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Obama Vetoed 9/11 Bill to Preserve U.S. Impunity
The U.S. president's argument about the undermining of international sovereignty is real, but victims of attacks would otherwise have almost no other recourse in the face of state-sponsored terrorism, says international law professor John Quigley
DATE: 2016-09-30 | LENGTH: 11:43

Lawsuit Against the EPA Could Thwart U.S. Compliance with the Paris Agreement
The US has less than a decade to reign in its greenhouse emissions, yet two dozen states plus some energy companies are suing to avoid meeting the proposed standards
DATE: 2016-09-30 | LENGTH: 11:25

How Wells Fargo Keeps Scamming Its Customers & Employees
CEO John Stumpf faces grilling from Congress on why his bank keeps breaking the law, but if no one goes to jail, nothing changes, says economist Bill Black
DATE: 2016-09-30 | LENGTH: 21:16

More Tax Breaks for Developers? One Baltimore Community Says 'Not Without Us'
Activists seek real input on the plan to revitalize Old Town Mall, which might be the next battleground for developer tax breaks in Baltimore
DATE: 2016-09-30 | LENGTH: 06:20

Shimon Peres: Champion of Power or Peace?
The former Israeli president and prime minister has been remembered as a peacemaker, but his biography tells a different story, says Michel Warschawski
DATE: 2016-09-30 | LENGTH: 12:21

Chicago Teachers Union Set to Strike on Oct. 11th
Public school teacher Sarah Chambers and Jacobin Magazine's Micah Uetricht say the teachers are fighting against the neoliberal reform agenda
DATE: 2016-09-29 | LENGTH: 14:50

The Empire Files: How Palestine Became Colonized
From the early settlements, the Nakba, and to the conquest of the West Bank, Abby Martin reveals the roots of the so-called "Israel-Palestine conflict"
DATE: 2016-09-29 | LENGTH: 22:32

US and EU Sanctions Are Devastating Syrian Civilians
They have resulted in a worsened humanitarian crisis and the empowerment of Assad, yet show no signs of being lifted soon, says journalist Rania Khalek
DATE: 2016-09-29 | LENGTH: 11:13

Police Kill Unarmed Mentally Ill Black Man As Report Finds Law Enforcement Shootings Reminiscent of Lynchings
A United Nations group also says the United States owes reparations to African Americans
DATE: 2016-09-28 | LENGTH: 07:45

'Managed Decline' of Fossil Fuel Projects Needed to Meet Goals of Paris Climate Agreement
A new report by Oil Change International calls for an end to both the expansion of fossil fuel industry and new fossil fuel infrastructure
DATE: 2016-09-29 | LENGTH: 11:45

'Patriotic Millionaires' Call for Higher Taxes and Wall St. Regulation
Morris Pearl, the chairs of an association of millionaires who advocate for a more equitable economy, assesses the economic plans of Trump and Clinton
DATE: 2016-09-29 | LENGTH: 21:06

Trump and the Social Basis of Fascism
The threat of fascism is real, but it shouldn't push the left to vote for Clinton in states where she will clearly win, says historian Gerald Horne
DATE: 2016-09-27 | LENGTH: 15:43

Danny Glover: Upcoming Haitian Election an Opportunity for Self-Determination
The actor and activist discusses who he is supporting and what's at stake for the Haitian people
DATE: 2016-09-28 | LENGTH: 12:47

Intelligence Agencies Are Gathering Information Against You in Case of Your Dissent
At an event honoring CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, attendees say surveillance is not being used for legitimate security needs, but to protect state power
DATE: 2016-09-28 | LENGTH: 06:38

Mexicans Protest on Second Anniversary of Disappearance of 43 Students
The government continues to drag its feet in resolving the case of missing 43 Ayotzinapa students, says Laura Carlsen
DATE: 2016-09-28 | LENGTH: 13:45

Baltimore City Council Candidate: Gentrification is Not A Development Plan
Nnamdi Scott of Ujima People's Progress Party discusses vacant housing, unemployment, and Port Covington
DATE: 2016-09-28 | LENGTH: 08:41

Balochistan: India Opening the Pandora's Box
Baloch nationalism and international economic interests in the region have the potential to disturb India's relations with Iran and Pakistan, says former Naval Lt. Commander Atul Bhardwaj - TRNN/Newsclick Joint Production
DATE: 2016-09-28 | LENGTH: 09:58

