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Carl Icahn Resigns From Trump Administration After Exposť Details Corruption
James Henry responds to billionaire investor Carl Icahn defending himself after the New Yorker published a damning article, Carl Icahn's Failed Raid on Washington
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 13:12

Is Trump Threatening Pakistan?
Junaid Ahmad of the Center for Global Dialogue and Paul Jay discuss Trump's speech on the war in Afghanistan
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 42:59

An Urgent Letter From Danny Glover, Emma Thompson and David Suzuki
We believe this proposal from The Real News Network to create a Global Climate Crisis Bureau deserves your attention. It is a critical link in the effort to fight for effective action to reduce and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and transition to an equitable, sustainable green economy.

Endless War in Afghanistan
Institute for Policy Studies' Phyllis Bennis and Paul Jay discuss Trump's war without end in Afghanistan
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 40:22

US Refuses to Accept Iran as a Regional Power - RAI with Trita Parsi (1/3)
From Afghanistan to Iraq, the Trump administration, leading Democrats and much of the foreign policy and military establishment believe the U.S. should be more aggressive towards Iran. That's a very dangerous situation that can lead to war, noted Iran expert Trita Parsi tells Paul Jay on Reality Asserts Itself
DATE: 2017-08-21 | LENGTH: 23:10

Trump's New Afghanistan Strategy: Windfall for the Military-Industrial Complex​
After 16 years and over a trillion dollars' worth ​of fighting, the U.S. has accomplished none of its stated goals--except the goal of​ enriching the ​flourishing military-industrial complex
DATE: 2017-08-21 | LENGTH: 21:06

Tens of Thousands Oppose Hatred and Racist Policies Nationwide
Glen Ford says Confederate statues and racist government policies need to be removed
DATE: 2017-08-21 | LENGTH: 12:59

Bolivia's Evo Morales Re-Launches Controversial Forest Reserve Road
NACLA's Emily Achtenberg explains the background of President Morales's decision to re-launch the TIPNIS road and how the move is being received among different sectors of Bolivia's population.
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 18:09

How the US Helped Set 'Ukraine on Fire'
The documentary "Ukraine on Fire" from producer Oliver Stone tells the hidden story of how the ongoing conflict began, including the pivotal US role
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 18:56

Taxpayers Pay Cost for Coal Companies to Pollute
Dalal Aboulhosn, the Sierra Club's Deputy Legislative Director for Land and Water, says EPA Director Scott Pruitt is ignoring true costs and benefits in his support for coal companies' "bottom line"
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 13:08

The Social Cleansing of London
Rapper and artist Potent Whisper discusses how London is being deliberately turned into a 'playground for the rich' by dispossessing londoners from their communities and their roots via a process known as 'regeneration'
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 07:01

Will Rick Perry Use Grid Study to Push Coal?
Sierra Club Senior Attorney Casey Roberts discusses a lawsuit to reveal the special interests behind DOE grid study currently being revised in favor of fossil fuel
DATE: 2017-08-21 | LENGTH: 09:18

Why Urban Policing Cannot be Reformed
The Real News talks to reform advocates, defense attorneys, and former cops who say policing cannot be reformed without fully understanding its underlying imperative
DATE: 2017-08-21 | LENGTH: 10:23

Paul Ryan Challenger 'Iron Stache' Dodges Debate With Primary Opponent
Randy "Iron Stache" Bryce has been elevated by establishment organizations and mainstream media pundits as Paul Ryan's congressional challenger, ignoring the existence of a Democratic Primary he still has to win.
DATE: 2017-08-21

TRNN Replay: George Jackson: Releasing the Dragon (A Video Mixtape)
Bashi Rose and Jared Ball, the imixwhatilike crew, have created this video mixtape commemoration to the life and politics of George Jackson
DATE: 2016-04-03 | LENGTH: 02:50

TRNN Replay: What Father's Day Means to Black America
In this special Father's Day edition of iMWiL! we spoke with Black fathers; historians, artists and activists along with Ayanna and Dick Gregory about what it means to be a black father in the United States
DATE: 2015-06-20 | LENGTH: 28:43

