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We know our Go Local to Go Global is an ambitious plan, but the times cry out for it. A new video from Paul Jay and the TRNN team
DATE: 2016-07-23 | LENGTH: 07:21

The European Revolt Against the Neoliberal EU (2/2)
Catarina Principe, co-editor of Europe in Revolt, discusses the struggle against austerity in Portugal
DATE: 2016-07-26 | LENGTH: 11:09

Portia Boulger, Featured in Viral Video Viewed by Millions, Explains her Anger at DNC
Boulger tells Paul Jay that DNC leadership attacked democracy itself; she still implores superdelegates to support Sanders or risk a Trump victory
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 13:25

Donald Trump: The Raw and Naked Face of a System That Showers Speculators with Obscene Riches
Paul Jay says the enablers of this surge in far right populism are the leaders of both major parties and the corporate media
DATE: 2016-07-16 | LENGTH: 05:38

Baltimore's Tax System Takes From the Poor to Give to the Rich
An analysis of tax data by Maryland Public Policy Visiting Fellow Louis Miserendino reveals how the tax structure actually makes poverty worse and punishes poor residents to benefit wealthy developers
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 08:08

The Empire Files: Bringing Corporations to Justice with Ecuador's UN Rep
For the first time ever, progress is being made at the United Nations for a binging legal instrument that would hold corporations accountable for human rights violations.
DATE: 2016-07-26 | LENGTH: 22:41

The European Revolt Against the Neoliberal EU (1/2)
Catarina Principe, co-editor of Europe in Revolt, says a left movement against austerity must pursue the restructuring of public debt, nationalization of key sectors, and public control of the banking system, but none of this can be done within the European Union
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 22:35

DNC Protesters Push into Convention Perimeter Demanding Their Voices be Heard
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein leads a reinforcing group from City Hall
DATE: | LENGTH: 15:06

Bernie Delegate Network Press Conference
TRNN is at Bernie Delegate Press conference in Philadelphia where reps are addressing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and challenging the Tim Kaine VP pick
DATE: 2016-07-26 | LENGTH: 57:13

Bernie Sanders Supporters Booed Debbie Wasserman Schultz Off Convention Stage
Selected Real News Network coverage of the DNC in Philadelphia
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 04:19

Sanders Supporters React to Meeting with Sanders Ahead of his DNC Speech
Before Bernie Sanders addresses the Democratic National Convention, he met with his delegates and was booed after telling them to vote for Hillary Clinton
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 44:32

Green Party Nominee Jill Stein Leads Rally Outside ‪DNC‬
Selected Real News Network coverage of the DNC in Philadelphia
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 16:58

Sanders supporters march on DNC
TRNN Producer Jaisal Noor interviews Bernie Sanders supporters as they prepare to march to city in Philadelphia during the first day of the DNC.
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 05:59

How Progressive is Elizabeth Warren?
America's second favorite Senator has been campaigning for Hillary Clinton for weeks now after having said almost nothing about Bernie Sanders, which has some voters asking where her allegiance really lies
DATE: 2016-07-23 | LENGTH: 05:14

Tariq Ali: Brexit and Migration
At the Crossing Borders Conference in Greece, scholar and activist Tariq Ali says radical politics helps a great deal in pulling people away from reactionary solutions which appear temporarily convincing
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 18:41

Turkey's Night of Long Knives
Scholar Vijay Prashad discusses whether Turkey's failed coup was a false flag operation, a badly botched but real attempt providing Erdogan an opportunity to purge the Turkish state of its secular components - TRNN and Newsclick Joint Production
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 12:04

The Laura Flanders Show: Fighting Islamophobia & Education Apartheid
Laura Flanders speaks to immigrant labor organizer Fahd Ahmed and human rights attorney Lamis Deek about anti-Arab racism, and also to Chicago teachers organizing against 'education Apartheid' and the School to Prison Pipeline.
DATE: 2016-07-25 | LENGTH: 25:01

DNC - Protest Rally Day 1
TRNN replay of our coverage of today's protests at the DNC in Philadelphia, PA
DATE: 2016-07-24 | LENGTH: 45:53

Defeated at Rules Committee, Fight to End Superdelegates Heads to Convention Floor
TRNN speaks to Clinton and Sanders supporters about the failed attempt to eliminate superdelegates from the Democratic Party
DATE: 2016-07-23 | LENGTH: 04:56

