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From Net Neutrality to Tax Cuts, Trump's Billionaires are Having a Field Day
Paul Jay says that though it's important to oppose the new FCC rulings and tax breaks, we should not forget how Trump came to power
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 02:39

Putin 'Quite Muted' in Response to Russian Olympic Doping Scandal
Russian President Vladimir Putin has been encouraging athletes to follow the steps to demonstrate that they are clean and worthy of competing as "neutrals" in the Winter Olympics, says author and scholar Jules Boykoff
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 10:00

World Bank and World's Third Largest Insurer Divest from Most Oil and Gas
"The fact that they are making this commitment, to not be financing upstream oil and gas after 2019 is a pretty strong vote of non-confidence in the future of the oil and gas industry," says Alex Speers-Roesch of Greenpeace Canada
DATE: 2017-12-15 | LENGTH: 12:01

Undoing the New Deal: Truman Embraces the Cold War (pt4)
Historian Peter Kuznick says that while Truman supported the New Deal, he paved the way for its undoing by fueling the anti-communist, anti-socialist fervor which played into the hands of the right; with host Paul Jay
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 24:19

Putin's Syria 'Victory' Won't End the Proxy War
Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared victory in Syria and says he's withdrawing troops, but the proxy fight there remains and could ramp up in neighboring Lebanon, says Syria expert and scholar Joshua Landis
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 08:22

Palestinians Stand Up to Israel, Will the World?
"Palestinians will continue to protest as long as they're not liberated," says writer Mariam Barghouti, "the question is, when will the rest of the world finally begin listening?"
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 07:47

Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Is Having a White CEO in a Majority Black City a Problem? (3/4)
Baltimore Beat editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray interviews Real News senior editor Paul Jay on both the perception and substance of leadership in Baltimore
DATE: 2017-12-15 | LENGTH: 07:08

Can Baby Bonds Help Close Baltimore's Wealth Gap?
Most social programs that address the poverty problem give out resources after someone has already experienced poverty, but "what we need is a structural apparatus in this society where people don't get exposed to poverty in the first place," says Dr. Sandy Darity
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 04:35

Digital Dystopia: FCC Ends Net Neutrality
Ajit Pai's FCC voted Thursday to end net neutrality regulations despite fierce opposition
DATE: 2017-12-14

Judge in J20 Case Drops Inciting Riot Charge But Condemns Journalism as Conspiracy
Reporter Alexei Wood is facing decades in prison for windows broken at a protest he was covering
DATE: 2017-12-14

Nina Turner on Alabama Vote & Democratic Party Unity Reform Comission
Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the significance of Doug Jones' victory in Alabama and what this means for future of Democratic Party
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 27:51

Virtually No Economist Believes the GOP Tax Bill Will Generate Much Growth
The $1.5 trillion growth dividends that Republicans project on their tax bill remained the same at 20% and at 21% , this shows that they are picking the figure out of the air, and it is "pretty far-fetched," says economist Dean Baker
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 06:57

Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Why Baltimore? (2/4)
Baltimore Beat editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray interviews Real News senior editor Paul Jay about why The Real News chose Baltimore for its headquarters
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 09:40

Partisan Clash over Trump-Russia Probe Gets Messier
The partisan clash over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe of the Trump campaign and Russia was on full display at a Congressional appearance by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. Marcy Wheeler and Aaron Mate discuss.
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 19:22

Honduras' Flawed Vote Recount: A Cover-Up for Fraud?
The center-left opposition says Honduras' recount of the presidential election was just as flawed as the initial count, as protests against the government continue. Heather Gies reports from Honduras
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 07:16

Jones Wins, Bannon Loses in Alabama Special Election
Despite Far-Right former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon's efforts to resurrect Roy Moore, Democrat Doug Jones pulled off a major upset in the Alabama U.S. Senate race
DATE: 2017-12-13

Racism and Trumpism in Alabama
As Alabama votes ​in the special Senate election, historian Gerald Horne and TRNN senior editor Paul Jay discuss why an alleged sexual predator and slavery apologist is even in the running.
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 31:00

Cities vs. Climate Change: Can Infrastructures Handle Extreme Weather?
Many cities are not resilient to disasters, and with human-caused climate change creating more extreme weather, those infrastructures will be threatened even more, says Jeff Schlegelmilch of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 09:42

Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Who's Your Audience? (1/4)
Baltimore Beat editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray interviews Real News senior editor Paul Jay to discuss Baltimore's new alternative paper and its relationship with The Real News Network
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 08:52

Can Pennsylvania Draw the Line on Partisan Gerrymandering?
Two trials in Pennsylvania--one state, one federal--are challenging how state Republicans have drawn up the electoral map, and the outcomes have major national implications
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 08:42

Voter Suppression and Outright Fraud Continue to Plague Alabama
Despite voter suppression, the turnout will be high in order to defeat Roy Moore, explains Cliff Albright, of Black Voters Matter
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 14:37

Forced Privatization of The Greek Port of Piraeus, One Year Later
Dimitri Lascaris in Greece, speaks with Giogros Gogos, general Secretary of the Dockworkers Union at the Port of Piraeus. The Troika forced the privatization of 67% of Port of Piraeus, this means that the most secure and lucrative asset in Greece, that could have generated money to pay the debt, is now the hands of Chinese shipping company Cosco
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 28:30

Venezuela's Opposition Sidelines Itself in Municipal Elections
The opposition's decision to boycott the Dec. 10 municipal elections guaranteed that governing party candidates would sweep the vote. Lucas Koerner, of, explains that the boycott had nothing to do with the electoral system, but rather with the dysfunctional dynamics within the opposition
DATE: 2017-12-11 | LENGTH: 11:51

Media or Cult? CNN Buries a Massive Russiagate Gaffe
Instead of explaining how it reported a false story on Russiagate, CNN brought on neocon David Frum to defend it. Max Blumenthal says that's a "window into a cult created around Russiagate."
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 18:56

Undoing the New Deal: Roosevelt Created A Social Safety Net, Not Socialism (pt3)
Historian Peter Kuznick says the New Deal created necessary programs and regulations that mitigated the effects of the Great Depression, but he wouldn't nationalize the banks or challenge private ownership
DATE: 2017-12-10 | LENGTH: 23:58

Nina Turner On Transforming the Democratic Party From the Inside
Our Revolution President Nina Turner discusses her work on the DNC Unity Reform Commission
DATE: 2017-12-11

DNC's Unity Commission Further Dividing the Party
"You look at the big picture and you see that there's a lot of money that keeps flowing to Clinton-aligned political consultants from the Democratic party, and the majority on this commission clearly does not want to shake up that game, much less end it," says Norman Solomon, co-founder of
DATE: 2017-12-08 | LENGTH: 18:03

Pressure Mounts On Doug Jones To Pull Off Upset in Alabama Senate Race
Democrats see hope in Alabama's Senate race, which has become a high-pressure referendum on Moore's alleged sexual misconduct
DATE: 2017-12-11

Grave Concerns: Will Detective Suiter's Death Bring Commissioner Davis Down?
Baltimore's Police Department faces a crisis in the wake of the murder of one detective, the indictment of eight other officers, and the lockdown of a community
DATE: 2017-12-11

The Death of Detective Sean Suiter: How Deep Does the Corruption Go?
Journalists Jayne Miller and Luke Broadwater discuss the burgeoning scandal inside the Baltimore police department over the mysterious death of homicide detective Sean Suiter, who was found dead in an alley shot, with his own gun
DATE: 2017-12-11 | LENGTH: 34:05

America's Most Reactionary President Visits Its Most Radical City
Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba talks about Trump's visit to Jackson's Civil Rights Museum
DATE: 2017-12-11

The Only Peace Process is Palestinian Freedom
The ongoing Palestinian protests over Jerusalem come on the 30th anniversary of the First Intifada and amid declarations that the "peace process" that followed it is dead. We speak to human rights attorney Noura Erakat.
DATE: 2017-12-10 | LENGTH: 11:50

A Chicago Alderman Introduced A Water Affordability Ordinance. Does Baltimore Need One Too?
Baltimore can get more revenue for new water infrastructure by charging what residents can afford to pay, says Mary Grant of Food and Water Watch
DATE: 2017-12-10 | LENGTH: 11:41

State of Emergency Declared in Southern California
TRNN's Climate Crisis Bureau speaks to leading experts to examine how climate change has contributed to the worst wildfire season ever recorded in California
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 09:43

Can Mindfulness Help the Resistance?
Robert Wright, founder of the website Mindful Resistance and author of the bestseller "Why Buddhism is True," argues that mindfulness meditation can help us become more effective political actors
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 13:21