Clinton vs. Trump Debate: Is One Section of the Oligarchy More Dangerous?
Glen Ford and Jeff Cohen agree that the exclusion of third parties left the "non-partisan" debate with candidates who have "very little light between them," but disagree about strategic voting and the danger of Trump's neo-fascism
DATE: | LENGTH: 25:55

Did America Dodge a Bullet?
Bill Curry and Rania Khalek predict that the debate will lead to a Clinton victory over the neo-fascist Trump, but also say that Clinton takes progressive positions "like chess pieces" - only to remove them from the table later
DATE: 2016-09-27 | LENGTH: 16:09

24 Arrested Outside Hofstra University While Demanding An Open Presidential Debate
Hundreds protested the exclusion of alternative ideas and candidates from the first presidential debate
DATE: | LENGTH: 03:59

Trump's Position on Jerusalem Puts Him on the Side of the Settler Movement
Despite Trump being wrong on the Iran deal, the US congress is more likely to derail it than his potential presidency, says Col. Larry Wilkerson
DATE: 2016-09-27 | LENGTH: 12:45

Comply or Die: What the Shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte Reveal About Policing in America
Failure to comply with police can result in a death sentence for Black Americans, says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report
DATE: 2016-09-27 | LENGTH: 09:29

BDS Town Hall with the Former Green Party of Canada Justice Critic
A panel discussion on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement with Dimitri Lascaris, Constantine Kristonis, and Lia Tarachansky
DATE: 2016-09-27 | LENGTH: 57:13

Corbyn Wins Leadership, But Can He Unite the Labour Party?
The media's depiction of the party opposition to Corbyn as 'centrist' is a cover for how right-wing it actually is, says economist John Weeks
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 13:17

Danny Glover on the Struggle for Democracy in Haiti
In the lead up to the elections on October 9, actor and activist Danny Glover talks about the two US-backed coups in Haiti and why he's supporting Dr. Maryse Narcisse of the Fanmi Lavalas Party
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 18:08

Should Third Parties Be Included in Televised Debates?
Maryland Green Party Senate Candidate Margaret Flowers says most people are looking for alternatives to Trump and Clinton
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 08:06

Anti-BDS Campaign Aims to Undermine Academic Freedom and Free Speech on Palestine
Investigations into claims of anti-Semitism among Palestine solidarity groups often find the claims to be unfounded, says Dima Khalidi of Palestine Legal
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 12:11

Ecuador Proposes Worldwide Elimination of Tax Havens
Tax havens do enormous damage to economies around the world, explains Ecuador's foreign minister Guillaume Long
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 25:14

Did America Dodge a Bullet?
Bill Curry and Rania Khalek predict that the debate will lead to a Clinton victory over the neo-fascist Trump, but also say that Clinton takes progressive positions "like chess pieces" - only to remove them from the table later
DATE: 2016-09-27 | LENGTH: 16:09

Why the Federal Reserve Needs To Go Beyond Interest Rate Policy
The long-term decline of the U.S. economy won't be reversed until there's movement towards greater public investment, protections for workers, and a higher minimum wage, says PERI co-director Gerald Epstein
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 13:22

'Hands Dripping with the Blood of the Afghan People': US Agrees to Pardon and Reward Warlord
The peace deal amounts to a bribe for warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to not commit crimes and terrorism, says Sonali Kolhatkar, host of "Rising Up With Sonali" on KPFA
DATE: 2016-09-25 | LENGTH: 10:11

Recall Referendum on Maduro Moves to Next Phase in spite of "Irregularities"
Venezuelans are hoping for the political process to follow the constitution, says Jeanette Charles of Venezuela Analysis
DATE: 2016-09-25 | LENGTH: 08:56

Gary Johnson Supporters: Privatize Everything, But Not the Commission on Presidential Debates
On Wednesday, around 200 supporters of libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson protested outside of the Commission on Presidential Debates headquarters in Washington, DC for the private, non-profit's decision to exclude Johnson along with Green Party candidate Jill Stein from the debates
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 05:50

TPP Will Effectively Kill Climate Treaties
The Trans-Pacific Partnership will undermine the ability of countries to control polluting and extractive industries, says Ben Lilliston
DATE: 2016-09-25 | LENGTH: 12:08

