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IMF-Eurozone Deal Hailed as a Breakthrough, But No Relief for Greeks
Dimitri Lascaris, securities class actions lawyer, says the Troika is lending money with one hand and taking it back with the other, perpetuating the fiction that Greece's debt is sustainable
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 11:59

Why Austrians Nearly Elected a Far Right Candidate as President
The political and democratic crisis in Austria coupled with the economic conditions nearly handed the presidency to the far right, says economist Walter Baier
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 08:22

Unions and the Sanders/Clinton Split (2/2)
Fred Mason, head of the Maryland/DC AFL-CIO, tells Paul Jay there's a war going on in America on workers, and that what we need are working class warriors
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 16:52

Democratic Nomination Battle is Not Over Yet
Jeff Cohen of says against the mainstream media's dismissal of Sanders, millions of people now reject democratic party establishment and the movement behind him will continue to grow
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 09:23

Will Sanders Appointees Shake Up the Convention?
Rania Khalek of the Electronic Intifada says that the Sanders campaign can either play a ceremonial part in the Democratic National Convention as the establishment wants, or use its five representatives on the platform committee to rock the boat
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 08:40

'The Law Has Always Been in the Favor of Law Enforcement'
Veteran Baltimore civil rights attorney A. Dwight Pettit responds to the acquittal of Edward Nero of all charges for the death of Freddie Gray
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 20:32

Officer Edward Nero Found Not Guilty of All Charges Over Death of Freddie Gray
Observers react with anger but not surprise to the not guilty verdicts for Officer Edward Nero in the #FreddieGray case
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 03:53

Unions and the Sanders/Clinton Split (1/2)
Fred Mason, head of the Maryland/DC AFL-CIO, says unions struggle against anti-worker legislation in Annapolis despite its overwhelmingly Democratic Senate and House of Delegates
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 21:58

Bernie Sanders and the Widening Political Spectrum
Jeff Cohen of says Sanders has broken through mainstream media and proven the existence of the progressive left by running as a Democratic candidate
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 05:13

Austria Narrowly Elects Former Green Party Leader as President, Avoids Far-Right Candidate
On Sunday Austrians elected Alexander van der Bellen, an independent candidate and former Green Party president as their new Head of State
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 04:22

The Empire Files: 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats
On Memorial Day, politicians will speak at ceremonies all over the country and repeat their favorite mantra: "Support the troops."
DATE: 2016-05-21 | LENGTH: 31:00

By Ignoring Fossil Fuel Extraction, the Paris Agreement is Doomed to Failure
In part two, environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey says a just solution to climate change requires keeping fossil fuels in the ground and reparations from wealthy nations to developing ones
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 10:17

The Occupation of the American Mind - RAI with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (3/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, legendary musician Roger Waters and producer Sut Jhally say Rachel Maddow and most liberal media express one-sided support for Israel, while Bernie Sanders has staked out a more balanced position
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 19:55

Erdogan Targeting the 59 Pro-Kurdish HDP Parliamentarians with 445 Police Investigations
Baris Karaagac says Erdogan is continuing to consolidate power by appointing his friend and current Transportation Minister as Prime Minister
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 11:42

Climate Change-Fueled Droughts Pushing Africa to the Brink
Environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey says Africa remains on the front lines of climate change impacts, while wealthy nations fail to act with urgency
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 10:02

The Financial Invasion of Greece
Economist Michael Hudson says IMF's concern about Greek debt is bogus, this is full scale financial war, forcing Greece give up ports, pensions, properties and much more
DATE: 2016-05-22 | LENGTH: 10:11

The Occupation of the American Mind - RAI with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (2/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, legendary musician Roger Waters and Sut Jhally discuss how after its invasion of Lebanon in 1982, Israel intensified its propaganda machine in the U.S. - one that continues to shape American political thought
DATE: 2016-05-22 | LENGTH: 27:01

Judge to Hand Down First Verdict in Freddie Gray Case on Monday
TRNN speaks to legal observers of the Freddie Gray case about the strength of the State's case against officer Edward Nero
DATE: 2016-05-22 | LENGTH: 05:41

Move to Amend and the Fight to Remove Corporate Money From U.S. Elections
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, National Director of Move to Amend, joined us to discuss that group's latest efforts to "legalize democracy" by challenging corporate personhood and the involvement of big money in elections
DATE: 2016-05-22 | LENGTH: 08:59

