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The Necessity for Urgency
Watch Paul Jay on the need for an independent news source that's not beholden to the partisan political warfare that's covering up the danger of war and the existential threat of climate crisis
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 01:57

Barclays Executives Charged with Paying $400 Million in Kickbacks to Qatar
The charges filed by Britain's Serious Fraud Office against Barclays Bank executives are unprecedented explains Ian Fraser, author of "Shredded: Inside RBS The Bank That Broke Britain"
DATE: 2017-06-25 | LENGTH: 17:47

Egypt's Alliance with Saudi Arabia Shows Signs of Stress
President Sisi of Egypt's transfer of two Islands to Saudi Arabia is unprecedented and rejected by much of its population. However, it is part of a new larger reversal in the Arab World's effort to normalize relations with Israel explains Professor Seif Da'na
DATE: 2017-06-25 | LENGTH: 18:04

64 Years Later, CIA Details Long-Hidden Role in Iran Coup
The quiet release of long-awaited and long-hidden CIA documents offers key details on how the U.S. and Britain overthrew Iran's democratic government in 1953, says the National Security Archives' Malcolm Byrne
DATE: 2017-06-25 | LENGTH: 23:25

Big Pharma Puts the Squeeze on Cities Battling Opiate Crisis
Exponential price increases for the life saving drug Narcan have pushed Baltimore to the brink of running out as overdose deaths soar by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis
DATE: 2017-06-25 | LENGTH: 11:28

Community Organizes to Reclaim West Baltimore Resident's Home
Beatrice Johnson of Sandtown Winchester struggles to reclaim her house of 17 years after it was sold for a $2,100 unpaid water bill
DATE: 2017-06-25

Historic Rivalry for Regional Dominance at the Root of Saudi-Qatar Crisis
The battle for regional power between Saudi Arabia and Qatar dates back to the very creation of the State of Qatar; back then, just as it is now, it was about regional dominance, explains Professor Seif Da'na
DATE: 2017-06-23 | LENGTH: 21:59

13 Demands on Qatar Escalate Saudi-Led Standoff
Saudi Arabia and its allies' list of far-reaching demands for Qatar--including cutting ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, reducing cooperation with Iran, and closing news channel Al Jazeera--is "absurd," says CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin
DATE: 2017-06-23 | LENGTH: 14:35

Mexico Uses Israeli Spyware to Target Lawyers, Journalists and Activists
"We have an alliance between the Mexican government and the Trump administration against the Mexican people," says John Ackerman, editor-in-chief of the Mexican Law Review. "We're being massacred and spied on systematically in Mexico."
DATE: 2017-06-24 | LENGTH: 20:08

Canada's Fossil Fuels Lobby Issues Dubious Data in a Bid for More Pipelines
Adam Scott of Oil Change International offers a critical analysis of new data from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
DATE: 2017-06-24 | LENGTH: 09:45

The Nina Turner Show: Appalachians Rising
At the 2017 People's Summit, Nina Turner talks to organizers from West Virginia and Ohio about the challenges of living and affecting change in rural America
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 14:59

Republican Health Care Plan: A Win-Win for the Wealthiest
Dr. Jane McAlevey says at the risk of losing support from their base at the polls, Republicans are forging ahead with the Bannon plan of destroying the American safety net and all liberal measures along the way
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 09:07

Dean Baker: Interest Rate Hike Will Hurt Jobs Growth
The Federal Reserve's interest rate hike will slow jobs growth, but is probably being done to please Wall Street, says CEPR's Dean Baker
DATE: 2017-06-23 | LENGTH: 10:30

Generating Solar Jobs For City Residents
Have a criminal record and no high school diploma? No problem. The Baltimore Center for Green Careers trains some of the city's most disenfranchised residents to thrive in 21st century renewable energy jobs. Kim Brown reports
DATE: 2017-06-23 | LENGTH: 29:36

US Interrogates Prisoners at UAE Torture Sites in Yemen
U.S. officials interrogated prisoners at United Arab Emirates-linked secret prisons in Yemen where extreme torture is routine, says Human Rights Watch's Kristine Beckerle
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 17:19

Nina Turner on Why Ossoff Lost in Georgia Special Election
Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the major funding by the Democratic Party in a race held in a Republican district with a median income of $84000
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 15:10

