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Barghouti on Jerusalem Protests: Israel Incites, Palestinians Unite
The deadly Israeli crackdown on Palestinians protesting restrictions at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque is part of an effort to divide the holy site and undermine the Palestinian struggle for freedom, says Dr. Mustafa Barghouti
DATE: 2017-07-21 | LENGTH: 19:45

Family Income's Critical Role in Child Development
As Trump and the Republicans target vital social programs in their budget, a new study from the London School of Economics shows that poverty has a huge impact on children's cognitive, social-behavioral and health outcomes
DATE: 2017-07-22 | LENGTH: 09:46

Russiagate: Kooky Characters, Cold War Liberals
Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi and The Real News' Aaron Mate discuss the latest Russiagate news, the story behind the Magnitsky Act, the Clintons' $500,000 conflict-of-interest question, and how the liberal fixation on Russia could have long-term consequences
DATE: 2017-07-20 | LENGTH: 28:22

Big Oil Overturns Portland's Landmark Fossil Fuel Ban
Portland's first-of-its-kind zoning ordinance, which banned new fossil fuel projects within city limits and prevented existing facilities from expanding, was overturned under pressure from the Western States Petroleum Association
DATE: 2017-07-21 | LENGTH: 14:11

The Nina Turner Show: The Third Party Debate with Nick Brana
At the People's Summit 2017, Nina Turner and Nick Brana of Draft Bernie for a People's Summit debate whether or not the Democratic Party can be used to facilitate real, progressive change
DATE: 2017-07-21 | LENGTH: 15:33

Data, Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence: Where is AI Innovation Taking Society?
Safeguards need to be put in place so artificial intelligence can be used safely for everybody says Catherine Saez of Intellectual Property Watch reporting on events at the Artificial Intelligence summit hosted at ITU, the UN specialized agency for Information & Communications Technologies
DATE: 2017-07-21 | LENGTH: 09:20

Saying Goodbye to Glaciers': The Impact of Glacier Retreat
About half of the glaciers in Switzerland are expected to disappear in the next 25 years, and about 70% of the ice volume in Canada and in the Canadian Rockies will likely be gone by 2100, says University of Colorado research scientist Twila Moon
DATE: 2017-07-21 | LENGTH: 08:06

Baltimore to Lose Two Progressive Media Outlets Just When It Needs Them Most
TRNN speaks to City Paper editors Brandon Soderberg, Rebekah Kirkman and Baynard Woods, as well as the Steiner Show's Marc Steiner, about what Baltimore will lose when their outlets close
DATE: 2017-07-20 | LENGTH: 28:59

Grieving Mother Will Primary Democrat Over Single Payer Healthcare
After losing her 22 year-old daughter because she didn't have health insurance, Amy Vilela is running for congress against a Democratic Party incumbent who won't support Single-Payer Medicare for All
DATE: 2017-07-21 | LENGTH: 18:35

How Far Will Trump Go to Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal?
The U.S. has re-certified that Iran is complying with the 2015 nuclear deal, but President Trump has imposed new sanctions in an effort to force Iran to pull out. Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, says the move against Iran is a dangerous escalation
DATE: 2017-07-20 | LENGTH: 24:17

Boycott Israel, Go to Jail?
A bipartisan Senate bill would make boycotting Israel punishable by up to 20 years in prison. But a new pushback from groups including the ACLU could help stop the 'draconian' measure, says Josh Ruebner of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
DATE: 2017-07-20 | LENGTH: 12:51

Ex-Cops Say Harsher Sentences Won't Stem Murder Epidemic
As the Baltimore City Council prepares to debate a proposal for one year mandatory sentences for firearm possession, some say the move could do more harm than good
DATE: 2017-07-20 | LENGTH: 02:44

Trump Can't Vote Down Obamacare, So He's Strangling It Instead
Republican governors aren't 'letting Obamacare fail,' they're actively sabotaging it, says Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 10:01

Yemen Needs Aid, But US Aids Saudi-Led War
As Yemen's cholera epidemic deepens the world's worst humanitarian crisis, fighting and Saudi-led airstrikes prevent international organizations from getting aid to massive numbers of people in desperate need, says Anas Shahari of Save the Children
DATE: 2017-07-20 | LENGTH: 11:28

Rising Sea Levels Put Coastal Cities At Risk
With the current rate of sea level rise roughly twice as fast as it was over the course of the 20th century, coastal cities should brace for more flooding, says climate policy scholar Robert Kopp
DATE: 2017-07-20 | LENGTH: 12:24