Will Sanders Delegates Disrupt the DNCC?
Paul Jay speaks with a group for Maryland Sanders delegates about calls for action and civil disobedience inside and outside the convention
DATE: 2016-07-23 | LENGTH: 34:32

People for Bernie Call For Civil Disobedience at the DNC
Charles Lenchner co-founder of People for Bernie tells Paul Jay that Sanders delegates understand the threat of the Republican party, but people should assert their democratic will and fight for the values they believe in
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 14:47

Protestors Loudly Demand Entry into DNC Rules Hearing
TRNN brings you voices of protestors who are demanding entry into the Democratic Party rules hearing where Sanders supporters are calling for the elimination of superdelegates
DATE: 2016-07-23 | LENGTH: 03:46

After Trump's Fear and Security Speech, Damage Control at DNC?
Janet Redman and Annabel Park say the Democrats could galvanize support of those left out of the RNC by linking racial justice, economic justice, and the environmental movement
DATE: 2016-07-24 | LENGTH: 20:07

Pocomoke's First Black Police Chief Indicted
Kelvin Sewell whose controversial firing divided the town, has been charged with misconduct in office
DATE: 2016-07-24 | LENGTH: 01:49

Trump Policy Will Unravel Traditional Neocons
Economist Michael Hudson says Trump's divergence from the conventional Republican platform is generating indignant punditry from neocons and neoliberals alike
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 12:01

Trump's Neo-Fascism Appeals to Victims of Obama/Clinton Economics
The failure of Obama/Clinton economic policies lends credibility to Trump's acceptance speech at the RNC, as he evokes images of "lawless black men and murderous illegal immigrants" - Bill Curry and Yvette Carnell in conversation with Paul Jay
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 28:12

Many Sanders Delegates Ready to Fight Over VP Pick
Norman Solomon of Bernie Delegates Network says a survey shows many Sanders' delegates will openly oppose a right wing Clinton VP selection
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 18:53

Jill Stein: 'The Politics of Fear has Delivered Everything We Were Afraid Of'
The Green Party's presumptive presidential nominee says the system is working overtime to disguise the fact that there are other candidates outside the two-parties who will stand up for the people's agenda that Bernie Sanders represented
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 13:07

Protests Against Republican Party "War on Women"
Hours before Trump's acceptance speech, direct action group CODEPINK danced in the street to call for an end to GOP anti-women rhetoric and policies
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 04:16

Talking Turkey, Kurds and ISIS at the RNC
The American-Kurdish Information Network is at the RNC educating Republicans as well as protesters on America's problematic relationship with Turkey, and how a misguided diplomacy can help groups like ISIS
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 11:36

United States of Amnesia and the Economics of the RNC
Former financial regulator Bill Black responds to House Speaker Paul Ryan's speech, and says the RNC chairperson has created a false image about the reality of unemployment, interest rates, and inflation under the Obama presidency
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 11:44

The Bought-and-Paid-For Climate Denialism of Mike Pence
Janet Redman of the Institute for Policy Studies says Trump's VP willingness to fight regulation of emissions and accept millions in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry puts him squarely at odds with the interests of the American public
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 05:47

Activists to Call for a Clean Energy Future at the DNC
Food and Water Watch executive director Wenonah Hauter says the people need to tell the Democratic establishment that it's too late for incremental changes to address the climate crisis
DATE: 2016-07-22 | LENGTH: 10:05

Baltimore Cops React to RNC Sheriff David Clarke and Obama's Call for 'Goodwill and Open Hearts'
Retired police Neill Franklin and Michael Wood Jr. join new TRNN producer Kwame Rose and Paul Jay to discuss the recent killings of unarmed black men and police officers
DATE: 2016-07-21 | LENGTH: 25:22

Robert Scheer: Neofascist Trump or Corporate Hawk Clinton Are No Choice at All
Truthdig editor in chief Bob Scheer tells Paul Jay that while Trump is a real fascist threat, people should consider voting for a third party rather than support Clinton
DATE: 2016-07-21 | LENGTH: 33:58

Ending Tax Dodging by Utilities Can Prompt Clean Energy Transition
Janet Redman of the Institute for Policy Studies explains how ending subsidies to utilities can help fund clean jobs and clean energy transition.
DATE: 2016-07-21 | LENGTH: 10:57

Trump Unifies GOP Around Far Right VP Pence, Who Calls for Projecting American Global Strength
Pence, who voted for the Iraq war and speaks of the need for greater militarization, extreme social conservatism and climate change denial, could play a powerful role in the Trump administration - Paul Jay with Bill Curry and Brian Tashman
DATE: 2016-07-21 | LENGTH: 19:02