Barclays and Its Executives Are Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
Bill Black, author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One says don't expect much - sadly, the British Serious 'Farce' Office that brought about the charges may not have the wits to carry out the prosecution
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 16:04

ISIS Flees Raqqa, Trump and Putin Escalate the War
With the potential defeat of ISIS in Syria, the U.S. and Russia are stepping up their operations in an effort to fill the likely power vacuum, says Chris Davidson, a Reader of Middle East politics at Durham University in the UK
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 13:05

US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Chevron Pollution Case
Steven Donziger, the lawyer representing affected indigenous communities in Ecuador, calls this "the probably the most outrageous act of industrial pollution in history related to oil."
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 12:09

Survivors of UK's Grenfell Tower Block Fire Demand Accountability for the Victims
One week after the disastrous fire that engulfed the whole of Grenfell Tower Block, survivors and their supporters demand justice and a reform of Britain's national housing policy
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 04:15

Record Spending Fails to Get Democrats a Win in Georgia
The Democratic loss in Georgia's Special Congressional Election -- the most expensive in U.S. history -- is a sign that the party's old playbook is failing, says Kamau Franklin, political editor for Atlanta Black Star
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 13:53

Canadian First Nation Battles Pipeline Expansion
Charlene Aleck, spokesperson for the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation, discusses the indigenous group's fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline and the struggle to protect its traditional way of life
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 13:01

Trump Risks War with Russia and Iran in Syria
Increasing U.S. military strikes against Assad-allied forces in Syria threaten to undermine the fight against ISIS and spark direct conflict with Russia and Iran, says Ben Norton of Alternet's Grayzone Project
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 16:17

Advisers Quit HIV/AIDS Council, Saying Trump 'Does Not Care'
Lucy Bradley-Springer says she resigned, along with five others, from the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS because the Trump administration has ignored the epidemic while backing policies that would hurt its patients
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 15:51

Lucy Flores: The Political Revolution is About Putting People Over Party
One of Bernie Sanders' first endorsed candidates looks back on her congressional race and how the Democratic Party establishment coalesced against her campaign after she openly supported Sanders over Clinton for President
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 06:54

$15 Dollar Minimum Wage and Free College Education - What's Going On In San Francisco?
San Francisco city representative Jane Kim tells Paul Jay that she helped lead successful ballot initiatives that won a higher minimum wage, free college for all, and a much higher affordable housing component in new developments; much of this fight has been against corporate Democrats
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 14:09

Israel Secretly Aids Anti-Assad Forces in Syria Proxy War
Beirut-based journalist Nour Samaha has uncovered extensive Israeli government support of anti-Assad forces in southern Syria
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 15:54

The Fight Within the Democratic Party Over California Universal Health Insurance Plan
Michael Lighty of National Nurses United tells Paul Jay how the California Senate passed the "Healthy California" plan and the coming battle to make it into law
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 12:30

Thomas Frank on the Demise of the Democratic Party
Katie Halper interviews Thomas Frank, author of 'Listen Liberal', who says the Democratic Party has become the party of affluent professionals and has lost touch with workers and the poor
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 15:54

Castile Verdict: Why Do Police Keep Getting Away With Murder?
"We need to demand control over these local precincts and police departments," says Kamau Franklin, attorney and senior editor of Atlanta Black Star, after the outrageous not-guilty verdict in Minnesota
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 09:29

Coastal Cities Unprepared for Major Floods As Sea Levels Rise
The Trump Administration is making it even harder for coastal cities to defend themselves against increased flooding brought about by climate change, says Michael Oppenheimer, professor of Geosciences and International Affairs at Princeton University
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 12:03

Juneteenth, Black Joy, and Cooperative Economics
West Baltimore neighborhood celebrates 152 years since Black emancipation in America
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 03:22

From Welfare to US Congress, Rep. Gwen Moore's Fight for the 'RISE Out of Poverty Act'
Rep. Gwen Moore tells Paul Jay of her journey from poverty to Congress, and how Bill Clinton's welfare reforms and corporate Democrats refusal to deal with chronic poverty, has allowed the GOP to obstruct legislation that would bring millions out of deep poverty
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 10:55