To Fight Crime We Must Address Root Causes, Says Mayor of Compton, CA
TRNN's Jaisal Noor speaks to Aja Brown, Compton, California's youngest ever mayor about why she got into politics, the importance of holistic approaches to crime reduction, and the importance of equity in addressing poverty
DATE: 2017-12-10 | LENGTH: 12:14

Children's Health Insurance Program to Expire Under GOP Tax Bill
Nine million children will go without health insurance under the new GOP tax bill, says Bill Black, white-collar criminologist and former regulator
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 18:41

Hariri's Unresignation is Saudi's Latest Failure
The unresignation of Saad Hariri shows that Saudi Arabia's recent meddling in Lebanon has only strengthened its rival Iran, says professor and journalist Rami Khouri
DATE: 2017-12-08 | LENGTH: 05:23

Palestinians Resist Israel and its US Enabler
As the Israeli crackdown on protests in the Occupied Territories turns deadly, human rights attorney Noura Erakat says that Trump's decision on Jerusalem is only the latest US attack on Palestinian self-determination
DATE: 2017-12-09 | LENGTH: 15:01

Coal, Lies and Renewable Energy, Australian Style
Is the new Tesla mega-battery for South Australia the game changer it's made out to be? Tim Hollo, Executive Directer of The Green Institute, joins us from Canberra, Australia to separate fact from fiction in what he calls the 'post-truth world'
DATE: 2017-12-09 | LENGTH: 12:18

Bernie Sanders and Ben Jealous Hold Healthcare Rally in Baltimore
Senator Bernie Sanders joined Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Ben Jealous to launch Jealous' plan to make Maryland the first state with Medicare-for-All
DATE: 2017-12-09 | LENGTH: 03:17

Mystery Surrounding Detective's Death Heightens Mistrust of Police
As the BPD asks the FBI to take over Detective Sean Suiter's murder investigation, activists say Suiter's planned testimony in a major corruption case only bolsters the argument for community control of police
DATE: 2017-12-09 | LENGTH: 04:17

Unlike US Embassy, Palestinians Will Not Be Moved
As protests erupt over the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti says Trump and Netanyahu won't succeed in displacing Palestinians from their homeland
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 13:52

Greece Emerges from Economic Crisis with Increased Inequality
Greece is "coming out of the crisis with a more polarized society, with an opened gap between the rich and the poor," says economic scholar John Milios
DATE: 2017-12-08 | LENGTH: 22:52

Reporter's Harassment Sparks a #MeToo Moment at WNYC
As Time names the women who publicly confronted sexual predators the magazine's "Person of the Year," we speak to journalist Suki Kim, who outed a longtime radio host at WNYC for targeting her and several of his female colleagues
DATE: 2017-12-08 | LENGTH: 11:49

The Argument for Closing Low-Enrollment Schools is Wrong, Advocates Say
As Baltimore faces another round of school closings, parents and educators argue small schools are actually the best way to address entrenched poverty and other social ills
DATE: 2017-12-08 | LENGTH: 06:12

Undoing the New Deal: Truman's Cold War Buries Wallace and the Left (pt2)
Historian Peter Kuznick says Truman bought into the Republican's post-WWII campaign against Russia and used the hysteria to purge the Democratic Party and defeat former VP Henry Wallace in the '48 Presidential election; with host Paul Jay
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 24:25

Trump's 'Criminal' Jerusalem Move Could Backfire
By recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moving the US embassy there, President Trump is catering to the US right-wing while risking a new revolt against his Middle East agenda, says journalist and scholar Rami Khouri
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 08:18

Is Saudi Arabia Destroying Yemen to Plunder It?
As Yemen enters a new era with the killing of longtime ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, professor and author Isa Blumi says financial motives help drive the Saudi-led war
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 13:23

A Semblance of Justice For Walter Scott
Former South Carolina Police Officer was sentenced to 20 years in prison
DATE: 2017-12-07

Senator Al Franken Resigns
The U.S. Senator from Minnesota resigned a day after over two dozen Democrat Senators called for his resignation in the wake of eight women accusing Franken of sexual harassment.
DATE: 2017-12-07

Mayor Chokwe Lumumba Wants to Make Jackson the Most Radical City on the Planet
Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Jackson, Mississippi's radical mayor, discusses his vision for a new society.
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 50:05

Bankrupt Greece Becomes a Major Military Spender and 'Sales Agent' for NATO
Costas Isychos, the former Deputy Defence Minister of Greece, discusses the Syriza Government's policy of expanding NATO's military might
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 18:28