Protesters Build Human Wall Around the RNC
On Wednesday, people linked arms in protest of Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall between the United States and Mexico
DATE: 2016-07-20 | LENGTH: 02:04

Trump and the Enablers of American Authoritarianism (2/2)
Scholar Henry Giroux in conversation with Paul Jay says 'lesser evilism' is the wrong way to frame the elections - it's about what's better for the strategic interests of an independent people's struggle
DATE: 2016-07-20 | LENGTH: 23:07

Jill Stein: RNC Celebrating the 'Theatre of the Absurd'
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says the Republican National Convention is glorifying war abroad and the police state at home - it's about "Make America Hate Again"
DATE: 2016-07-20 | LENGTH: 14:52

Many Sanders Delegates Plan to Fight on DNC Platform and VP Pick
Progressive Democrats of America's Donna Smith says the Sanders delegates are prepared to continue to fight at the DNC
DATE: 2016-07-20 | LENGTH: 13:02

Activists Highlight the Hypocrisy of Banning Tennis Balls but Allowing Guns at the RNC
The Brady Campaign and CODEPINK release 500 tennis balls at the gates of the Republican National Convention to draw attention to Ohio's open carry law
DATE: 2016-07-20 | LENGTH: 04:34

Trump and the Fascistization of America (1/2)
Scholar Henry Giroux tells Paul Jay that Donald Trump is not an eccentric populist, but the representative of a neofascist politics that ignores evidence, believes truth is merely an opinion, and says dissent is unpatriotic
DATE: 2016-07-19 | LENGTH: 20:04

As Baltimore's Police Union Attacks Reform Efforts, The ACLU Fights Back
The ACLU is challenging a lawsuit filed by the FOP to undermine the civilian review board, a body that has little power but is the only form of civilian oversight in the city
DATE: 2016-07-19 | LENGTH: 05:32

Erdogan Moves to Consolidate Power After Failed Military Coup
Baris Karaagac and Ariel Salzmann discuss the July 15th coup attempt and say the Turkish president will use the crisis to eliminate all dissent from the judiciary and the military
DATE: 2016-07-19 | LENGTH: 14:36

Baton Rouge Killer: What is Driving Violent Retaliation By Lone Gunmen?
Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford says shooting like that of Baton Rouge and Texas will continue as long as the power structure continues to refuse to hold police accountable
DATE: 2016-07-19 | LENGTH: 09:31

Despite Acquittals of Officers Charged in the Death of Freddie Gray, Victims of Brutality Vow to Fight On
On the day Judge Barry Williams cleared Lt. Brian Rice on all charges in the death of Gray, Tawanda Jones marked the 3rd anniversary of the death of her brother Tyrone West in police custody by calling for prosecutors to press forward
DATE: 2016-07-19 | LENGTH: 08:59

CAIR Protests Trump's Islamophobia at RNC
Officials from the nation's largest Muslim organization speak out against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, but also say that the Democrats' silence over Islamophobia gives them concern
DATE: 2016-07-19 | LENGTH: 04:52

Who is Trump VP Pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence?
Journalist Amber Stearns says Pence has close ties to Koch brothers-backed ALEC, enjoys popularity among Christian evangelical voters and Tea Party types, and is a friend of the coal industry
DATE: 2016-07-18 | LENGTH: 10:22

Odious Debt and the Betrayal of the Popular Will in Greece
After Syriza's "treason", Zoe Konstantopoulou, ex-Speaker of Greece's Parliament, founds a new party to unburden Greece of its odious debt
DATE: 2016-07-18 | LENGTH: 25:33

Turkey in Crisis: Understanding the Erdogan/ Gulen Split
TRNN Replay: Baris Karaagac: The events of the past two years has plunged Turkey into crisis, pitting two of the country's most powerful figures and former allies against each other Turkish PM Erdogan and Islamic preacher Gulen, currently in self-imposed exile in the United States
DATE: 2014-01-13 | LENGTH: 23:12

Study: U.S. Financial System Imposes 'Overcharge' of at Least $40,000 on Every Citizen
Gerald Epstein of the Political Economy Research Institute discusses his new report titled 'Overcharged: The High Cost of High Finance', which describes how the financial system is a net drag on the American economy
DATE: 2016-07-18 | LENGTH: 11:36