Pruitt Reorients the Purpose of the EPA
Scott Pruitt, Trump's director of the Environmental Protection Agency, presents massive budget cuts to the agency, which will reorient the EPA's purpose, explains Janet Redman of Oil Change International
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 12:49

Venezuela's Opposition Receives Solid Support from International Media
Media analyst Joe Emersberger takes apart recent international media coverage of Venezuela, which is openly siding with the country's opposition in portraying the government as a dictatorship
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 13:23

The Whole Bushel: Free Fall
Rapper and activist Eze Jackson talks to eclectic Baltimore group, the Out of Water Experience, about Republicans' lack of empathy, arts funding, and being black men in America
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 36:08

The Need for a Sense of Urgency About War and the Climate Crisis: Katie Halper Interviews Paul Jay
The host of the Katie Halper Show and Paul Jay discuss Trump's plans for confrontation with Iran and the existential threat of the climate crisis
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 15:02

Running for Congress as a Progressive in a Conservative State
Richard Dien Winfield, a progressive philosophy professor, talks to Paul Jay about his platform and about exploring a run for Congress in Georgia
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 09:43

The 41-Year Anniversary of the Soweto Uprising
June 16 marked the anniversary of the Soweto Uprising, in which hundreds of students were killed and which represented the beginning of South Africa's anti-apartheid movement, eventually leading to its downfall
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 03:18

Premiere of the Nina Turner Show with Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner discuss the building of a movement to fight the oligarchy and the achievements of the People's Summit
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 19:50

Wall St. Democrats vs. Working Class Democrats
Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the fight within the Democratic Party and the need for the Sanders movement to more seriously take up the question of war and U.S. foreign policy
DATE: 2017-06-12 | LENGTH: 18:07

US White Phosphorus Bombs Won't Eradicate Terrorism In Syria
US-backed forces are using tactics that cause a 'staggering' number of civilian deaths, but military action won't defeat ISIS, says Phyllis Bennis, director the New Internationalism Project at IPS
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 14:20

Trump Cuba Plan at Odds with 75% of Americans
James Early, a close cultural associate of the Cuban government, says Cuba will assert their sovereignty and hold their ground against the Trump plan to roll back on travel and business dealings with Cuba
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 13:39

Isolating Qatar and the Implications for Hamas and the People of Gaza
Qatar is an important supporter of Hamas and as the friction against Qatar grows in the region it will be difficult to deliver aid, the consequences for Hamas and the Gaza Strip will be severe, explains Imad Alsoos of the Free University of Berlin
DATE: 2017-06-18 | LENGTH: 12:04

Independent Media Was Crucial for Calling Attention to Actions at Standing Rock
Providing a on-the-ground perspective of the actions and activism at Standing Rock, against the Dakota Access Pipeline, was essential for getting the word out explains Lorenzo Serna of the independent media outlet Unicorn Riot
DATE: 2017-06-18 | LENGTH: 06:45

Progressives Need to Run for Office Wherever They Can
Shauna McNally, who is running for Congress in Michigan in 2018, talks about the challenges of running against corporate Democrats, but insists it can be done
DATE: 2017-06-18 | LENGTH: 07:19

Chicago Activists Working to Take Over Local and National Politics
Anthony Clark, running for Congress in Illinois, Samantha Nichols of Reclaim Chicago, and Gino Betts, running for judge in Chicago, talk about their successes and challenges
DATE: 2017-06-18 | LENGTH: 16:54

Israel Reduces Power Supply to Gaza, Intensifying Humanitarian Crisis
Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu says the power cut to Gaza is fault of Palestinian Authority, but actually is result of a power play between Abbas and Netanyahu in the run-up to peace negotiations explains TRN's Shir Hever
DATE: 2017-06-17 | LENGTH: 17:08

In Canada, Indigenous Groups are Litigating - And Winning
Lawyer Eugene Kung of West Coast Environmental Law discusses the protection of indigenous rights under the Canadian constitution
DATE: 2017-06-17 | LENGTH: 11:34

David Sirota Discusses the Role of Journalism In the Trump Resistance
Investigative Journalist David Sirota discusses the media's role in the time of Trump, and holding Democrats accountable while Republicans are in power
DATE: 2017-06-17 | LENGTH: 20:24