US National Security Policy for Climate Change Seeks Security for Corporate-Controlled Assets
Nick Buxton, co-editor of 'The Secure and the Dispossessed: How the Military and Corporations Are Shaping a Climate Changed World,' says the military's prime concern is the continuation of its global imperial footprint
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 13:09

U.S. Policy in Syria: Regime Change or Regime 'Facelift'?
Ashley Smith says Assad and the international players in Syria share a common goal: undermine popular revolt
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 19:25

Berlin Election Outcome Signals Merkel's Tenuous Grip on Chancellorship
The Social Democrats and Greens might attempt to partner with left parties in order to stay in power, says Victor Grossman
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 16:01

Charlotte Protests Escalate as Police Refuse to Release Video
The National Guard was called in after a second night of unrest following the killing of Keith Scott, who protestors believe was unarmed at the time of his shooting by a police officer
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 03:42

Dangers of the Proposed Bayer-Monsanto Merger
The resulting merger will push a model of agriculture that forgoes advantageous local ecological practices and jeopardizes the livelihoods of small-scale farmers, warns Global Justice Now's Heidi Chow
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 10:47

Police Killings from Charlotte to Tulsa Spark Calls for Boycotts and Justice
The Real News brings the latest on the police killings of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Terrance Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which took place 95 years after the Tulsa Race Riots
DATE: 2016-09-21 | LENGTH: 04:40

SEC Accusations Against US Billionaire Highlights Centrality of Insider Trading to Hedge Fund Profits
Former financial regulator Bill Black discusses the case of Leon Cooperman, who once accused Obama of unfair treatment of the rich
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 10:51

MST Occupies Government Building in Salvador, Bahia
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with MST activists about the political and economic crisis in Brazil
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 05:29

Baltimore City Council Candidate: Neighbors Need to Organize to Change the City
Running for city council for the 7th district as part of Ujima People's Progress Party - Maryland's first Black workers-led electoral party - Nnamdi Scott discusses Baltimore police aerial surveillance, bold new creative leadership, and mass mobilization.
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 09:30

Israeli Arms Industry Faces Existential Threat in New US Aid Agreement
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now fighting to remove the influence of the military and security elite from the political process now that Israel can no longer finance its arms industry through US aid, says political economist Shir Hever
DATE: 2016-09-20 | LENGTH: 13:05

Trudeau's Liberals Adopt Harper Government's Carbon Targets
Dimitri Lascaris says the transfer of Canadian taxpayer money to oil companies in the face of climate emergency casts doubt on the ability of the Liberal government to produce an adequate carbon pricing plan
DATE: 2016-09-21 | LENGTH: 10:17

Corbyn and the Roots of Labour's Discontent
Jeremy Corbyn's rise is not due to the appearance of Momentum or the arrival of newcomers - it comes from the frustration of Labour's base with the majority of the party MPs, says UK economist John Weeks
DATE: 2016-09-21 | LENGTH: 16:09

With Most of Dakota Access Pipeline Approved, Final Battle Remains Over Critical Portion
Concerns from NoDAPL protesters are seemingly justified with each pipeline safety failure, says DeSmogBlog's Steve Horn
DATE: 2016-09-21 | LENGTH: 11:41

Does a Golden Parachute Await Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf?
Former financial regulator Bill Black explains why criminal prosecutions of executives time after time are not happening
DATE: 2016-09-21 | LENGTH: 18:36

US Indifference to Congolese Repression Ensures Its Access to Nation's Mineral Resources
With dozens killed in the Congo and opposition headquarters sacked, The Real News looks at the material interests of the United States in the Central African nation
DATE: 2016-09-20 | LENGTH: 04:25

Chris Hedges: To Stop Terrorism, End U.S. Occupation of the Middle East
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges discusses the Manhattan bombing and the lack of media coverage of the impact of U.S. wars abroad
DATE: 2016-09-19 | LENGTH: 08:55

Can a Lebanon-Style Solution End the Syrian War?
The conflict will not come to an end until the US and Russia make their respective clients agree to an imposed settlement or else face an immediate arms embargo, says journalist Charles Glass
DATE: 2016-09-20 | LENGTH: 11:28