Revealing the 9/11 Conspiracy Would Undo the Entire US-Saudi Alliance - Sen. Bob Graham on Reality Asserts Itself
TRNN Replay: Paul Jay asks Senator Graham if a culture of "not wanting to know" was created to prevent the conspiracy from being uncovered and to protect the role of the Saudi government
DATE: 2013-11-28 | LENGTH: 16:25

Exonerees in the Era of Mass Incarceration (2/2)
In Part 2, Eddie Conway and Allison Flowers continue their discussion of exonerees and the plights they face in the U.S. criminal justice system.
DATE: 2016-07-18 | LENGTH: 11:33

Is the Real News Biased?
TRNN senior editor Paul Jays the top elite in society do not look at the world like the rest of us do
DATE: 2016-07-18 | LENGTH: 03:04

Decades of Money Laundering by HSBC Ignored by Holder at DOJ
Bill Black says the Republicans could embarrass Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Loretta Lynch by demanding further investigation into the failure to prosecute HSBC for its world-historical money laundering operation
DATE: 2016-07-17 | LENGTH: 14:30

US-NATO Border Confrontation with Russia Risks Nuclear War and Loss of European Partners
Michael Hudson says that the US-led confrontational approach of NATO with Russia is driving European countries to consider disbanding or leaving the military alliance due to increased security risks
DATE: 2016-07-17 | LENGTH: 11:39

Exonerees in the Era of Mass Incarceration (1/2)
In Part 1, TRNN executive producer Eddie Conway and Alison Flowers, author of Exoneree Diaries: The Fight for Innocence, Independence, and Identity, discuss the ramifications of exoneration in a country that already imprisons more of its people than any country in world.
DATE: 2016-07-11 | LENGTH: 11:01

Airport Workers Call to Strike During DNC to Bring Attention to Worker's Struggles
Ronald Blount of the Philadelphia Taxi Alliance calls on the Democratic Party to join the fight for living wages, affordable housing, and good education
DATE: 2016-07-15 | LENGTH: 02:56

No Case Against Suspended President of Brazil But Rousseff May Still be Impeached
Professor of Media Studies Joao Feres Jr. says a recent report exonerates Rousseff but the constitutional procedure will likely be used to remove her from office anyway.
DATE: 2016-07-15 | LENGTH: 10:02

Discrepancies Continue to Emerge in Officer's Statements During Freddie Gray Case, and the Media Keeps Ignoring It
Prosecutors play tape depicting heated exchange between Lt. Brian Rice and residents during Gray's arrest as Judge Barry Williams prepares to render verdict Monday in trial of the fourth officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray
DATE: 2016-07-15 | LENGTH: 09:34

Countries' Pledges to Cut Emissions Won't Stay Within 2 Degrees Limit Set by UN Paris Agreement
Dr. Joeri Rogelj, research scholar at the energy program of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, says we need significant transitions in energy production, transportation, and agricultural systems
DATE: 2016-07-15 | LENGTH: 06:06

Rattling the Bars: Black Panther Freed from Solitary (2/2)
Eddie Conway continues his discussion with the daughter of former Black Panther Russell Maroon Shoatz, who just won a legal victory against the Pennsylvania Department of Correction, ending his 22 years in solitary confinement
DATE: 2016-07-15 | LENGTH: 19:53

The Laura Flanders Show: Amy Goodman and Ovarian Psycos
This week Laura Flanders speaks to Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, and The Ovarian Psycos Bicycle Brigade - a feminist bicycle crew based in East Los Angeles
DATE: 2016-07-15 | LENGTH: 25:02

A History of Lynching
Dr. Lawrence Brown tells guest host Janaya Khan that recent police shootings of unarmed black men remind him of the 4000 lynchings between 1877 and 1950, the murder of Emmett Till, and bombings of black churches
DATE: 2016-07-14 | LENGTH: 13:07

Why is the Capitalist West Fighting with Capitalist Russia?
Alexandr Buzgalin and Paul Jay discuss the antagonism between Russia and US despite the former adopting 'Jurassic Park capitalism' since the demise of the USSR
DATE: 2016-07-14 | LENGTH: 27:05

A Green Transition Can Preserve the Livelihood of Workers
PERI's Robert Pollin tells Paul Jay that a just transition for those who work in the fossil fuel sector is not only necessary, it's possible
DATE: 2016-07-14 | LENGTH: 13:06

New British PM Appoints Brexit Proponent Boris Johnson to Foreign Secretary
Bill Black says Boris Johnson's demonization of the EU and virtually all of its leaders in his role as an alleged journalist makes him the worst conceivable person to put in a top diplomatic post
DATE: 2016-07-13 | LENGTH: 07:20