Baltimore Activists Defend Tubman House Against Threats of Demolition
Activists hold a town hall at Tubman House, a community center they created in a vacant home across from where Freddie Gray was arrested one year ago
DATE: 2016-05-22 | LENGTH: 03:53

The Occupation of the American Mind - RAI with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (1/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, legendary musician Roger Waters and Sut Jhally discuss their new film about the Israeli public relations campaign to influence U.S. public opinion
DATE: 2016-05-20 | LENGTH: 24:11

Ultra-Nationalist Avigdor Lieberman Accepts Post as Defense Minister of Israel
Michel Warschawski of the Alternative Information Center says Netanyahu's decision to appoint Avigdor Lieberman is a concession to far-right and religious pressure
DATE: 2016-05-20 | LENGTH: 09:28

Sanders and Class Struggle in the Democratic Party
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Sanders supporters Bill Curry and Jonathan Tasini discuss the fight in Nevada and the significance of the battle between Sanders and Wasserman Schultz
DATE: 2016-05-19 | LENGTH: 38:17

Baltimore Public Defender: Questionable Arrests Still Clog the Court System
Public Defender Todd Oppenhiem says even as the State's Attorney try officer Edward Nero for his role in the arrest of Freddie Gray, the State continues to prosecute civilians based upon similar tactics
DATE: 2016-05-20 | LENGTH: 06:16

Wilkerson on Heightened Tensions in the South China Sea
Col. Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says recent US and Chinese air force posturing could easily deteriorate into unwanted disasters
DATE: 2016-05-20 | LENGTH: 09:53

The Real News of the Day - May 19, 2016
EgyptAir crash; Trump proposes SC judges; Oakland introduces drug war reparations; Pentagon accuses China; Argentina to allow US bases; Venezuela opposition protest; refugee crisis and child trafficking; Norway licenses arctic drilling; Israel names right-wing defense minister
DATE: 2016-05-19

How One Arrest Could Change the Culture of Policing in Baltimore
As prosecutors make the case that Officer Edward Nero made an unlawful arrest of Freddie Gray, a former cop and legal experts say the case could have a lasting influence on policing in the city
DATE: 2016-05-19 | LENGTH: 12:46

#FreddieGray Case Spurs Activism and Action in Baltimore Classrooms
The Baltimore High School students that staged a mock trial for the #Freddie Gray case discuss how the events of the past year have impacted their relationship with police, the legal system and the war on drugs.
DATE: 2016-05-18 | LENGTH: 21:17

Successful Swiss Addiction Treatment Program Ignored by U.S. Congress
Howard Wooldridge, an 18-year veteran police officer who has been advocating for adapting a similar program in the U.S., gets zero response from Washington lawmakers
DATE: 2016-05-19 | LENGTH: 10:13

Washington, D.C. Echoes a Growing Call to #KeepItInTheGround
1,300 people marched in the nation's capital this past weekend as part of a global push to divest from fossil fuels
DATE: 2016-05-18 | LENGTH: 05:37

Col. Wilkerson: All War Games Between China and US Lead to Nuclear Attacks
TRNN Replay: Discussing the tension in the South China Sea, former Bush administration official Larry Wilkerson says the US should ratify the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea treaty - but won't because of big oil and mining interests
DATE: 2016-02-22 | LENGTH: 08:49

The Real News of the Day - May 18, 2016
Sanders wins Oregon primary; CEOs earn 355 times as much as workers; ExxonMobil sued over climate change denial; Massachusetts teens win climate change case; South Africans fight over Zuma; Floods in Sri Lanka; Greenpeace blasts Japan coal plan; Mexico to legalize same-sex marriage
DATE: 2016-05-18

Republicans Would Rather Lose the 2016 Election than Win with Donald Trump
Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report says Trump's candidacy is throwing both Democratic and Republican parties into crisis
DATE: 2016-05-18 | LENGTH: 10:45

Rage, Rebellion, Revolution: The Left Forum 2016
Seth Adler speaks about the upcoming forum in New York City, the importance of an inclusive discussion space for the left, and the relationship between theory and practice
DATE: 2016-05-18 | LENGTH: 17:22

How Far Will the Sanders Insurgency Go?
Bernie Sanders says he wants superdelegates to support him as he tries to reform and even weaken their influence within the Democratic electoral system, but how far is he willing to go with this fight?
DATE: | LENGTH: 06:49

The Real News of the Day - May 17
Democratic primaries; more Snowden documents; school segregation; Obamacare and birth control; AFL-CIO and environmentalism; Canada law to protect transgender persons; Alberta wildfire flares up; global warming and the poor; Senate passes 9/11 bill; French truckers join protest