Public Defender: Body Camera Shows Cop Planting Drugs
While charges were dropped against the suspect, former Baltimore cops say the case should highlight the need to end prohibition
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 04:21

Morgan State Students Give Back to the Community
Morgan State University students conducting research on the African Diaspora worked with Eddie Conway and the Coalition of Friends on the urban farm in Gilmor homes
DATE: 2017-07-20 | LENGTH: 02:15

Empire Files: Anti-Black Racism Reveals Israel's White Supremacy
In this on-the-ground investigation, Abby Martin talks to Osman Ali, a refugee from Darfur, at Holot prison camp about the treatment of refugees by the government, and Tehune Maharat, an Ethiopian Jewish activist whose cousin was killed in an apparent hate crime by Israeli police, about the rampant and institutional racism in the country. Watch more on TeleSur
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 24:39

Marking the 140th Anniversary of the Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Labor historian Bill Barry tours viewers through a B&O Railroad Museum exhibit honoring the strike in which over 100,000 workers participated, and over 100 people were killed
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 14:51

Corporate Media Silence Helps Maintain Warfare in Syria
Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron made important remarks about the Syria ceasefire that the corporate media ignored in favor of Russiagate, says Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 07:16

Railroad Workers' Struggles Continue 140 Years after their First National Strike
TRNN speaks to railroad union leaders at the commemoration of the Great Railroad Strike of 1877
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 07:30

Trump Jr. Took a Meeting, Bill Clinton Took $500K
Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian nationals, apparently about Magnitsky Act sanctions, has caused a frenzy. But the Clintons might have a Magnitsky-tied conflict of their own, says journalist Michael Sainato
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 13:50

New York Times Joins Trump and Saudi Arabia in Targeting Iran
Prof. Sabah Alnasseri and Paul Jay discuss a front page NYT article that blames 'Iranian expansionism' for sectarian war in Iraq and the region; says the U.S. invaded Iraq to establish democracy
DATE: 2017-07-18 | LENGTH: 15:48

Israeli Restrictions at Al-Aqsa Mosque Spark Protests
Western media is missing important context behind the deadly gunfight at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound, says journalist and filmmaker Dan Cohen
DATE: 2017-07-18 | LENGTH: 16:37

New York Times Beats War Drums Against Iran
Vijay Prashad and Trita Parsi join Paul Jay to discuss the New York Times article, 'Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. 'Handed the Country Over''
DATE: 2017-07-18 | LENGTH: 18:32

Join The Dots: Geographical Displacement
Episode 2 - Real Media discusses geographical displacement, and the rhetoric and misleading language of the housing debate surrounding the Grenfell fire
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 15:38

Fighting Dangerous Oil Trains in Baltimore
The Real News joined activists and community leaders on a tour of the blast zone: areas of the city that would be most affected by a crude oil explosion
DATE: 2017-07-18 | LENGTH: 07:38

Real Media: The Neighbourhood Effect
In this Real Media interview, Paul Watt discusses the 'Neighbourhood Effect,' a disputed proposal for bringing richer people into poor neighbourhoods through a process of demolishing social housing and gentrification
DATE: 2017-07-18 | LENGTH: 08:20

NATO-Russia Tensions Rise, Arms Makers Benefit
For the first time, the U.S. has deployed advanced Patriot missiles as part of military exercises in the Baltic region, escalating tensions with Russia and helping boost military industry stock prices to record highs
DATE: 2017-07-17 | LENGTH: 19:41

Nurses, Protesters Tell Corrupt Democrats Single-Payer Healthcare Can't Wait
National Nurses United Director Roseann Demoro tells corporate Democrats that nurses won't back down on single payer healthcare fight; activists and protesters take over DNC 'Resistance Summer' event in Los Angeles, California to demand single payer healthcare.
DATE: 2017-07-17 | LENGTH: 29:17

Ida B Wells Speaks Through Her Descendants on Trump's War on the Media and Black Lives Matter
In the second part of the series celebrating Wells' 155th birthday, her great grandson explores how Wells would have reacted to Trump's hostility to the media and the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement
DATE: 2017-07-17 | LENGTH: 18:49

How US-Russia Ceasefire in Syria Impacts Iran
The ceasefire agreement reached by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in southwest Syria appears aimed at weakening Iran and containing its influence inside Syria, says Alternet reporter Ben Norton
DATE: 2017-07-16 | LENGTH: 15:49