Yale to Face Protests for Whitewashing Paul Kagame's Human Rights Record
Journalist and Yale alum Anjan Sundaram says Yale is ignoring the Rawandan president's atrocious record in both Rwanda and Congo
DATE: 2016-09-19 | LENGTH: 10:59

Record US Aid to Israel Reflects Growing Influence of Military-Industrial Complex
Israel is likely to increase its arms exports now that it cannot use the aid on its own weapons industry, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
DATE: 2016-09-20 | LENGTH: 12:09

Work Stoppage Prison Strike Continues in 11 US States
This is a revolt against inhuman conditions of incarceration and the use of free prison labor by many major US corporations, says Pastor Kenneth Glasgow
DATE: 2016-09-20 | LENGTH: 16:27

The Democratic Party Fatigue of Black Lives Matter Millennials
Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford says the Democrat's attempts to get out the black vote for Hillary this election might not work
DATE: 2016-09-20 | LENGTH: 09:53

The MOMENTUM Behind Jeremy Corbyn
To the surprise and dismay of many Labour MPs in the UK, Corbyn was elected with the backing by Momentum and is expected to win again next week in an another leadership election, says Professor Leo Panitch
DATE: 2016-09-19 | LENGTH: 16:42

Green Party VP Ajamu Baraka on Human Rights Violations in the United States
In an interview with Sharmini Peries, Baraka discusses Black Lives Matters, the Flint water crisis, shelter, immigration, and more
DATE: 2016-09-19 | LENGTH: 11:35

Korryn Gaines Family Proceeds With Lawsuit Against Baltimore County Police
Baltimore County officials and the Gaines family offer conflicting accounts on whether the police acted lawfully in the killing of Korryn Gaines
DATE: 2016-09-19 | LENGTH: 05:55

Rattling the Bars: Prison is Not a Residence
In this Episode of Rattling the Bars, TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway discusses prison gerrymandering with Peter Wagner, the Executive Director of the Prison Policy Initiative, and Khalil Muhammad, author of the Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime and the Making of Modern Urban America.
DATE: 2016-09-18 | LENGTH: 08:13

New Brazilian Government Introducing 'Shock Doctrine' Against Social Programs
With the most corrupt people are now running the country, the case against former President Lula might proceed with success, says journalist Shobhan Saxena
DATE: 2016-09-16 | LENGTH: 12:03

Trump's Rejection of Birtherism An Attempt to Appeal to Uncomfortable White Middle Class Voters
Historian Gerald Horne explains the history of 'birtherism' and the ongoing 'mainstreaming' of Donald Trump
DATE: 2016-09-17 | LENGTH: 10:02

Baltimore Police Have Ruthlessly Fought Past Efforts of Civilian Oversight
Documents obtained by TRNN show a pattern of police resisting citizen input from an all but powerless civilian review board, raising troubling questions of hopes for real reforms
DATE: 2016-09-17 | LENGTH: 06:50

Don't Celebrate Just Yet: Median Household Income In a 20-Year Decline
Recent statistics from the US Census Bureau show improvement from 2014-2015, but in reality, wages are in a real decline and no mechanisms have been put in place to prevent another crash, says economist Richard Wolff
DATE: 2016-09-16 | LENGTH: 11:59

Nurses Union Slams AFL-CIO's Endorsement of Dakota Access Pipeline
Exclusive: The National Nurses United a member of the AFL-CIO, strongly rebuked the AFL's decision to endorse the Dakota Access Pipeline.
DATE: 2016-09-16 | LENGTH: 02:50

The Guardian Leaks Reveal $12 Million in Corporate Money Behind Gov. Scott Walker's 2011 Fight Against Unions
The documents show Wisconsin judges ordered the destruction of court documents that revealed governor Scott Walker coordinating with right-wing billionaires to finance his recall campaign, says Matthew Rothschild of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
DATE: 2016-09-16 | LENGTH: 09:33

Media Grossly Downplaying the Depths of the Wells Fargo Scandal
Former financial regulator Bill Black says media coverage has falsely portrayed Wells Fargo's image as untarnished by previous financial fraud
DATE: 2016-09-16 | LENGTH: 12:34

13 Protestors Removed from Dept. of Interior in Latest Pipeline Protest
The action comes as part of the ongoing movement against the North Dakota Access Pipeline
DATE: 2016-09-1 | LENGTH: 01:31