Rattling the Bars: Black Panther Freed from Solitary (1/2)
Eddie Conway talks to the daughter of former Black Panther Russell Maroon Shoatz about the release of her father from solitary confinement after 22 years
DATE: 2016-07-14 | LENGTH: 17:20

Two Years of BJP, Growing Communalism and Intolerance
Two years of the BJP government has seen a rise in attacks on minorities and growing intolerance. Indian civil rights activist and journalist Teesta Setalvad discusses how the PM's silence is a tacit consent to the RSS, which is pushing its Hindutva agenda further.
DATE: 2016-07-13 | LENGTH: 11:10

How Will Sanders's Endorsement Affect the Policy Fight at the Convention?
Billy Curry and Annabel Park discuss the significance of Bernie Sanders's endorsement of Clinton and the need for building an independent movement that can target reactionary Democrats in down ticket races
DATE: 2016-07-13 | LENGTH: 19:44

DNC Platform Retains Traditional Militarism, Shows Weakness of Anti-War Movement
Phyllis Bennis tells Paul Jay that the platform debates ignored the wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, and instead included a call to audit the Pentagon rather than cut the military budget
DATE: 2016-07-13 | LENGTH: 18:47

New British PM Will Govern to the Right of Cameron
Economist John Weeks says Theresa May will negotiate Brexit to completion despite her previous opposition to leaving the European Union
DATE: 2016-07-13 | LENGTH: 09:14

Discussion of Police Shootings Ignore Need for Systemic Change
Before President Obama's Dallas address, author Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor says mainstream discussion ignores the root causes of violence
DATE: 2016-07-12 | LENGTH: 12:49

Jeremy Corbyn Wins Right to Defend His Leadership of Labour Party
Economist John Weeks says pro-austerity forces were defeated in the decision of the Labour Party leadership to allow him on the ballot
DATE: 2016-07-12 | LENGTH: 07:17

Breaking Through Power: Michael Jacobson on Nutrition Advocacy
The Center for Study of Responsive Law celebrated the 50th anniversary year of Ralph Nader's book Unsafe at Any Speed at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. on May 23-26, 2016
DATE: 2016-07-13 | LENGTH: 18:31

The Clinton Email Scandal Is About Double Standards, But Not In The Way House GOP Defines It
When FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the House Oversight Committee last week, Republicans decried double standards for the rich and powerful but said nothing about America's war on whistleblowers
DATE: 2016-07-12 | LENGTH: 05:27

TRNN in Greece: The Last Dance of Ramadan at a Refugee Camp
Dimitri Lascaris speaks to people in Lesvos, Greece about their treacherous journey crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey
DATE: 2016-07-08 | LENGTH: 09:26

Despite Facing Threats of Force, Mexican Teachers Continue to Strike
As Mexico's general strike spreads to the political centers of Mexico City and Monterrey, John Ackerman says international solidarity can play a role in preventing the use of governmental force
DATE: 2016-07-08 | LENGTH: 08:33

US Scientific Societies Urge Congress to Act on Climate Change
Dr. Rush Holt of the AAAS explains how the inaction on emissions reduction and support of climate adaptation is due to prevailing ideologies and lack of the dispersal of information, not to a lack of research
DATE: 2016-07-08 | LENGTH: 14:00

Is the Real Scandal the Clinton Foundation?
Michael Hudson says the media has failed to look beyond the emails and into potential conflicts of interest during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State
DATE: 2016-07-08 | LENGTH: 09:35

Activist: Organizing Local Communities is the Only Way to End Police Killings
Former Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Rosa Clemente says reform measures like civilian review boards have failed to hold police accountable
DATE: 2016-07-08 | LENGTH: 13:25

Presidential Candidates Push American Supremacy, Not National Defense
Col. Andrew Bacevich says both parties are committed to maintaining U.S. global hegemony through military power
DATE: | LENGTH: 21:01

60 Black Democrats Sign Letter in AIPAC-Backed Effort to Discredit Cornel West and BDS
Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford says AIPAC sent a long-time member to discredit Cornel West and give the impression that blacks oppose the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement
DATE: 2016-07-06 | LENGTH: 12:42

Black Lives Matter Toronto Protests Police and Corporate Presence at LGBTQ Pride Parade
LeRoi Newbold of BLM Toronto says that the Toronto Pride festival needs to be taken back to its roots and make more space for queer Black and Brown people
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