Brazil Gets An Unelectable President Amid Protests
Boaventura de Sousa Santos says Brazilians should prepare for "shock therapy" under new president Michel Temer and his cabinet
DATE: 2016-05-16 | LENGTH: 11:55

Activists Protest Celebration of Israeli Independence Day in Fells Point, Baltimore
Pro-Israel groups Charm City Tribe and IMPACT celebrated Israel's 68th anniversary at a bar in Fells Point while protesters outside mourned for the Palestinians killed and displaced during the land grab
DATE: 2016-05-16 | LENGTH: 05:43

Baltimore City Council President Blasts Critics as Body Fails to Reign in Mayoral Power
Amid failed efforts to overhaul powerful mayoral system Council President Jack Young argues that centralized power has hurt the city
DATE: 2016-05-16 | LENGTH: 04:01

The Real News of the Day - May 16, 2016
Worldwide protests against fossil fuels; April breaks records; India to divert rivers; Trump appoints climate skeptic; Kerry supports arming Libya; protests against new Brazil government; Venezuela to take over idle factories; incumbent wins in Dominican Republic
DATE: 2016-05-16

La resurreccion de un periodista hondureno
Dias despues de sufrir un doble atentado, Felix Molina vuelve a trabajar en el caso del asesinato de Berta Caceres
DATE: 2016-05-15 | LENGTH: 08:03

Cracks in Baltimore's Blue Wall of Silence
As Officer Garret Miller testifies in the trial of fellow co-defendant Officer Edward Nero, NAACP-Baltimore head Tessa Hill Aston and Attorneys Warren Brown and Doug Colbert discuss the potential impact on the case
DATE: 2016-05-16 | LENGTH: 04:05

Neill Franklin Testifies in Trial of Second Officer in Freddie Gray Case
TRNN Replay: After 33-year law enforcement veteran Neill Franklin appears as a prosecution witness in the trial of Officer Edward Nero, we bring you our interview with him during the trial of William Porter
DATE: 2015-12-10 | LENGTH: 11:47

Feds Find Probable Cause Pocomoke Violated Law When it Fired 1st Black Police Chief
EEOC says the city violated the rights of Chief Kelvin Sewell and Detective Frank Savage when it fired both last year
DATE: 2016-05-16 | LENGTH: 04:42

California Senate Reluctant to Repeal Drug Sentencing Policy
In this Episode of Rattling the Bars, Eddie Conway takes a close-up look at California's prison system. Conway speaks with Lizzie Buchen, Statewide Advocacy Coordinator for Californians United for a Responsible Budget, about the California Senate's reluctance to repeal drug sentencing policy.
DATE: 2016-05-16 | LENGTH: 08:53

Striking Alabama Prisoners Being Starved
Pastor Kenneth Glasgow discusses the conditions being protested in Alabama prisons: unpaid labor, overcrowding, and demands for an end to indentured servitude
DATE: 2016-05-15 | LENGTH: 15:22

On the Side of the Road
The acclaimed film by Lia Tarachansky about those who fought to erase Palestine and created an Israeli landscape of denial
DATE: 2016-05-15

La resurreccion de un periodista hondureno
Dias despues de sufrir un doble atentado, Felix Molina vuelve a trabajar en el caso del asesinato de Berta Caceres
DATE: 2016-05-15 | LENGTH: 08:03

The Real News of the Day - May 13, 2016
Obama preparing more deportations; Judge rules against Obamacare; new rules for school restroom access; voter ID in Missouri; documents show more 9/11 connections to Saudis; Brazil's VP takes over; Turkey-PKK conflict intensifies; strikes and protests in France continue
DATE: 2016-05-13

The Resurrection of a Honduran Journalist
Days after suffering a double attempt on his life, Felix Molina gets back to work covering the case of slain indigenous leader Berta Caceres
DATE: 2016-05-13 | LENGTH: 07:41

New President of Brazil Moves to Appease Foreign Investors
Prof. Alfredo Saad Filho analyzes the economic implications of the new government of Brazil, following Rousseff's removal from office
DATE: 2016-05-13 | LENGTH: 12:06

Iran Moves to Sue U.S. Over $2 Billion in Frozen Assets
Tyler Cullis, Legal Fellow at the National Iranian American Council, says US-Iran feuds should be dealt with in bilateral negotiations; the objective priority should be to ensure that the nuclear deal is secured beyond the Obama administration
DATE: 2016-05-13 | LENGTH: 09:55