Residents Say Police Lockdown in Wake of Cop's Death is Unconstitutional
Residents of the Harlem Park neighborhood in Baltimore where Detective Sean Suiter died three weeks ago told the city's Civilian Review Board they were subjected to unconstitutional tactics by the department during an investigation that has yet to net a suspect
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 09:43

The Whole Bushel: It's Hard To Tell From Your Bio
Eze Jackson sits down with Bobbi Rush, Micah E. Wood and JPEGMAFIA to discuss politics, social media, and more in this episode of The Whole Bushel
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 31:40

Ben Jealous: Maryland Needs Medicare-for-All
Ahead of a rally with Bernie Sanders, Maryland Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful and civil rights leader Ben Jealous discusses his new state plan for Medicare for All
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 07:14

Preemptive Strike on North Korea: Is Trump Wagging the Dog?
"If I were going to divert the American people's attention away from my troubles with the FBI, with Russian oligarchs, and so forth, I'd pick a lesser target," says Col. Larry Wilkerson. "That's not to say that this administration is not stupid enough" to do it
DATE: 2017-12-05 | LENGTH: 16:51

Trump's Jerusalem Embassy Move Was Long in the Works
President Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the American embassy there. Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada says years of US policy set the stage.
DATE: 2017-12-05 | LENGTH: 10:07

Brazil's Corruption Scandal Ensnares Anti-Corruption Judge
New testimony in Brazil's on-going corruption investigations lays bare Judge Sergio Moro's conflict of interest and the possibility that he and his wife might have taken bribes for reducing sentences. Brian Mier of Brazil Wire reports
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 11:08

GOP Tax Bill: The Great American Heist
The "insane and opaque" tax bill had no hearings and no independent experts; it was informed only by lobbyists. And it's going to blow up the deficit and gut social programs, says economist and white-collar criminologist Bill Black
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 15:48

Trump Faces a Fight over Downsizing National Monuments
President Trump is flouting the law to shrink the Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah to open up drilling, mining, and fracking, but indigenous and environmental groups are pushing back
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 05:51

Thousands of Oakland City Union Workers Strike Against Unfair Labor Practices
SEIU Local 1021 Chief Negotiator Rob Szykowny discusses the recent strike and negotiations with the city of Oakland, California
DATE: 2017-12-06

A Green New Deal for Washington State
Trump may be leading the US backwards on developing a Green Economy but a new study by the Political Economy Research Institute at UMass, says Washington State can pave the way to a New Green Deal. Prof. Robert Pollin and AFL-CIO Labor leader in Washington State discusses the study and the possibilities. Link to report
DATE: 2017-12-05 | LENGTH: 24:28

Trump's Friends Get Tax Cuts, His Base Gets Bigotry
As President Trump re-tweets an anti-Muslim British group, historian and professor Gerald Horne of the University of Houston says Trump is following through on the bigotry he campaigned on
DATE: 2017-12-05 | LENGTH: 10:13

What Does Saleh's Killing Mean for Yemen?
Yemen's longtime ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh has been killed by his former allies, the Houthi rebels. Sheila Carapico of University of Richmond says the devastating Yemen war could now expand to even more fronts
DATE: 2017-12-04 | LENGTH: 08:29

The First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy Visits Baltimore to Build International Solidarity
Miguel Fraga, First Secretary to the Cuban Embassy visits Baltimore to speak on international relations, ending the U.S. blockade of Cuba, and the importance of the 1959 revolution that started socialism in Cuba
DATE: 2017-12-05 | LENGTH: 11:05

Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
The Monday launch of the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival by co-chairs Rev. Dr. William Barber II, Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis and other leaders will include the unveiling of details around six weeks of direct action next spring at statehouses and the U.S. Capitol, including plans for one of the largest waves of civil disobedience in U.S. history.
DATE: 2017-12-04

Undoing the New Deal: The 1944 Coup Against VP Henry Wallace (pt1)
Historian Peter Kuznick and Paul Jay discuss the historical context of the fight between the Sanders' progressive wing against the oligarchy within the Democratic Party; the overthrow of Vice President Wallace by an alliance of party bosses and Southern racists was a turning point in the decades-long process to roll back the New Deal
DATE: 2017-12-04 | LENGTH: 22:51

