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From 9/11 to Mass Surveillance, The Man Who Knew Too Much - Thomas Drake on RAI (1/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Drake, a former Senior Executive at the National Security Agency, says he was targeted by the NSA because he exposed that the agency had intel that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks and because he blew the whistle on a massive secret surveillance program aimed at Americans
DATE: 2015-08-02 | LENGTH: 32:15

The Anti-Capitalist Greek Left Says No to Austerity and Bailouts (1/2)
Thanos Andritsos, member of the Greek anti-capitalist Left party 'Antarsya', explains why leaving the Euro is the only just alternative for Greece
DATE: 2015-08-02 | LENGTH: 09:06

The Return of the Troika (2/2)
James K. Gailbraith says, IMF is demanding a substantial reduction of the Greek debt to participate in any new deal and meanwhile German law makers are refusing to approve a new bail-out without the IMF
DATE: 2015-08-02 | LENGTH: 07:07

Tsipras Defends Varoufakis Preparation for Grexit (1/2)
James K. Galbraith a member of the working group advising the former finance minister Varoufakis on 'Plan B' says there were great impositions imposed on the Greek government including certain procedures that removed control from the government and placed them in the hands of creditor institutions
DATE: 2015-08-01 | LENGTH: 09:35

George Jackson: Releasing the Dragon - a Video Mixtape Preview
An iMiXWHATiLiKE! Black August / George Jackson tribute video mixtape preview; coming August 21, 2015
DATE: 2015-08-01 | LENGTH: 03:03

Pocomoke Mayor Discusses Firing Black Police Chief as ACLU Says City Can't Bar Press
The mayor of Pocomoke speaks publicly for the first time on the controversy surrounding the firing of the town's first black police chief as the ACLU says Real News Reporters were illegally banned from council meeting
DATE: 2015-07-31 | LENGTH: 04:45

Prisoners Now Eligible for Pell Grants to Earn College Degrees
TRNN's Eddie Conway, who used Pell Grants to earn three degrees while in prison, says Obama's pilot program to offer Pell Grants to prisoners will help reduce mass incarceration by reducing recidivism and combating the impact of mass incarceration
DATE: 2015-08-01 | LENGTH: 06:26

Governor Hogan Orders Closing of Notorious Baltimore Detention Center
Power Inside's Jacqueline Robarge says Gov. Larry Hogan's move to close the Baltimore Detention Center raises questions of what happens to the prisoners who will be moved, and as well questions about the women's jail open
DATE: 2015-07-31 | LENGTH: 08:29

In Testing 'Southern Heritage', Some Face the Gun
The Real News spoke to long-time activist WiIllie Hudspeth, who was threatened last week by a white man carrying an AR-15 after Hudspeth called for a confederate statue in Denton, Texas to be placed in a museum
DATE: 2015-07-31 | LENGTH: 05:26

The Silent & Unseen Victims of the Greek Debt Crisis
Costas Giannopoulos, president of Greek children's aid organization "The Smile of the Child," says thousands of children and refugees are failing to receive basic services needed for survival
DATE: 2015-07-31 | LENGTH: 10:35

Placating Israel Over Iran Nuclear Deal By Releasing Convicted Spy Pollard?
Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah says those arguing for Pollard's release after serving 30 years of a life sentence should also demand the release of others, including Palestinian prisoners who are serving much greater sentences for questionable convictions
DATE: 2015-07-31 | LENGTH: 11:15

Confusion, Leadership Vacuum Fueled Freddie Gray Unrest
Investigative journalists Luke Broadwater and Jayne Miller say documents reveal conflict among city officials in the aftermath of the killing of Freddie Gray
DATE: 2015-07-31 | LENGTH: 18:38

Varoufakis Sued for Alleged Treason While Syriza's Left Platform Is Accused of Conspiracy
Dimitri Lascaris reports on the charges against Varoufakis and critiques the media for engaging in a smear campaign that accuses the former energy minister Lafazanis and the leaders of the Left Platform of being covert plotters
DATE: 2015-07-29 | LENGTH: 15:30

Prosecutor Charges Cop, Releases Video of Sam Dubose Killing
Cincinnati-based activist Iris Roley discusses yet another police killing of an unarmed and lawful Black man.
DATE: 2015-07-29 | LENGTH: 10:47