Chicago and the Fight for the Democratic Party - RAI with Laraviere (4/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Troy LaRaviere says that the "parasitical wealthy" should be fought for control of the Democratic Party
DATE: 2017-08-21 | LENGTH: 24:19

TRNN Documentary: The Real Story of How Bannon and Trump Got to the White House
Steve Bannon was fired from the White House on Friday, August 18th, 2017, but most of the media is missing the story of Robert Mercer, the billionaire that brought Bannon to the White House, who has now reappointed him as chairman of Breitbart News
DATE: 2017-08-18

Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay on Firing of Steve Bannon
Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay talk about the forces that backed Bannon and what his firing from the White House means for far right politics in the US
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 22:35

Bannon Fired from White House
Paul Jay speaks with Political Economy Research Institute's Gerald Epstein on Steve Bannon's exit and what's next for "economic nationalism"
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 25:55

Will The New NAFTA Benefit Ordinary Citizens or Corporations?
Angelo DiCaro of Unifor, Canada's largest private sector union, Melinda St. Louis, of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, and Prof. John Ackerman of the National Autonomous University of Mexico analyze the negotiations that began this week.
DATE: 2017-08-19 | LENGTH: 33:39

Is Scott Pruitt's EPA Violating Federal Ethics Laws?
Nick Surgey, Senior Fellow with the Center for Media and Democracy discusses California's lawsuit against the EPA under the Freedom of Information Act and Scott Pruitt's conflict of interest in his ties to the corporate elite's climate denial group, ALEC
DATE: 2017-08-20 | LENGTH: 15:44

NOAA Defies Trump Administration's Climate Science Denial
Leading climate change expert, Dr. Joe Romm, discusses U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's State of the Climate report which confirms new records on global warming, greenhouse gas, and sea level rise
DATE: 2017-08-15 | LENGTH: 09:33

What South Koreans Can Teach US About Resisting Trump
As thousands of South Koreans protest the U.S. THAAD missile system in their country, journalist Tim Shorrock says the grassroots movement that drove out a corrupt president in 2016 offers lessons to Americans resisting Donald Trump
DATE: 2017-08-19 | LENGTH: 04:45

Corporate Lobbyists and Neo-Liberals Love the Idea of President Pence
Increasing calls to Impeach Trump don't take into account the same toxic policies that would have to be dealt with under President Mike Pence
DATE: 2017-08-19

US Government Wants Online Data of Anti-Trump Protesters
In an unprecedented act, the Justice Department is seeking the personal internet information of 1.3 million visitors to, an anti-Trump website that organized Inauguration Day protests
DATE: 2017-08-17 | LENGTH: 11:34

US Begins Korea War Games, Not Peace Talks
As top Trump officials give conflicting statements on North Korea and the US begins war games on the peninsula, veteran journalist Tim Shorrock says the confusion and bellicosity helps bury the peaceful solutions that have long been on the table
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 17:10

The Nina Turner Show: Towards a Party of the People with Dr. Jane Sanders
Dr. Jane Sanders talks about her political life from childhood to creating the Sanders Institute, and calls for the Democratic Party to become the party of the people
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 15:17

Israel Withholds Secret List of BDS Supporters
The Israeli government is compiling a list of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) activists who are not allowed to travel to Israel. Asa Winstanly of the Electronic Intifada talks about the effort to expose this secret list
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 10:17

Nearly 8 Million Face Starvation in Congo as Kabila Clings to Power
Maurice Carney says Congo's crisis can be traced to its mineral wealth, long exploited by the west, and the country's elites who refuse to let go of their power
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 13:10

Brexit and the Single Market
Professor emeritus of economics, John Weeks, goes through the labyrinth of misconceptions around the EU, single market, and the customs union all within the context of Brexit
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 19:35