Record US Military Aid to Israel Not About Security, But Prolonging the Occupation
Phyllis Bennis and Rania Khalek say this will cement Obama's legacy as the most pro-Israel president
DATE: 2016-09-14 | LENGTH: 14:48

The Struggle to Defeat Dakota Access Pipeline Goes Global
This week people across the world stood in solidarity with activists in North Dakota as they continue to block construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and risk arrest
DATE: 2016-09-14 | LENGTH: 07:04

Snowden: Spy or Whistleblower?
The US government relies on public ignorance in order to threaten the privacy of tens of millions of people around the world, and Snowden exposed that, says Naureen Shah of Amnesty International USA
DATE: 2016-09-15 | LENGTH: 09:48

Can Renewables Contain Extreme Weather Conditions?
Transition away from fossil fuels is economically and technologically feasible today through the mass implementation of 100% renewable grids, argues Renewables 100 Policy Institute founder Angelina Galiteva
DATE: 2016-09-15 | LENGTH: 14:34

Brazil's New President Presents Neoliberal Economic Plan
President Temer's economic plan represents a deepening of neoliberal economic policies that Rousseff had already begun and will not improve the economic situation, says Professor Alfredo Saad-Filho
DATE: 2016-09-15 | LENGTH: 14:19

'What's Different This Time Is that We Are Armed with Cameras'
The Obama administration's intervention has not halted the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, says Desiree Kane
DATE: 2016-09-15 | LENGTH: 08:03

How Bipartisan Economic Policy Fuels White Working Class Support for Trump
Historian Gerald Horne responds to Hillary Clinton's remark about 'deplorables'
DATE: | LENGTH: 06:15

Catalan Independence Struggle Impedes Formation of Spanish Government
The issue not just nationalism, but the struggle for more democracy against austerity and EU institutions, says Roar Magazines editor Carlos Delclos
DATE: 2016-09-13 | LENGTH: 10:10

African Refugees Fleeing War and Economic Strife on the Rise
Record number of refugee crossings are still taking place along the route from Libya to Italy, says Proactiva Open Arms coordinator Gerard Canals
DATE: 2016-09-13 | LENGTH: 08:30

Korryn Gaines Family Announces Lawsuit Against Baltimore County Police
Korryn Gaines family and legal team have announced they will pursue a lawsuit against Baltimore County Police and conduct an independent investigation of her killing, which took place in August
DATE: 2016-09-13 | LENGTH: 01:05

The Israel Factor in the Syrian Ceasefire
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a temporary convergence of various powers to have a ceasefire, but the Israeli leadership thinks that an endless war serves its interests
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 13:57

The Empire Files: Rejecting Neoliberalism with Ecuador's Foreign Minister
As part of the Empire Files investigation into Chevron's pollution in the Amazon, Abby Martin interviews Guillaume Long, Ecuador's Minister of Foreign Affairs.
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 26:15

The Powerful Interests Backing the Dakota Access Pipeline
TRNN Replay: After the Obama admin. temporarily halts the Dakota Access Pipeline, we replay a story examining the financial and political interests backing it
DATE: 2016-09-08 | LENGTH: 04:50

Colin Kaepernick's Protest Brings Attention to Racism in National Anthem
TRNN Replay: As more NFL players join Colin Kaepernick's protest, we replay a story a story examining the racist history of the national anthem and its author
DATE: 2016-08-29 | LENGTH: 02:53

Sen. Bob Graham: FBI Covered Up Role of Bandar and Saudis in 9/11 Attacks (Pt.1/2)
Senator Bob Graham, former Co-Chair of the Joint Congressional Committee investigating 9/11, says there is evidence in the "28 redacted pages" that the FBI knew of Saudi Ambassador Bandar's links to Al Qaida terrorists before the attacks
DATE: 2016-09-11 | LENGTH: 38:12

Sen. Bob Graham: Bush and Cheney Created an Intel Culture of "Not Wanting to Know" about 9/11 Attacks (Pt.2/2)
Senator Bob Graham, former Co-Chair of the Joint Congressional Committee investigating 9/11, says President Bush was like a "head coach" ordering intelligence agencies to all move in the same direction - not preventing the attacks and covering up the role of Bandar and the Saudi government
DATE: 2016-09-11 | LENGTH: 13:28