A New War is Unfolding on Turkey's Eastern Border
Erdogan and the AKP is resuming the war against the Kurds in order to take back control of parliament, and it will make a messy situation even messier and not help defeat ISIS, says Patrick Cockburn, author of "The Rise of the Islamic State"
DATE: 2015-07-30 | LENGTH: 08:36

What Obama Didn't Say in His African Union Address
American policies have left the masses of Africa behind and propped up strongmen, says Executive Director of Friends of the Congo Maurice Carney
DATE: 2015-07-30 | LENGTH: 11:49

Will Congress Unravel the Iran Nuclear Deal?
Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell Larry Wilkerson says despite its flaws, real national security experts are all in favor of the deal
DATE: 2015-07-30 | LENGTH: 05:48

Turkey Enters Fight Against ISIS, But Target is Still Assad
With Turkey's announcement that it will fight ISIS, the US will be able to use Turkish bases to fulfill its mission of overthrowing Assad, says Col. Larry Wilkerson
DATE: 2015-07-29 | LENGTH: 07:02

Sandra Bland and Black Girls Matter
Kimberle Crenshaw, law professor and co-founder of the African American Policy Forum, discusses the death of Sandra Bland in the context of her report, "Black Girls Matter: Pushed-Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected"
DATE: 2015-07-29 | LENGTH: 08:04

Gay Pride Celebrated Amid Concerns Over Trans Rights
Advocates say focus needs to shift to the struggle for recognition of trans community.
DATE: 2015-07-29 | LENGTH: 02:48

Movement for Black Lives Conference Demonstrates Power of Organized Community
Activist and journalist Rosa Clemente discusses The Movement for Black Lives Conference held in Cleveland last weekend
DATE: 2015-07-29 | LENGTH: 07:43

Only Civilian Oversight with Subpoena Power Will Stop Sheriff Abuse, Say LA County Residents
Black Lives Matter activist Mark-Anthony Johnson says LA County residents are calling for civilian oversight, with teeth, to keep the Sheriff's office in check.
DATE: 2015-07-29 | LENGTH: 08:42

Nations Exposed To Risky International Debt Financing, Why & What's at Stake? (1/2)
We look into what governments really need to both finance transformative development and to deal with financial and debt crises.
DATE: 2015-07-29 | LENGTH: 11:05

Donald Trump and Liberal Media: The Joke's On You
Celebrity candidates and the liberal media have created a clown show that viewers can laugh at, but it's at your expense.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 03:15

Erratic Weather or Climate Change?
Meteorologist Bob Henson discusses the latest science regarding climate change and extreme weather, including what may be causes.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 10:41

Ending Mass Incarceration? The Shortcomings of Left-Right Coalition Politics (1/2)
Bret Grote, legal director of the Abolitionist Law Center, discusses Obama's call for criminal justice reform and the odd Left-Right coalition forming to carry it out.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 08:35

Will the Greek Left Unite to Oppose Austerity?
Dr. Panagiotis Sotiris, member of Antarsya, talks to Dimitri Lascaris about Syriza's failure to implement its anti-austerity program and the political options that are now available to the left in Greece
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 13:45

In Turkey, Kurds See Airstrikes and Protest Crackdowns as Political Revenge
Scholar and activist Sardar Saadi discusses the political context of the recent airstrikes launched by Turkey against the Islamic State and Kurds in Iraq and Syria.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 07:50

Cornel West and Rick Wolff on White Supremacy and Capitalism
This week on The Laura Flanders Show, a conversation about capitalism with two brilliant minds, Cornel West and Richard D. Wolff, together in a rare joint appearance.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 25:30

Economists Join the Fight For $15!
PERI Economist Bob Pollin talks about his new co-authored petition calling on economists to support an increase of the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2020.
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 09:04

How the Greek Shipping Industry Schemed to Win Big in the Debt Crisis (2/2)
James Henry says it will be difficult to help Greece if global tax competition continues to make fair income taxation impossible
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 07:22

After 54 Years, US Isolated and Forced to Renew Diplomatic Relations With Cuba
Michael Ratner talks about the reopening of the Cuban embassy, and says the next steps include ending the embargo and returning Guantanamo
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 12:45