A Sober Look At Controversial New Presumptive President of Philippines
Former Philippines congressman Walden Bello says that Rodrigo Duterte appeals to many disenfranchised Filipinos, but many fear that he will bypass the state's established democratic institutions
DATE: 2016-05-13 | LENGTH: 20:39

Opening Arguments Presented in Second Freddie Gray Trial
TRNN speaks to Attorneys Warren Brown, Doug Colbert and NAACP-Baltimore president Tessa Hill-Aston after prosecution and defense present opening arguments in the trial of Edward Nero
DATE: 2016-05-12 | LENGTH: 04:00

TRNN Replay: The Empire Files: An Unparalleled Act of Police Terror
On its 31st anniversary, TRNN revisits the Empire Files' primer on the MOVE siege in West Philadelphia. Featuring a harrowing first-hand account with Ramona Africa, the only adult survivor of one of the most shameful, horrific attacks by U.S. police, Abby Martin documents an indispensable-but largely unheard of-moment in American history.
DATE: 2016-02-27 | LENGTH: 30:16

Dilma Rousseff Removed from Office As Impeachment Proceedings Continue
Brazil's senate votes 55-22 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff; Gregory Wilpert says interim president Michel Temer could begin implementing neoliberal policies immediately
DATE: 2016-05-12 | LENGTH: 05:09

The Real News of the Day - May 12, 2016
Brazil's Rousseff removed from office; Ryan and Trump attempt to unify party; Michael Ratner dies at 72; Chelsea Manning wins free speech prize; Saudi Arabia implicated in 9/11; second trial in Freddie Gray death begins; Walter Scott shooting indictment; decline in US median income; decline in bee colonies; Italy legalizes same-sex civil unions
DATE: 2016-05-12

Michael Ratner, Unflinching Warrior for Humanity 1943-2016
To honor and celebrate the life of TRNN board member and dear friend Michael Ratner, we replay Michael's Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay
DATE: 2014-03-02 | LENGTH: 22:55

Second Trial in #FreddieGray Case to Begin Thursday
Legal expert Doug Colbert says by arguing Gray's arrest was illegal, prosecutors are putting forth an untested legal theory that could have far reaching implications
DATE: | LENGTH: 05:39

Is Canada's 6 Month Old Liberal Government Delivering 'Real Change?'
Nora Loreto and Dimitri Lascaris tell The Real News that on climate, foreign affairs, and trade policies, Trudeau has opted for continuity over change
DATE: 2016-05-12 | LENGTH: 20:03

Tributes to Michael Ratner: 1943-2016
TRNN Board Member 2004-2016 - Collection of Tributes and Interviews on TRNN
DATE: 2016-05-11

The Real News of the Day - May 11, 2016
Sanders wins in West Virginia; Alabama prison strike; Brazil Senate vote on impeachment; CO2 concentration to reach 400ppm; France implements labor reform; Baghdad bombs kill nearly 100; Bangladesh executes Islamic leader; Iran to sue the US
DATE: 2016-05-11

Brazil: An Honest Politician Will Be Removed By the Most Corrupt says Legal Scholar
Prof. Boaventura de Sousa Santos says if the process moves to President Dilma's impeachment, Brazil's Supreme Court is able to intervene on procedural grounds but not on the merits of the case
DATE: 2016-05-10 | LENGTH: 10:00

The Libertarian Challenge to Trump
Nick Gillespie, editor of and, says instead of "making America great again," Trump's policies will expand government and create a police state
DATE: 2016-05-11 | LENGTH: 08:47

Remembering Tomas Young
The anti-Iraq war veteran who was shot, paralyzed and died of his injuries ten years later is the subject of Mark Wilkerson's new book "Tomas Young's War," a reflection on Young's life and activism
DATE: 2016-05-11 | LENGTH: 14:00

Days of Revolt: The General's Son
In this episode of teleSUR's Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews Miko Peled, Israeli peace activist and author of The General's Son: The Journey of an Israeli in Palestine
DATE: 2016-05-10 | LENGTH: 26:13

Noam Chomsky on Edward Snowden
In this interview hosted by acTVism Munich with MIT professor, anarchist, philosopher and renowned linguist, Noam Chomsky, we discuss US military presence in Europe and the case of Edward Snowden
DATE: 2016-05-11 | LENGTH: 08:23