Voter Registries Face Purges in Republican-Controlled States
Investigative reporter Greg Palast says Republicans are raising alarm over multiple-voting in order to purge millions of minority voters from voter registries
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 15:59

Constant Stop and Frisk of African-Americans Must End, Says Baltimore Mayoral Nominee
In an interview with TRNN, the Democratic nominee for mayor Catherine Pugh says policing must change and the surrounding jurisdictions must help Baltimore tackle poverty and drug addiction as regional problems
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 15:17

How Social Security Helps Alleviate Child Poverty
Peter Arno and Jeanette Wicks-Lim, co-authors of 'Overlooked but Not Forgotten: Social Security Lifts Millions More Children Out of Poverty', say it's not just the elderly who benefit from this social safety net
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 12:00

New Poll Suggests Black Millennials Are Rejecting the Two Party Duopoly
The millenial generation of young black people raised in the language of Black Lives Matter are not buying into lesser evilism, says Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 07:50

During Vietnam War Era, Warren Hinckle Forced the Mainstream Media to Cover Real Stories
The recently deceased Ramparts editor deserves to be remembered as a legendary journalist of the old school, says Truthdig editor-in-chief Robert Scheer
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 20:14

Behind the scenes of "A Real Nigga Show"
The Real News hung out at rehearsal with the director and cast of the original play "A Real Nigga Show" to discuss why they chose what some perceive as a controversial title and why the show was developed
DATE: 2016-09-09 | LENGTH: 09:24

The Hangzhu Summit: Why G20 Needs a Complete Reset
G20 summits would be more meaningful if the leaders focus on a few issues and make a concerted attempt to solve them
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 11:10

TRNN Replay: Investigating the Saudi Government's 9/11 Connection and the Path to Disilliusionment - Sen. Graham on Reality Asserts Itself pt 1
On RAI with Paul Jay, Senator Bob Graham explains why he persists in making the case that facts directly connect the Saudi government with 9/11 conspirators
DATE: 2014-10-03 | LENGTH: 16:10

TRNN Investigates 9/11
A collection of our coverage of 9/11
DATE: 2016-09-11

California Passes Nation's Most Ambitious Climate Legislation, But Will It Succeed?
The California experience thus far with greenhouse gas reduction shows economic growth is possible with regulation, argues Ethan Elkind of the UC Berkeley School of Law
DATE: 2016-09-11 | LENGTH: 11:27

US and Russia Agree to Cessation of Hostilities in Syria
As Syrian opposition groups retreat from the demand that President Assad step down, a ceasefire agreement becomes more feasible, says Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2016-09-10 | LENGTH: 14:25

Thousands of Prisoners Strike Against Forced Labor
On the 45th anniversary of the Attica uprising, Prison Radio's Noelle Hanrahan explains how and why prisoners organized what may be the largest prison strike in US history
DATE: 2016-09-09 | LENGTH: 13:36

Trump vs. Clinton Commander-In-Chief Forum: A Missed Opportunity
Professor Andrew Bacevich of Boston University says the forum could have clarified positions on a number of defining national security issues including the subject of 'modernizing' the US nuclear arsenal
DATE: 2016-09-09 | LENGTH: 12:33

Baltimore Community Members Raise Concerns about DOJ's Next Steps
Activists, legal experts, and victims of police brutality at the Elijah Cummings-hosted town hall say the recommendations in the Department of Justice's report on the Baltimore police department don't go far enough
DATE: 2016-09-09 | LENGTH: 09:52

Baltimore Officials Tout Massive Giveback to Seal Tax Break Deal, But is it Fair?
Developers promise millions in community investments in exchange for subsidy to build Port Covington, but questions remain about how a massive $600 million tax break for Under Armor CEO Kevin Plank will address entrenched poverty and ongoing economic inequity in the city.
DATE: 2016-09-09 | LENGTH: 09:42

Affordable Housing Trust Fund Tacked onto Baltimore's Election Day Ballot
As much as 30% of City residents require assistance, according to Luis Larin of United Workers
DATE: 2016-09-09 | LENGTH: 17:38

Libertarian Candidate: Pursuit of 'Regime Change' to Blame for Refugee Crisis
Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford says supporters of libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson should be just as concerned about the lack of media coverage of third parties as Johnson's lack of geographic knowledge
DATE: 2016-09-08 | LENGTH: 04:50


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