Dodd-Frank's 5th Anniversary Passes, But Should We Celebrate?
PERI Economist Gerald Epstein discusses his new co-authored report, "Banking From Financial Crisis to Dodd-Frank: Five Years On, How Much Has Changed?"
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 06:46

The Global African: Cook Up & Peace in Mali
Telesur's The Global African talks to Baltimore's D. Watkins about his path from drug dealer to acclaimed writer, and then examines a recent peace deal signed in Mali.
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 25:01

UN Reports Blasts Canada's Human Rights Record on Violence Against Indigenous Women
Aboriginal Legal Service of Toronto's Christa Big Canoe explains why government policies are leaving indigenous women four times more likely to be murdered than non-indigenous women - and what can be done about it
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 08:13

How the Greek Shipping Industry Schemed to Win Big in the Debt Crisis (1/2)
James Henry says Greek shipping tycoons created a pipeline for laundering billions of taxable income out of Greece and into Swiss bank accounts
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 06:58

Rap News: Immigrants! Feat. Donald Trump & Tony Abbott
Mass exoduses of people - refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers - are taking place all over the planet, causing tensions and tempers to rise.
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 07:09

Trump Cast as Perfect Ringleader of Corporate Media Circus
Despite outspending the world in elections, U.S. voter turnout is historically low because of media's focus on the interest of the elite, says University of Illinois Professor Robert McChesney
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 08:14

Justice Department Details Investigation of Black Police Chief's Firing as Community Calls for Mayor's Resignation
Probe will include election irregularities and possible misuse of federal grants by Pocomoke city officials
DATE: 2015-07-24 | LENGTH: 05:47

Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity - Catarina Principe on RAI (5/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe says that German workers, who have not yet felt the brunt of the crisis, are starting to realize that they must fight in solidarity with Greek workers.
DATE: 2015-07-24 | LENGTH: 19:18

Cash-Strapped Puerto Rico at Hedge Funds' Mercy (2/2)
TRNN's Jessica Desvarieux reports on how Puerto Rico's tax policy exempts billions of big pharmaceutical companies' profits, leaving at least RNN's Jessica Desvarieux explores how investment funds, Oppenheimer Funds and Franklin Advisers are pressuring Puerto Rico to pay in full, while Congress won't grant the island nation authority to file for bankruptcy. But is this a ploy to further privatize Puerto Rico?
DATE: 2015-07-24 | LENGTH: 09:58

US Condemns Israel's Plan to Demolish West Bank Village - Just Lip Service?
After Israel's high court orders demolition of homes in West Bank village of Khirbet Susiya, Gaza Unsilenced co-editor Refaat Alareer says this reflects a move away from a two-state solution
DATE: 2015-07-24 | LENGTH: 09:19

Thousands Protest As Greek Parliament Approves Second Round of Austerity Measures
Demonstrators tell TRNN's Dimitri Lascaris why they oppose reforms demanded by Greece's creditors and why they support leaving the Eurozone
DATE: 2015-07-23 | LENGTH: 09:20

The Human Face of Greece's 'Unprecedented' Refugee Crisis
On a visit to a park in Athens that hundreds of refugees have made their home, TRNN documents the arrest of two Afghan refugees and a Greek journalist, as well as learning the story of Fatima, an 11-year old recently arrived refugee from Afghanistan
DATE: 2015-07-23 | LENGTH: 11:16

Max Blumenthal on Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie
Max Blumenthal talks to Paul Jay about his new film on Islamophobia & anti-Semitism in France
DATE: 2015-07-23 | LENGTH: 28:50

ISIS Attacks Kurds in Turkey...With Tacit AKP Approval?
Scholar and activist Sardar Saadi discusses the political context of the recent ISIS attacks in Turkey.
DATE: 2015-07-23 | LENGTH: 11:54

A Short History of Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors discusses the history of BLM, its politics, goals and future.
DATE: 2015-07-23 | LENGTH: 10:57

5 Things You Can't Do In Angola
Regional Advocacy Director for Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) Muluka Miti-Drummond discusses the state of state repression in Angola.
DATE: 2015-07-23 | LENGTH: 10:13

SYRIZA's Thessaloniki Programme vs. Euro-Troika Austerity
Hours before the second austerity bill is expected to pass in Greek Parliament, Dimitri Lascaris interviews Dr. Stathis Kouvelakis, leading member of the Left Platform of SYRIZA, who defends the original mandate for national reconstruction given to SYRIZA
DATE: 2015-07-22 | LENGTH: 32:06