Toronto G-20: 7 Years Later
TRNN's coverage of the protests and mass arrests of the G-20 held in Toronto in 2010
DATE: 2017-07-20

Ida B Wells: The Story of America's First Black Female Investigative Journalist
In part one of our series celebrating her 155th birthday, the great grandson of Wells tells the story of how the pioneering reporter risked her life to report on lynchings and racism during the tumultuous period of Reconstruction
DATE: 2017-07-16 | LENGTH: 16:44

Real Media: Big Pharma & Brexit
Community activist Emma Friedmann explains the caution needed regarding pharma, Brexit and regulation
DATE: 2017-07-16 | LENGTH: 10:21

If Yellen is Out, What's Next for the Fed?
During her testimony to Congress, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen dodged a question about whether she would accept a second term in office--but it's unlikely that President Trump will re-appoint her, says Gerald Epstein, co-director of Political Economy Research Institute
DATE: 2017-07-15 | LENGTH: 10:10

Lancashire Community 'Put Their Bodies On the Line' to Protest UK Fracking Site
Anti-fracking activists have joined the local community in Lancashire for a 'rolling resistance' month of direct action protests, after the UK government overruled the local government's ban on fracking
DATE: 2017-07-15 | LENGTH: 07:53

Gaza Crisis, Global Silence
After 10 years of Israeli siege, the UN warns Gaza is becoming 'unlivable.' Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada says Israel, with the Palestinian Authority's help, is responsible for the crisis, as most of the world looks on in silence.
DATE: 2017-07-15 | LENGTH: 24:19

'No Compromise on Health Care': Michael Lighty of National Nurses United
With Senate Republicans dithering over the new version of the Health Care Bill, Michael Lighty of the National Nurses United says Democrats should offer no compromises and progressives should fight for single payer
DATE: 2017-07-13 | LENGTH: 06:48

War & Cholera Decimate Yemen, But Saudi Bombing Gets More US Help
As Yemen's cholera epidemic spirals out of control and millions face famine, Alternet reporter Ben Norton says the U.S. is complicit in the humanitarian crisis caused by Saudi-led war
DATE: 2017-07-14 | LENGTH: 17:30

Wines from Occupied Territories Labeled 'Product of Israel' Removed from Ontario Shelves
In an attempt to protect accurate consumer labeling information, the Ontario Liquor Control Board and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ordered the products labeled 'Product of Israel' but produced in the Occupied Territories removed, says Dr. David Kattenburg
DATE: 2017-07-13 | LENGTH: 12:08

New Rules for Banks: 'Honest Bankers Please Step Forward'
Former financial regulator Bill Black offers bankers a challenge: Step forward if you support the new rule issued by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau allowing consumers to bring about class-action litigation against banks who defraud them
DATE: 2017-07-14 | LENGTH: 07:39

The Real Baltimore: How a Federal Program is Destroying Public Housing
A panel of activists discusses how a federal program to privatize public housing will hurt residents and provide millions in profits to private developers
DATE: 2017-07-14 | LENGTH: 29:55

Has the Environmental Movement Failed? A Conversation with Dr. David Suzuki
Dr. David Suzuki discusses the environmental movement's failure to sustain its victories and the vision that will be needed to ensure public support for environmental protection
DATE: 2017-07-10 | LENGTH: 20:39

Lula Expected to Appeal Conviction: What Does It Mean for the 2018 Election?
Judge Sergio Moro presented no hard evidence in convicting former President Lula on corruption charges and his family's political connections renders his judgment questionable says Independent Journalist Mike Fox
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 13:07

Massive Iceberg Breaks Free in Antarctica: How Worried Should We Be?
The iceberg, which is about the size of Delaware, is an important reminder that ice on Earth is changing--and not just in Antarctica, says Dr. Twila Moon, a glacial expert with the National Snow and Ice Data Center
DATE: 2017-07-13 | LENGTH: 06:44

The Nina Turner Show: The Urban-Rural Divide with Portia Boulger
At the 2017 People's Summit, Portia Boulger discusses the upcoming Ohio conference Mobilize88, and argues that progressives can't write off Trump voters
DATE: 2017-07-13 | LENGTH: 15:24

Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition
Abby Martin goes on the deadly front lines of the anti government protests in Venezuela and follows the evolution of a typical guarimba -- or opposition barricade. Watch more on TeleSur
DATE: 2017-07-13 | LENGTH: 26:39