Empire Files: Death & Biostitutes - The US Opioid Crisis
With the U.S. government failing to address the opioid crisis, one law firm has taken to a massive lawsuit. Head of that case is Mike Papantonio, who tells Abby Martin that he's pushing for many executives to go to jail
DATE: 2017-12-04 | LENGTH: 21:57

Roger Waters Confronts the Occupation of the Canadian Mind
Rock Musician and Palestinian Rights Advocate Roger Waters discusses his recent concert tour in Canada
DATE: 2017-12-03 | LENGTH: 27:56

Man Shot by Baltimore Police in 2015 Granted New Trial
Judge grants new trial to Keith Davis Jr. who was charged and convicted of murder after being shot by police
DATE: 2017-12-04

Freshman Democrat Faces Primary Challenger Amid Calls to Resign
Amy Vilela discusses her campaign against Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-NV), who is facing pressure to resign after a report surfaced of sexual harassment and misconduct against one of his former staffers

Democracy in Crisis: Project Falsitas
D.C. prosecutors introduce James O'Keefe's sting video in the case against inauguration protesters just as the Washington Post reminds us again just how shady he is
DATE: 2017-12-04

Robert Wright on Mindfulness, Buddhism, and Overcoming Delusions
In part one of our interview, bestselling author Robert Wright discusses his new book "Why Buddhism Is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment." Wright argues that mindfulness can help overcome constraints on the human mind imposed by natural selection, allowing us to see the world more clearly
DATE: 2017-12-04 | LENGTH: 18:05

Trump Takes Post-9/11 Islamophobia to New Lows
President Trump has caused outrage for retweeting three anti-Muslim videos from the fringe right-wing group Britain First. We speak to Aymann Ismail, whose new Slate series "Who's Afraid of Aymann Ismail?" explores Muslim identity and Islamophobia
DATE: 2017-12-03 | LENGTH: 10:59

Argentine Government Bars Major NGO Representatives from WTO Meeting
In an unprecedented move that violates World Trade Organization rules, Argentina revoked accreditations of representatives of 20 NGOs, preventing them from attending the 11th WTO Meeting in Buenos Aires next week. Deborah James of CEPR explains the significance of this decision
DATE: 2017-12-03 | LENGTH: 12:47

Should NATO Answer for Libya's Slave Trade?
CNN has revealed that African migrants are being sold at slave auctions in Libya for as little as $400. As the UN weighs sanctions, professor and author Horace Campbell says the NATO powers who tore Libya apart should own up to their responsibility
DATE: 2017-11-29 | LENGTH: 16:55

EPA's Pruitt Pushed Through Directive Favoring Polluters, Lawsuit Says
Center for Biological Diversity sues the Environmental Protection Agency over the refusal to release documents regarding a new directive limiting the agency's ability to settle lawsuits
DATE: 2017-12-03

GOP Tax Bill is Even Worse Than We Think
The secretive Senate Republican tax bill is one of the largest wealth transfers to elites in US history, and economist James Henry says its damage to lower-income earners will likely be even worse than thought once its full contents are known
DATE: 2017-12-01 | LENGTH: 11:39

Honduras Election: One of the Worst Elections in Recent Memory
Evidence is mounting that the Honduran presidential election is being stolen so that the conservative incumbent, President Juan Orlando Hernandez, remains in office. According to CEPR's Mark Weisbrot, the lack of credible elections in Honduras is a direct result of the 2009 military coup, which was aided by the US government, that put the National Party in power.
DATE: 2017-12-01 | LENGTH: 13:04

Flynn Plea Shows Collusion With... Israel?
Michael Flynn's guilty plea to lying to the FBI falls short on Russia "collusion" but points to the Trump administration acting on Israel's behalf, says author and journalist Max Blumenthal
DATE: 2017-12-02 | LENGTH: 18:17

Feds Secretly Monitoring the Black Lives Matter Movement
The FBI and DHS justify the surveillance by claiming Black Lives Matter activists are "black supremacist extremists" prone to violence. But it's really just an attempt to criminalize black protestors and silence the movement, says Stephanie Llanes of the Center for Constitutional Rights
DATE: 2017-12-02 | LENGTH: 12:08

As U.S. Child Asthma Rates Soar, EPA Fights for Big Coal's Agenda
The Founder and CEO of GreenLatinos, Mark Magana, discusses why he testified at the EPA's Clean Power Plan repeal hearing and how Latino children are 40% more likely to die from asthma in the U.S.
DATE: 2017-12-02 | LENGTH: 10:52