SYRIZA's Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (3/3)
Leo Panitch says SYRIZA should prepare for the inevitable Grexit, but it has to factor in geo-political power relations that will get in the way
DATE: 2015-07-22 | LENGTH: 11:07

What's the U.S. Role In the Greek Crisis?
CEPR Economist Mark Weisbrot discusses the role of the U.S.-dominated institutions in the current crisis in Greece.
DATE: 2015-07-22 | LENGTH: 08:29

Big Games, Bigger Scandals! A Look at Toronto's Pan-Am Games
Award-winning journalist Nick Fillmore discusses his latest reporting into the "gross public over-spending" associated with the Pan-Am games.
DATE: 2015-07-22 | LENGTH: 06:53

Andrew Cockburn: Modern War | #GRITtv
This week on The Laura Flanders Show, is drone warfare here to stay? Andrew Cockburn, author of Kill Change, and a clip from a new documentary on Fahd Ghazy, imprisoned in Guantanamo.
DATE: 2015-07-22 | LENGTH: 25:57

Five Years Later, Dodd-Frank is on the Chopping Block
In an attempted final push, Republicans are posed to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act five years after they were signed into law.
DATE: 2015-07-21 | LENGTH: 03:20

Victory of Diplomacy Over War in Iran Deal?
Author and analyst Phyllis Bennis says it's largely a win for those opposed to militarization
DATE: 2015-07-21 | LENGTH: 07:29

SYRIZA's Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (2/3)
Leo Panitch says the latest memorandum is a shell game
DATE: 2015-07-21 | LENGTH: 16:27

Estamos de Vuelta! The Cuban Embassy Reopens
Lawrence Wilkerson, retired army colonel and former chief of staff for Colin Powell, discusses what he sees as positives and potential negatives in the new Cuban/North American relations
DATE: 2015-07-21 | LENGTH: 08:31

Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity - Catarina Principe on RAI (4/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe and Paul Jay talk about making decisions in a new kind of party
DATE: 2015-07-21 | LENGTH: 21:11

Council Seeks to Change Park Named After Confederate General
Residents, council say mayor needs to move faster to take down symbols of the confederacy in a majority black city
DATE: 2015-07-21 | LENGTH: 03:24

SYRIZA's Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (1/3)
Leo Panitch interviewed by Sharmini Peries at SYRIZA Headquarters in Athens: In spite of the differences within SYRIZA over the new deal, the government remains enormously popular.
DATE: 2015-07-20 | LENGTH: 08:38

Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity - Catarina Principe on RAI (3/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe and Paul Jay discuss building a movement and an electoral strategy, and what happened to the mass protests in Portugal
DATE: 2015-07-20 | LENGTH: 22:48

Lapavitsas Calls for Exit as the Only Strategy for Greek People
In an intense speech in Athens, Costas Lapavitsas says the Syriza plan was to achieve radical change within the Eurozone - and that's impossible.
DATE: 2015-07-17 | LENGTH: 48:54

Interview with Costas Lapavitsas
Dimitri Lascaris of The Real News interivews Syriza MP Costas Lapavitsas
DATE: 2015-07-17 | LENGTH: 23:33

China Bails Out Stock Market with $209 Billion Stimulus, but Who's Getting Saved?
Political economist Zhun Xu of Beijing's Remnin University says China is bailing out its own public enterprises as part of a flawed plan to jumpstart the economy through the stock market
DATE: 2015-07-20 | LENGTH: 06:23

The Good, the Bad, and the Hypocrisy of the Every Child Achieves Act (2/2)
Teacher and researcher Mercedes Schneider evaluates the No Child Left Behind reform bill that recently passed in the Senate
DATE: 2015-07-20 | LENGTH: 05:54

Are Incarcerated People Poorer Than Non-Incarcerated People?
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Bernadette Rabuy from the Prison Policy Initiative about her new report on income levels of incarcerated persons.
DATE: 2015-07-20 | LENGTH: 07:20

Black Police Chief Makes Community Policing Work...Then Gets Fired
Despite record low crime, Lawyers for Kelvin Sewell says top cop was fired for refusing to terminate officers who filed discrimination complaints against Pocomoke City.
DATE: 2015-07-18 | LENGTH: 06:33