Weapon Corruption Scandal Threatens Netanyahu's Administration
Israeli police investigate three corruption cases involving the prime minister
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 12:08

Greens Urge Democrats To Block Senate Energy Bill
Hundreds of organizations have signed a letter to Sen. Chuck Schumer urging him to lead opposition to an energy bill that they say would increase dependence on fossil fuel production and hasten 'climate chaos'
DATE: 2017-07-13 | LENGTH: 16:02

Do Trump Jr.'s Russia Emails Live Up to the Hype?
Journalist Marcy Wheeler says Donald Trump Jr.'s newly released emails are a big development, but we should be careful to distinguish normal opposition research from collusion
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 17:58

UK Court Allows Saudi Arms Sales as May Suppresses Damning Report
After viewing evidence kept secret from the public, London's High Court has rejected a bid to end weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against Arms Trade, which brought the case, says the arms deal makes Britain complicit in Saudi Arabia's devastating bombing of Yemen
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 16:12

Seattle Answers Trump's War on Workers by Taxing the Rich
The measure faces an imminent legal challenge, but co-sponsor Kshama Sawant says the Tax the Rich movement will persevere
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 14:02

House Panel Votes to Debate Post-9/11 Blank Check for War
The House Appropriations Committee has advanced a measure proposed by Rep. Barbara Lee that would repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which the U.S. has used to wage wars around the globe
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 20:21

Why Israel Doesn't Want UNESCO to Recognize Hebron
International law practitioner and researcher Dr. Valentina Azarova discusses the politics involved in UNESCO's decision to rule Hebron a Palestinian World Heritage Site in danger
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 14:32

Jerry Brown: Climate Champion or Big Oil Ally?
California Gov. Jerry Brown poses as an anti-Trump climate-change savior, but his policies support Big Oil's agenda, says Adam Scow, California director at Food & Water Watch
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 09:57

World's Largest Tuna Company Commits to Major Fishing Reforms
Greenpeace USA's Ocean Director John Hocevar discusses the success of an intense two-year campaign to reform Thai Union's fishing practices, and what the big victory means for oceans on the brink of collapse
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 10:12

Demonstrators Decry 'Award' for Australian Prime Minister's Immigration Policies
Aussie PM, Malcolm Turnbull, has been awarded the 2017 Disraeli Prize by the right wing neoconservative think tank set up by former British Prime Minister David Cameron, called Policy Exchange. Amber Rudd, the UK Home Secretary, was scheduled to present Turnbull the prize in honor of immigration policies. Mohamed Elmaazi spoke to demonstrators outside of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers where the ceremony was due to be held
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 13:10

Running Progressive Candidates in the Trump Era
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with lead organizers from Working Families of Maryland and Wellstone Action about the need to change the culture of politics
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 06:18

Trump & Putin Talk, But US-Russia Confrontation Lingers
James Carden, contributing writer at The Nation and executive editor for the American Committee for East-West Accord, analyzes the many areas threatening US-Russia relations, including Ukraine, Syria, and the ongoing Russiagate fixation within the US political and media elite
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 24:02

UN Adopts Historic Nuclear Weapons Ban over US-Led Opposition
The United Nations General Assembly has adopted the first ever global treaty to ban the possession of nuclear weapons -- but all nine nuclear powers stand in the way. We speak to Rick Wayman of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and Ira Helfand of Physicians for Social Responsibility, who were both involved in the global campaign to push the treaty through
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 19:11

UAW Files For Historic Union Vote at Nissan in Mississippi
Today, the United Auto Workers filed a petition with the NLRB asking for a vote for the 6,500- worker plant in Canton, Mississippi.
DATE: 2017-07-11

G20 Protestors Call for An Alternative To the Neoliberal Order
South African activist Patrick Bond says beyond the media focus on burning cars in Hamburg, tens of thousands of protestors called for the G20 to adopt policies that tackle inequality and climate change
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 19:02

A Brief History of the KKK with Gerald Horne
As the KKK rallies in Charlottesville, VA, author and historian Gerald Horne charts its history from Reconstruction to the rise of Donald Trump
DATE: 2017-07-10 | LENGTH: 11:38

Baltimore Man Starts Hunger Strike to End Violence, City's Addiction to Policing
City resident Kevin McCamant says he will not eat until the killings stop and the city emphasizes methods other than policing to cure violence
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 05:07