A Socialist Alternative on the Left Emerges in Minneapolis City Council Race
A Democratic Party resistant to enacting a $15 minimum wage inspires socialist activist to run for City Council
DATE: | LENGTH: 06:21

Ignoring Humanitarian Pleas, Senate OKs Saudi Weapons Sale
The Senate approval of a new $510 million weapons sale to Saudi Arabia puts arms industry profits over Yemeni civilian lives, says Code Pink's Medea Benjamin
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 18:03

Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul Buck Party Consensus on Russia and Iran Sanctions
Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal explains that these sanctions punish Russia and Iran unnecessarily intensifies the conflict between the US and these countries
DATE: 2017-06-15 | LENGTH: 15:31

Criminal Charges Filed Against Six State Officials Over Flint Water Scandal, But Problem goes Far Deeper
While the criminal charges against the officials is an important first step, the root causes of the crisis - the system of emergency management - have not been tackled explains Rev. David Alexander Bullock of Change Agent Consortium
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 08:54

Anti-Muslim Manchester Demo Unites Britain's Far-Right
An anti-Muslim protest in Manchester brought together far-right groups that had until recently been in decline-and theyre organizing across borders, says Dr. Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher at Hope Not Hate
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 10:47

How Can 50 Years of Israeli Occupation be Brought to an End?
Nabil Maarouf, Palestine's Representative in Canada, calls for sanctions, boycotts and criminal prosecutions to being an end to Israel's system of apartheid
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 24:48

Trump Infrastructure Plan Lays the Foundation to Build Corporate Corruption and Greed
Trumps infrastructure plan will further privatize public assets and derail the interests of the American people, says Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 11:03

Progressive Primary Challenger: Senator Joe Manchin A Democrat in Name Only
Activist Paula Jean Swearengin says Manchin is Bought and Paid for, and invested in the demise of West Virginia
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 07:25

Baltimore's Tax Break System is Like a 'Vending Machine' for Wealthy Developers
A city councilman is calling for a hearing to scrutinize hundreds millions in tax breaks to developers as calls mount for more money to fund affordable housing by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 13:05

Trump Frees Mattis to Escalate Endless Afghan War
As Defense Secretary James Mattis is authorized to determine troop levels in Afghanistan, Stephen Miles of Win Without War says the U.S. and other foreign powers should focus on a political solution
DATE: 2017-06-15 | LENGTH: 09:21

Wilkerson: Practically Everyone Opposes Trump's Reversal of Obama's Cuba Opening
Reversing the Cuba opening will be a political nightmare for the Trump administration, but they ignore everyone's warnings, says Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff
DATE: 2017-06-15 | LENGTH: 11:55

Canada's Complicity in Fifty Years of Israeli Occupation
Nabil Marouf, Palestine's Representative in Canada, discusses the Trudeau Government's continuation of Stephen Harper's extreme pro-Israel policies
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 27:41

Zephyr Teachout On Why Primarying Right-Wing Democrats Is Necessary
Former New York Congressional Candidate looks back on her 2016 campaign, talks about corruption and ethical violations in both parties
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 06:49

EITC Not Only Reduces Poverty, But Improves Health of Communities
While Trump seeks to dramatically reduce federal spending for the poor, study shows that the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) benefits not only the lives of those who receive it, but also of entire communities, Jeanette Wicks-Lim and Peter Arno of PERI explain
DATE: 2017-06-15 | LENGTH: 10:35

Democratic Party Leader Nancy Pelosi Faces Progressive Primary Challenge
Attorney and San Francisco activist Stephen Jaffe is looking to replace out of touch House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in congress
DATE: 2017-06-15 | LENGTH: 05:02

Corporate Democrats' Ties to Wal-Mart's Long Record of Fighting Workers' Rights: Part 2
Hillary Clinton failed to fight for workers while on Board of Wal-Mart, and continued resisting labor efforts into 2016 presidential campaign
DATE: 2017-06-15 | LENGTH: 06:47

'You Can't Stop People From Selling Drugs'
A key Baltimore official who has long advocated for ending the war on drugs says we need to continue to divert funds from policing to reduce violence in the city by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis
DATE: 2017-06-15 | LENGTH: 11:16