SYRIZA Forced to Choose Disorderly Grexit or Terrible Deal
In an interview with Dimitri Lascaris, Minister of Education Aristides Baltas of Greece explains the conflict between responsibility and conviction in the decision to accept the new deal
DATE: 2015-07-19 | LENGTH: 30:45

Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity - Catarina Principe on RAI (2/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe discusses the rise of the anti-austerity movement in Portugal that culminated in a 2013 protest of more than a million people
DATE: 2015-07-19 | LENGTH: 22:16

The Good, the Bad, and the Hypocrisy of the Every Child Achieves Act (1/2)
The Senate-passed No Child Left Behind reform bill gives states the option to dictate assessment criteria, while a range of outside interest groups continuously lobby to promote standardized tests, says teacher and researcher Mercedes Schneider.
DATE: 2015-07-19 | LENGTH: 07:49

The Global African: Repression in Egypt & Black Transgender Lives Matter
The Global African host Bill Fletcher looks at these stories with Sharif Abdel Kouddous, a Cairo-based independent journalist, and Monica Yorkman, a Baltimore-based transgender activist.
DATE: 2015-07-19 | LENGTH: 24:49

A Soft Coup in Greece
Nantina Vgontzas says the deal was a capitulation but the left is not defeated
DATE: 2015-07-14 | LENGTH: 08:44

Democracy Rising World Conference 2015
Replay of our coverage from Athens.
DATE: 2015-07-17

Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity - Catarina Principe on RAI (1/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe talks about growing up in Portugal expecting the promise of the social state to be fulfilled, and becoming an activist in the fight against forces dismantling the achievements of the Portuguese revolution
DATE: 2015-07-17 | LENGTH: 22:24

Greeks Protest Austerity, But Is Leaving the Eurozone Their Only Option?
University of Greenwich's Ozlem Onaran argues that the government should create its own currency and fall out of love with the eurozone
DATE: 2015-07-17 | LENGTH: 11:15

Protests Erupt in Athens As Greece Approves Eurozone Bailout
TRNN's Jaisal Noor speaks to protestors in Athens, Greece about why they oppose the $96 billion dollar Eurozone bailout the Greek Parliament passed late Wednesday by a vote of 229 to 64
DATE: 2015-07-15 | LENGTH: 06:28

Did Tsipras Have a Choice?
As the Greek Parliament votes to accept the deal, Michael Spourdalakis argues given the weakness of the Greek economy, Tsipras could not have walked away from a Eurozone agreement - but deep divisions within Syriza are developing
DATE: 2015-07-16 | LENGTH: 17:41

A Fury Rising as Greek Parliament Votes to Accept Eurozone Agreement
Reporting from Athens, Dimitri Lascaras says there is deep anger against the humiliating deal forced on Greece by Eurozone leaders, but the whole agreement might fall apart as the IMF says the debt load is unmanageable
DATE: 2015-07-16 | LENGTH: 14:23

The "Real" Climate Hoax Is Not the One Claimed by Big Business
Nancy Cole, campaign director for the Climate and Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, discusses the latest and revealing research into the false claims of major corporate polluters.
DATE: 2015-07-16 | LENGTH: 07:30

The Confluence of African Politics: Brazil, Cuba and the U.S.
Author and scholar Dr. Ollie Johnson discusses his recent work on Africans in Brazil and Malcolm X's Relationship to the Cuban Revolution
DATE: 2015-07-17 | LENGTH: 12:17

The Black Radical Tradition Confronts False Leadership and "Stealth History"
Former political prisoner, Black Panther and Black Liberation Army activist Dhoruba bin-Wahad discusses his most recent commentaries critical of the state of Black leadership and politics
DATE: 2015-07-17 | LENGTH: 13:13

Obama's Carceral Reform Neglects Unemployment
TRNN host and producer Eddie Conway responds to Obama's recent speech calling for changes in mass incarceration policies.
DATE: 2015-07-16 | LENGTH: 07:53

More Lesson than Commemoration: The 153rd Birthday of Ida B. Wells
Dr. Paula Giddings, author of Ida: A Sword Among Lions, discusses the significance of the life and work of Ida B. Wells for today's struggles
DATE: 2015-07-16 | LENGTH: 19:54