David Suzuki: Independent Media Like The Real News are Vital in the Battle Against Climate Change
Stay tuned for the full interview with renowned environmental activist David Suzuki, coming Monday
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 02:00

Nina Turner: Trump's Election Commission is for Voter Intimidation
Our Revolution President Nina Turner says the U.S. should focus on expanding the vote, not suppressing it
DATE: 2017-07-10 | LENGTH: 10:52

Israelis Demand Truth on Violations Against Yemeni Immigrants
Richard Silverstein discusses Israel's silenced history of racially motivated medical malpractice
DATE: 2017-07-10 | LENGTH: 16:15

Max Blumenthal on How the Media Covers Syria
As the U.S. and Russia reach a new ceasefire in Syria, Max Blumenthal of Alternet's Grayzone Project and TRNN's Aaron Mate discuss foreign involvement in the Syrian war and how Western media across the political spectrum has covered it
DATE: 2017-07-09 | LENGTH: 23:47

Real Media: Grenfell, Housing & Local Councils
At the #NotOneDayMore rally on July 1st, Green Party's Sian Berry called on Jeremy Corbyn to deal with Labour councils who continue to treat social housing tenants with disdain
DATE: 2017-07-10 | LENGTH: 02:09

Hundreds Rally in Baltimore to Defend Education and Immigrant Rights
TRNN speaks to students, educators and advocates taking part in a Unity March to defend immigrants rights as part of the 2017 Free Minds, Free People Conference
DATE: 2017-07-09 | LENGTH: 08:37

Who is Served by Militarized Aid to Palestine?
Nora Lester Murad warns that aid to Palestine serves the Israeli occupation
DATE: 2017-07-09 | LENGTH: 14:47

Haringey Council Vote Through £2BN Public Asset Deal with Lendlease
London's Haringey Council voted to approve a £2 billion sell-off of public assets to the notorious private developer Lendlease despite overwhelming opposition from the community
DATE: 2017-07-09 | LENGTH: 02:08

Trump, Putin and Russiagate Collide at G20
Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the long-awaited first meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, where Syria and Russiagate topped the agenda
DATE: 2017-07-08 | LENGTH: 21:56

Secret Memo Reveals How Trump Plans to Deport Millions of Immigrants
ProPublica's Marcelo Rochabrun discusses an internal ICE memo that instructs officials to ramp up deportations of undocumented immigrants, including those without criminal records
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 07:30

Trump Fumbles Syria, and So Does the Media
Historian and author Vijay Prashad discusses the Trump administration's apparent policy shift on Syria and how Western media often get it wrong on the Middle East
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 15:02

Join The Dots: The Deregulators
In Real Media's new show Join The Dots, senior editors Ranjan Balakumaran and Kam Sandhu discuss the meaning and role of deregulation in the UK
DATE: 2017-07-08 | LENGTH: 16:40

Gerald Horne: NRA Video Symptom of America in Decline
Watch full story
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 01:01

Nina Turner: Democrats Lost Because They Lost Touch With the People, Not Because they Moved Left
Nina Turner says calls to move Democrats to the center are out of touch with the impacts of their policies and the needs of the majority of working people
DATE: 2017-07-06 | LENGTH: 13:52

How G20 Governments are Financing Climate Disaster
The G20 nations provide four times more public financing to fossil fuels than to clean energy, according to a new report from Oil Change International's Alex Doukas
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 09:34

Trump Tells Russia to Stop 'Destabilizing' Ukraine, But What's Really Going On?
Western powers fuel the Ukrainian conflict -- and wider tensions with Russia -- by treating Ukraine as a strategic prize, says Nicolai Petro, Silvia-Chandley professor of Peace Studies and Nonviolence at the University of Rhode Island
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 16:45

Did Clinton's Pro-War Record Cost Her the Election?
A new study ties Hillary Clinton's election defeat to a backlash from voters directly impacted by wars she supported, with Trump gaining key votes in communities where military casualties were highest
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 12:47

'Welcome to Hell': 100,000 Protesters Aim to 'Kettle' G20 Over Inequality, War and Climate Change
TRNN speaks to demonstrators and South African activist Patrick Bond, who say tens of thousands are taking to the streets to challenge corporate power at the G20 summit
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 11:12

Community Vets Consent Decree Monitors as New Indictments Handed Down in Major Police Corruption Case
Over a dozen applicants hoping to serve as a monitor for the city's agreement with the justice department answered questions as new allegations surfaced against an allegedly corrupt gun unit
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 04:05