Commissioner Asks Feds to Take Over Investigation into Death of Detective Following New Charges Against Baltimore Cops Baltimore Cops
Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis seeks to hand over the investigation into the death of Det. Sean Suiter to the FBI
DATE: 2017-12-01

Real Media: Doctors Against Diesel
Co-founder of Doctors Against Diesel Chris Griffiths on why he has expanded his work from research to lobbying and protesting about what he sees as a medical emergency in our cities
DATE: 2017-12-02 | LENGTH: 08:54

If Tillerson's Out, is Iran War In?
The Trump administration will reportedly oust Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and install CIA Director Mike Pompeo in his place, with Republican Sen. Tom Cotton replacing Pompeo. Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council says that's a recipe for a US war on Iran
DATE: 2017-12-01 | LENGTH: 12:56

Protests Erupt as Honduras Presidential Election Results Reversed
The country's electoral authority reversed the initial presidential election results, now giving the conservative incumbent a lead in the vote count. Tensions are mounting as protesters clash with the police. Heather Gies reports from Tegucigalpa, Honduras
DATE: 2017-11-30 | LENGTH: 14:13

Trump Tax Plan Would Slash Charitable Giving by Almost 40%
According to some estimates, there would be between $13-$95B less in charitable giving by individuals, because raising the individual deduction removes the tax incentive to give, says David Callahan, founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy
DATE: 2017-12-01 | LENGTH: 09:38

Indivisible: GOP Tax Plan Puts Middle Class in Crosshairs
At a diverse town hall meeting, Baltimore teachers, students and small-business owners say the Republican plan would wreak havoc on their lives and deepen inequality across the country
DATE: 2017-11-30 | LENGTH: 05:09

Man Convicted of Murder After Being Shot by Baltimore Police Demands New Trial
Keith Davis Jr. always claimed police planted the gun on him; new evidence and affidavits call key state's witness into question
DATE: 2017-12-01

Indictment Links Drugs Planted by Dirty Cop to Slain Baltimore Detective
New federal charges say a Gun Trace Task Force sergeant planted drugs on a suspect for Detective Sean Suiter to discover
DATE: 2017-11-30

Trump's HHS Nominee 'Should be Under Criminal Investigation'
Health and Human Services nominee Alex Azar, a former president of Eli Lilly should be indicted for price gouging, not picked to oversee a department vital to the public health, says Alex Lawson of Social Security Works
DATE: 2017-11-29 | LENGTH: 16:49

Police Rising
Detective Dawnyell Taylor and the missing center of HBO's "Baltimore RIsing"
DATE: 2017-11-30

Public Demands Consent Decree Monitoring Team Get Out of the Seats and Into the Streets
Citizens express frustration at the first public meeting of the team set up to oversee the agreement between the Department of Justice and the Baltimore Police Department
DATE: 2017-11-30

Real Media: Worker Union Takes Fight to Universities
The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain launched a landmark legal case to bring collective bargaining rights to outsourced workers at the University of London. If they win, the case will set a historic precedent that could aid zero-hours and precarious workers all around the country
DATE: 2017-12-01 | LENGTH: 02:09

Cities Offer Amazon Dangerous Incentives
Amazon has received 238 bids from North American cities vying to host its new headquarters, and some are offering the company extreme incentives that undermine democracy, says economist Dean Baker
DATE: 2017-11-29 | LENGTH: 09:47

Poland's Far Right Gains Strength with Government's Tacit Approval
The ​current ​form of ​Islamophobia and xenophobia expressed by the far right in Poland is​ rooted in the history of​ anti-semitism says Konrad Pędziwiatr of Krakow University of Economics, Poland.
DATE: 2017-11-30 | LENGTH: 22:51

Coal Mining Families Say 'No' to Repealing Clean Power Plan
The EPA held its only public hearing on its proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan in Charleston, West Virginia--but even in coal country, there was a lot of support for keeping the Obama-era regulation, says Liz Perera, Director of Climate Policy for the Sierra Club
DATE: 2017-11-30 | LENGTH: 12:46

Real Media: Fighting Air Pollution with Direct Action
Roger Hallam, PhD researcher at Kings College London, has been studying protest movements and putting his theories into practice to address air pollution
DATE: 2017-11-30 | LENGTH: 08:25

Trump Plans to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay on Mike Pence's announcement that Donald Trump is actively planning to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, going against decades of US policy
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