Talk Like Warren, Act Like a Clinton
Hillary Clinton's economic plan sounds tough on Wall Street, but PERI economist Gerald Epstein says it's nothing more than political theater
DATE: 2015-07-15 | LENGTH: 02:27

How Tax Dodging Put Puerto Rico on the Road to Debt (1/2)
TRNN's Jessica Desvarieux reports on how Puerto Rico's tax policy exempts billions of big pharmaceutical companies' profits, leaving at least $15 billion out of the revenue stream while the country wallows in debt.
DATE: 2015-07-14 | LENGTH: 06:45

Former IAEA Inspector: Agreement Effectively Ends Iranian Breakout Capacity
Robert Kelley says the Iranians compromised on everything, and the IAEA's push for sweeping site access is quite a big demand against a country that hasn't lost a war
DATE: 2015-07-14 | LENGTH: 13:23

The Real News Goes to Greece: Democracy Rising World Conference 2015
Paul Jay and Creston Davis of the Advanced Studies for Global Studies discuss the conference taking place on July 16th that will see leading activists and intellectuals from around the world converge on Athens, Greece
DATE: 2015-07-15 | LENGTH: 08:19

Shot, Paralyzed, & 16
Reverend and activist Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou discusses the police shooting of 16 year old Brandon Claxton in St. Louis, MO
DATE: 2015-07-15 | LENGTH: 04:50

School That Served Low-Income Residents of Baltimore Sees Its Final Graduation
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway reports on the closing of Sojourner-Douglass College amid allegations of financial mismanagement
DATE: 2015-07-15 | LENGTH: 03:11

TRNN Replay: Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt - Chris Hedges on RAI
On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss the Bernie Sanders campaign and the role of violence in revolution
DATE: 2015-07-08 | LENGTH: 23:25

Wilkerson: Iran Deal Creates World's Most Intrusive Inspection Regime
Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says the nuclear accord will lead to greater U.S.-Iranian cooperation over Mideast policy
DATE: 2015-07-14 | LENGTH: 09:56

Freddie Gray's Community Restores Its Basketball Courts
Eddie Conway talks to Baltimore residents in Gilmor Homes about their collective efforts to restore a neglected part of their community.
DATE: 2015-07-14 | LENGTH: 03:47

Greek Deal Will Erode Sovereignty and Deepen Recession
Dimitri Lascaris says the deal is a collective punishment of the Greek people for supporting a party that attempted to moderate neoliberalism in Europe
DATE: 2015-07-14 | LENGTH: 18:48

Greek PM Tsipras Agrees to Key Demands of Eurozone Leaders
In what many are calling a complete surrender, Tsipras' agreement to a 50 billion euro privatization fund and much more could split Syriza and lead to new Greek elections
DATE: 2015-07-13 | LENGTH: 01:51

The humiliating offer presented by Eurozone finance ministers to the Greek government is designed to bring down Syriza - discussed by Dimitri Lascaris and Michalis Spourdalakis, interviewed by Paul Jay
DATE: 2015-07-13 | LENGTH: 33:38

Why Was Baltimore's Police Chief Fired?
Paul Jay asks veteran cops Neill Franklin and Kenneth Butler if Batts was thrown under the bus to appease the police union
DATE: 2015-07-13 | LENGTH: 20:40

Is Greece's New Debt Deal Worse Than Plan Rejected By Referendum?
University of Athens' Creston Davis argues that the Syriza party platform looks more like the Democratic Party in the '60s rather than a leftist party
DATE: 2015-07-13 | LENGTH: 15:55

BRICS Challenges the "Double Standard" of the West
Newsclick talks to Vijay Prashad about the Declaration of the 7th Summit of the BRICS countries held in Ufa, Russia.
DATE: 2015-07-13 | LENGTH: 11:43

Syriza MP: It's Time to Take Over the Banks (1/2)
Paul Jay discusses the results of the Greek referendum with Costas Lapavitsas and asks whether Syriza was prepared for this moment
DATE: 2015-07-06 | LENGTH: 14:28

Wikileaks Revelations Expose US NSA Tentacles Reaching into Allied Governments Around the World
CCR's Michael Ratner breaks down how documents expose United States economic and political spying as CCR calls on UN to protect publishers as well as whistleblowers
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