What can the Left Learn from Corbyn's Stunning Election Performance?
Former Sanders Campaign Digital Organizing Director Claire Sandberg speaks to the Real News after spending the past month working in the UK to defeat Theresa May. Correction: Sandberg was the former Digital Organizing Director for the Bernie Sanders campaign.
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 14:02

Roll-Back of Financial Regulations Has Nothing to do with Complexity or Boosting the Economy
Former financial regulator Bill Black explains that the Republicans' effort to eliminate Dodd-Frank Act financial regulations serves the interests of the big financial institutions and has nothing to do with rules' complexity or impact on the economy
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 14:27

Earning Minimum Wage Puts Affordable Housing Out of Reach
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report discusses a National Low Income Housing Coalition report that finds affordable housing is next to impossible for U.S. workers earning minimum wage
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 10:47

The Forgotten History of White Flight in America: Part 3
In part three, Richard Rothstein discusses how Spiro Agnew and George Romney led a failed attempt to halt white-flight in the 1960s.
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 04:04

Corporate Democrats' Ties to Wal-Mart's Long Record of Fighting Workers' Rights: Part 1
Part one of our conversation with former and current Wal-Mart Associates with the labor organization Our Wal-Mart who talk about current issues facing Wal-Mart employees and the failure of the Democratic Party to stand up for workers.
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 11:40

Democratic Party Neoliberalism Cannot Defeat Trumpism
Michael Lighty of National Nurses United and one of the main organizers of The People Summit tells Paul Jay that the Summit has helped to spur the candidacy of many progressives that are challenging corporate Democrats at every level
DATE: 2017-06-13 | LENGTH: 17:35

Right-Wing Militia Helps Police Arrest Portland Protesters
Independent journalist Arun Gupta reports on recent anti-Muslim rallies and growing concern that far-right militia groups have an "informal" alliance with U.S. police forces
DATE: 2017-06-13 | LENGTH: 13:26

America's Broken Healthcare System is Creating More Single-Payer Advocates
The Real News speaks to advocates of universal healthcare and affordable prescription drugs at the 2017 People's Summit
DATE: 2017-06-13 | LENGTH: 06:33

Trump's Corporate-Funded Climate Study Gets It Wrong
Trump claims that U.S. compliance with the Paris Agreement would cost "a vast fortune" and eliminate millions of American jobs-but his data is skewed, says Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog
DATE: 2017-06-13 | LENGTH: 11:37

France's New President Wins Parliament Vote, But Faces Problems Implementing Program
Even though French president Francois Macron will probably have an overwhelming majority in the new National Assembly, the low turnout and on-going resistance to neoliberalism will complicate his program, says CEPR's Alex Main
DATE: 2017-06-13 | LENGTH: 14:13

Canada's Increased Military Budget Will Fuel the US War Machine
Boosting Canada's military spending is "a way of enhancing the American empire... done under the guise of lessening Canadian dependence on the U.S.," says author and activist Yves Engler
DATE: 2017-06-13 | LENGTH: 13:57

How Government Policy Created White Wealth and Concentrated African American Poverty: Part 2
In part two, author Richard Rothstein says explicit unconstitutional housing policy of the 20th century created America's enormous racial wealth gap
DATE: 2017-06-12 | LENGTH: 06:37

Sea Level Rise due to Global Warming Threatens Vancouver
Deborah Carlson of WCEL explains the consequences of sea level rise for Vancouver and what local actions are being taken to counter the threat
DATE: 2017-06-12 | LENGTH: 07:00

Rob Quist Reflects On Recent Montana Congressional Campaign
Quist discusses Republican Greg Gianforte's assault on Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. and the lessons from his failed congressional bid
DATE: 2017-06-12 | LENGTH: 07:54

Tawanda Jones: 1,400 Days of Protest for Police Accountability
Executive Producer Eddie Conway interviews political activist Tawanda Jones as she seeks justice for the police-involved death of her brother Tyrone West
DATE: 2017-06-12 | LENGTH: 03:16

Danny Glover on a New Radical Politics
Danny Glover tells Paul Jay that a new politics includes a fight in the Democratic Party but does not limit itself to that or have illusions about it
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 12:34

Is a National Progressive Broad Front Possible?
Charles Lenchner of People For Bernie and Paul Jay discuss the Peoples Summit and what comes next
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 15:29