The Nina Turner Show: Beyond Wokeness with Kendrick Sampson
At the 2017 People's Summit, Kendrick Sampson talks about the history of American cultural activism from Muhammad Ali to Colin Kaepernick
DATE: 2017-07-06 | LENGTH: 18:07

Trump Talks Tough Instead of Talking to North Korea
North Korea's latest missile test underscores the need for direct negotiations with Pyongyang, not the bellicose rhetoric coming out of the White House, says journalist Tim Shorrock
DATE: 2017-07-05 | LENGTH: 16:11

Trump Panel Demands Private Voter Info, Gets Backlash Instead
Author and journalist Ari Berman of The Nation says the Trump election commission's request for voters' personal information has sparked an unprecedented backlash -- but the fight to protect voting rights is far from over
DATE: 2017-07-05 | LENGTH: 09:55

Modi's Israel Trip Continues India's Rightward Drift
Historian and author Vijay Prashad says Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Israel underscores the Indian government's shift to the right and abandonment of the Palestinian cause
DATE: 2017-07-05 | LENGTH: 14:38

Court Orders Trump's EPA to Enforce Obama-Era Methane Rules
The NRDC's David Doniger says the court ruling is a setback for EPA head Scott Pruitt's efforts to deregulate the fossil fuel industry
DATE: 2017-07-06 | LENGTH: 14:51

A Small City's Big Lessons About Progressive Organizing
"Over the last 10 to 15 years, we've seen the emergence of a broad-based, working-class oriented, multiracial progressive movement in Richmond that has challenged Chevron's long-time dominance over municipal affairs," says author and labor activist Steve Early
DATE: 2017-07-05 | LENGTH: 21:09

TRNN Replay: 10 Years Later - George Monbiot
"How can we achieve a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions?". This 2007 interview was the first ever conducted on The Real News Network. Its plea to take climate change seriously is even more relevant now then it was then.
DATE: 2006-12-20 | LENGTH: 05:32

'When the Emcees came to live out the name...'
Eze Jackson sits down with Emcees, Big Guy, Jay Royale, and Ill Conscious to discuss patriotism, the evolution of hip-hop, activism, and more.
DATE: 2017-07-05 | LENGTH: 34:31

You Don't Need Permission To Do the Right Thing
Gilmor Homes residents unite for a basketball tournament celebrating community accomplishments
DATE: 2017-07-05 | LENGTH: 05:10

Civilian Board Pushes Back Against Baltimore Police in Controversial Case
The newly reconstituted board votes to sustain an excessive force charge police dismissed, but critics say the board's lack of power and inability to mete out punishment make it an ineffective mechanism for real civilian oversight
DATE: 2017-07-05 | LENGTH: 04:20

£1.5B Tory-DUP Deal Could Rupture the Northern Ireland Peace Pact
The way the money is actually being spent could create greater rift in an already divided community in Northern Ireland
DATE: 2017-07-02 | LENGTH: 10:28

The New NRA Video and Trump's Media Attacks Are Symptoms of America in Decline
Historian and author Gerald Horne says if we are not armed with history, we'll be unable to stop right-wing efforts to turn back the clock
DATE: | LENGTH: 05:42

TRNN Replay: American Exceptionalism: Doing Bad Things for "Good Reasons" - Peter Kuznick on Reality Asserts Itself (3/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, historian Peter Kuznick says beneath the veneer of America's commitment to democracy is this hard-nose policy which says: how are we going to keep 50 percent of the world's wealth - and it's not by idealism
DATE: 2013-10-18

TRNN Replay: Empire in Decay: Federal Government Falling Apart as Spying Allegations Fly
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a theory circulating in the intelligence community that the CIA asked the British to spy on Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party; the politicization of the intelligence agencies is a reflection of a dying empire
DATE: 2017-03-07 | LENGTH: 11:27

TRNN Replay: Israel's Descent into Barbarism - Norman Finkelstein on Reality Asserts Itself 2 (1/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Finkelstein describes the "necessity" of Israel proving its destructive capabilities.
DATE: 2015-05-19 | LENGTH: 22:29

TRNN Replay: The Counter-Revolution of 1776 and the Construction of Whiteness - Gerald Horne on Reality Asserts Itself (3/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself Mr. Horne says that the defense of massive profits from the slave trade and fear of slave rebellions was an important impetus for the American Revolution
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