The new administration's hostility to police accountability on the campaign trail could translate into a passive if not openly anti-reform stance says advocates
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 10:26

The Real News of the Day - Thursday, November 17
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DATE: 2016-11-17

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: The Elephant that Refuses to Leave the Room at COP22
Speaking from Morocco, Adam Scott of Oil Change International discusses the ongoing failure of governments around the world to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 09:24

One Year After Paris Attacks, France Moving Towards Permanent State of Emergency
French human rights and civil liberties activist Yasser Louati says extreme measures of mass surveillance targeting Muslims are not effective in deterring terrorism
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 07:59

Former Mayor of Salt Lake City: Trump's Disdain for International Law is Terrifying
Rocky Anderson and Paul Jay discuss what third parties and disenchanted Democrats should do next
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