Congressman to Democrats: Stop Sounding Like John McCain on Foreign Policy
Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) says U.S. foreign policy is making things worse in the world, that we must learn from our past strategic blunders, support the Iranian Nuclear deal and stop funding Saudi Arabia.
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 07:59

Chase Iron Eyes: The Fight Against the #DAPL Continues
Native resistance to resource extraction is not over, says Chase Iron Eyes of the Standing Rock Sioux
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 10:33

Trump's Proposed Sale of Petroleum Reserves Will Benefit Oil Companies
Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog says that oil companies are pushing for a sell-off or privatization of the strategic petroleum reserves, from which they would benefit
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 09:56

Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests
Empire Files host Abby Martin just returned from Venezuela where she saw first hand how violent opposition protesters attempt to intimidate reporters and thereby give a false impression of what is happening
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 14:31

The Forgotten History of How the Government Segregated America: Part 1
In part one, author and scholar Richard Rothstein says explicit government policy, not personal choice or redlining was the main force that segregated America
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 10:21

Progressive Resistance to Trump Must Also Challenge Corporate Democrats
At the 2017 People's Summit, activists Josh Fox, Erika Andiola, Linda Sarsour-and Jim Hightower tell The Real News the resistance must also challenge the oligarchy within the Democratic party
DATE: 2017-06-09 | LENGTH: 04:25

Why Did the Union Movement Split Over Supporting Bernie Sanders?
Larry Cohen, Board Chair of Our Revolution and former President of CWA, and Paul Jay discuss whether the big unions that endorsed Clinton have learned any lessons from the 2016 Trump victory
DATE: 2017-06-10 | LENGTH: 12:49

Corbyn Lost Labour Party Elites, But Won Over Voters
"Corbyn has proven that there is a way forward for the Labour Party," says Leo Panitch, a professor at York University--but it isn't the future the Blairites envisioned
DATE: 2017-06-10 | LENGTH: 17:26

Labour Prevented the Tories from Increasing their Grip on Government
Theresa May's objective of improving her position in Brexit talks failed and will extremely difficult negotiations now, says Economics Prof. John Weeks of London University
DATE: 2017-06-10 | LENGTH: 13:25

UK Voters Go Left, Theresa May Goes Right
To stay in power, Prime Minister Theresa May will try to join forces with the DUP, a far right-wing Christian party that opposes abortion and same-sex marriage
DATE: 2017-06-10 | LENGTH: 08:52

Hung Parliament a Stunning Victory for Corbyn's Labour Party in UK Elections
Election produces a breakthrough for left socialist Jeremy Corbyn, something only weeks ago was considered impossible - with Thomas Barlow and Kam Sandhu of Real Media and Aaron Bastani of Novara Media
DATE: 2017-06-09 | LENGTH: 11:17

Comey Hearing: Little New, More Doubt About 'RussiaGate'
Journalist, best-selling author Max Blumenthal and former FBI special agent Coleen Rowley say that while former FBI Director James Comey's testimony offered almost nothing new, that won't slow the fixation on Trump's alleged Russia ties, not his actual policies.
DATE: 2017-06-08 | LENGTH: 28:10

California's Senate Passes Single Payer Health Care Act
A new California single payer health care law, if also passed by the Assembly, would save money for California households and businesses explains Bob Pollin of PERI, who conducted an extensive study of the law's impact
DATE: 2017-06-09 | LENGTH: 16:38

National Day of Action Against Trump's Paris Agreement Withdrawal
Sierra Club's Michael Brune and's Thanu Yakupitiyage discuss how states, cities and the private sector are stepping up in response to the President's regressive environmental policies
DATE: 2017-06-09 | LENGTH: 14:08

How Far Will US & Saudis Go to Remake the Middle East?
Junaid Ahmad of the Center for Global Dialogue says the U.S.-backed Gulf campaign against Qatar is part of a broader strategy to crush the remnants of the Arab Spring and spark a confrontation with Iran
DATE: 2017-06-09 | LENGTH: 23:42

How Have 50 Years of Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Land Changed Israel?
Denial and lies about the occupation have allowed Israelis to cover up the reality of what the occupation has done to Palestinians, and so the occupation could continue for another 50 years, says Israeli journalist Gideon Levy
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