The Real News of the Day - May 10, 2016
Clinton and Trump tied in swing states; Obama to visit Hiroshima; more implicated in Panama Papers; impeachment of Brazil's president proceeds; many plant species face extinction; South Sudan food crisis; Spain's leftist parties unite
DATE: 2016-05-10

Keystone XL Pipeline Lessons Fuel Mass Anti-Extraction Rallies
Bold Nebraska director Jane Kleeb explains how relationships between unlikely allies are at the center of defeating Big Oil
DATE: 2016-05-10 | LENGTH: 06:58

West Point 'Fists-Up' Photo Is About Unity and Pride, Not Political Affiliation
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says the photo of West Point cadets with fists raised is a gesture of solidarity in a conservative military environment
DATE: 2016-05-10 | LENGTH: 07:06

$12 Trillion Looted from Developing Countries and Hidden Offshore
Tax Justice Network's James S. Henry says authoritarian regimes account for over $11 trillion of "missing" offshore financial wealth from emerging economies
DATE: 2016-05-09 | LENGTH: 10:30

Brazil's Congress Halts Impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff
Speaker of the lower house of Congress cites break in procedural rules as reason for annulment of impeachment vote; Dilma Rousseff still not in the clear
DATE: 2016-05-09 | LENGTH: 04:32

The Real News of the Day - May 9, 2016
North Carolina sues federal government; Republican Party division deepens; impeachment against Brazil's president annulled; Philippine election results; Greek parliament approves austerity; Australian coal protest; Panama Papers database released
DATE: 2016-05-09

Carbon-Free Energy Systems At Our Fingertips
Transition to large scale carbon-free systems will require strong government intervention, says Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Director of the Sussex Energy Group
DATE: 2016-05-09 | LENGTH: 08:17

Israeli General Compares Modern Israel to 1930s Germany
Shir Hever of the Alternative Information Center says Golan is an elite member of the military and his statements on Holocaust Remembrance Day is sparking a national debate
DATE: 2016-05-09 | LENGTH: 08:36

Rites of Passage Programs as Cultural Science
In this edition of imixwhatilike! we took a look at DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) area Afrikan Rites of Passage programs by talking with those who run, coordinate and have experienced them
DATE: 2016-05-09 | LENGTH: 31:44

Corbyn and Sanders Reigniting Democratic Socialism
Prof. Leo Panitch says Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are opening up space for people who want economic democracy and socialism
DATE: 2016-05-07 | LENGTH: 12:33

"My Name Is Sadiq Khan - I'm Mayor Of London'
Son of a bus driver and inner city public housing dweller become the mayor of London, he is sworn in at Southwark Cathedral to rapturous applause and a standing ovation
DATE: 2016-05-07 | LENGTH: 02:03

US Ignores Disappearances in Mexico to Maintain Financial and Military Presence
The Merida Initiative is not about drug trafficking but in fact about allowing US intervention for the benefit of transnational capital, says Dawn Paley, author of Drug War Capitalism
DATE: | LENGTH: 06:40

McCarthyism Made Us Veer Away From a Systemic Doctrine for Change - Ralph Nader on RAI (1/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Ralph Nader says McCarthy's reign of terror made people seek empirical change, like seeking legislative reforms to make safer cars, to avoid being associated with socialism
DATE: 2013-12-18 | LENGTH: 24:40

The Real News of the Day - May 6, 2016
Speaker Ryan doesn't endorse Trump; anti-Muslim violence is up; N. Carolina to defy Justice Dept.; Verizon strike enters 4th week; job growth slows; Labour party wins London; Greece general strike; plans for coal are disastrous; N. Korea party congress; Israel strikes Gaza; Philippines votes on Monday
DATE: 2016-05-06

Racially Charged UK Election: Londoners Elect New Labour Party Mayor Sadiq Khan
Economist John Weeks says if the new mayor can deliver on his campaign promises of inclusivity and housing, it will be a tremendous step forward for London
DATE: 2016-05-06 | LENGTH: 09:47

Venezuelan Opposition Activates Recall on Maduro's Presidency
Steve Ellner says deep discontent across the political spectrum in Venezuela is creating a political vacuum
DATE: 2016-05-06 | LENGTH: 10:21

'Recall Gov. Richard D. Snyder' Campaign in Michigan Gains Momentum
Frank Hammer and Rev. David Bullock say growing outrage over unelected Emergency Managers, Flint's water crisis and Detroit's crumbling school system will help collect the 790,000 signatures needed to recall Gov. Rick Snyder
DATE: 2016-05-06 | LENGTH: 10:39

Supreme Court Just Made it Easier for the FBI to Hack Your Computer
The Intercept's Jenna McLaughlin says Congress must act quickly to block the FBI from having more powers to hack personal computers
DATE: 2016-05-06 | LENGTH: 09:39

The Real News of the Day - May 5, 2016
Republicans opposing Trump; anti-LGBT law violates civil rights; oil industry bankruptcies; FDA to regulate e-cigarettes; Alberta wildfire; NATO missile defense begins; UK local elections; Brazil's speaker of House removed; Syria refugee camp hit; Turkey Prime Minister resigns
DATE: 2016-05-05

Glenn Greenwald: President's Impeachment Process in Brazil is a Trojan Horse for Neo-liberalism
The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald says that President Dilma Rousseff's Vice President and would-be successor, Michel Temer, is a corrupt politician who would take the country on a sharp neoliberal turn
DATE: 2016-05-05 | LENGTH: 19:25

Republican Mayors Opt for 100% Renewable
Solar energy expert Angelina Galiteva says taking advantage of low-cost job-creating renewables to address climate change should be a non-partisan issue
DATE: 2016-05-05 | LENGTH: 17:27

Detroit Begins Water Shutoffs for 20,000 Residents
Food & Water Watch's Lynna Kaucheck says cash-strapped Detroit could actually increase revenue by billing customers based on what they can afford
DATE: 2016-05-05 | LENGTH: 06:37

The Real News of the Day - May 4, 2016
Trump and Sanders win; Detroit sickout ends; Obama in Flint; medical errors the 3rd greatest cause of death; water shortage to impact economies; British coal mine occupied; UK local elections; EU to fine countries over refugees; Brazil prosecutor to investigate Rousseff
DATE: 2016-05-04

Is Sanders the Better Candidate to Defeat Trump?
Robert McChesney analyses the Indiana primary outcomes and the election trajectory for the candidates and the voters
DATE: 2016-05-04 | LENGTH: 11:12

Greenpeace Leaks Secret Pro-Corporate Trade Agreement
Jorgo Riss of Greenpeace says leaked TTIP documents show a huge transfer of power from people to big business and negotiators consulting with the corporate sector
DATE: 2016-05-03 | LENGTH: 10:22

Indiana Primary: Trump Knocks Out Cruz & Sanders Upsets Clinton
Emerging victorious in Indiana, billionaire Donald Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination, meanwhile Sanders vows to fight for every vote and keeping campaigning into the Democratic convention
DATE: 2016-05-04 | LENGTH: 04:12

Four Men Arrested for the Murder of Berta Caceres
Grahame Russell of Rights Action Canada says there are too many serious irregularities with the investigation to trust it
DATE: 2016-05-04 | LENGTH: 10:23

Baltimore Election Under Intense Scrutiny
Critics call for investigation of possible voter irregularities in tight race but election board says results will be certified Friday
DATE: 2016-05-04 | LENGTH: 10:16

Spontaneous Protests in Baghdad Green Zone Show Cracks in the Security Apparatus
Sabah Alnasseri of York University says the non-sectarian and non-ethnic character of these protests are a significant development
DATE: 2016-05-03 | LENGTH: 07:30

Detroit Teachers Shut Down Schools for Second Day Over Lack of Pay
Detroit faces dual crises: The cash-strapped city doesn't have enough money to pay its teachers and has begun shutting off water to up to 20,000 residents who are behind on their water bill
DATE: 2016-05-03 | LENGTH: 04:14

Days of Revolt: The Assault of the Animal Agriculture Industry
In this episode of teleSUR's Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews the directors of the film "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" to discuss the impact of the animal agriculture industry on accelerating climate change and environmental degradation, and the surprising silence on the part of environmental groups.
DATE: 2016-05-04 | LENGTH: 26:19

The Real News of the Day - May 3, 2016
Detroit schools closed for 2nd day; Middle East and North Africa may be uninhabitable in 2050; gas and oil phase out best option; Indiana primaries; US Navy Seal killed in Iraq; Spain parliament dissolved; murder arrests in Honduras; Kirchner accused of corruption; Brazil's former presidential candidate accused of corruption; Whatsapp closed in Brazil; Venezuelan opposition recall referendum
DATE: 2016-05-03

Chris Hedges: Activist Rev. Berrigan Targeted by Church Hierarchy
Chris Hedges reflects on Berrigan's legacy as a writer and activist
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