Alt-Right and Ultra-Zionist Alliance against National Security Advisor McMaster
Pro-Israeli groups are pushing the White House to transition from neoconservativism to Alt-Right, says Shir Hever
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 11:16

CIA Torture Architects Settle With Victims to Avoid Trial
Psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, the architects of the CIA's torture program, have reached a historic settlement in the case of three victims. John Kiriakou, the former CIA analyst who went to prison for exposing the torture program, says the duo settled to avoid accountability. (photo: ACLU)
DATE: 2017-08-17 | LENGTH: 10:35

Wilkerson: Under Trump, Al Qaeda is Flourishing
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, discusses record US military strikes under President Trump and how Al Qaeda is taking advantage of contradictions in US policy
DATE: 2017-08-17 | LENGTH: 15:58

Historian: Trump Defends White Supremacy to Maintain Elite Power Structure
Gerald Horne says Trump comments seek to disperse the culpability of white nationalists in the murder of Heather Heyer
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 11:39

Fighting Rahm Emanuel's Privatization of Chicago's Schools - RAI with LaRaviere (3/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, the president of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association, Troy LaRaviere, says there's no evidence that giving corporations tax breaks or putting schools in competition with each other makes for better education; in fact, the evidence says the opposite
DATE: 2017-08-17 | LENGTH: 19:49

Beyond Toppling Statues: Dismantling White Supremacy in Baltimore
As Baltimore removes its Confederate statues, The Real Baltimore holds an extended discussion with labor activists Ricarra Jones and Melissa Wells, Councilman Ryan Dorsey, and Ideal City's Ben Smith, who say public policy must be aimed at reversing the impacts of white supremacy
DATE: 2016-08-16 | LENGTH: 40:02

Intellectual Property Rights Protect Massive Profits of Corporations
We need to debate and revise the intellectual property rights regime, which is not only dysfunctional for us, but especially for developing countries, says Dean Baker, co-director of CEPR
DATE: 2017-08-17 | LENGTH: 11:23

Nina Turner Denounces the Enablers of Nazis
In a wide ranging discussion, Nina Turner and Paul Jay focus on the role of Trump, the GOP, corporate Democrats and corporate media in perpetuating systemic racism; they also address whether Nazi's should have a right to organize public rallies
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 28:12

Baltimore Removes Confederate Statues After Activists Gave City Ultimatium
Baltimore became the latest city to remove Confederate statues after neo-Nazis in Charlottesville killed one and injured dozens.
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 07:17

Witnessing the Terror in Charlottesville
At the scene of Saturday's car attack on anti-racist protesters, Michael Payne of the Charlottesville Democratic Socialists of America walks us through what he witnessed
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 12:41

Ecuador: President Moreno In Battle with Former President Correa
Ecuador's former president Rafael Correa is accusing recently elected president Lenin Moreno of moving the country to the right, using corruption accusations against Vice-President and Correa friend Jorge Glas as cover. TRNN's Greg Wilpert reports
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 11:55

Trump Defends White Nationalists, Blames 'Both Sides' for Charlottesville Violence
Our Revolution's Erika Andiola says Trump, his administration and supporters have incited violence across the country since his campaign
DATE: 2017-08-15 | LENGTH: 05:23

Ending Legalized Slavery in the US Once and for All
In this episode of Rattling the Bars, Eddie Conway speaks with Krystal Roundtree, the lead organizer for the Millions for Prisoners March in D.C. It is a national day of action which seeks to abolish the Thirteenth Amendment in the U.S. constitution
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 11:41

Two Dozen Arrested at White House Immigration Protest as Trump Mulls Arpaio Pardon
Undocumented activist Erika Andiola says Trump pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, convicted of racial profiling, would lay bare the motives of his immigration policies
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 09:45

Real Media: 'This is all a lie' - William Hawk Birdshead at the British Museum
William Hawk Birdshead, a DAPL water protector from the Oglala Lakota tribe, reacts as he visits the JP Morgan Chase-sponsored North American gallery at the British Museum
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 08:31

Wilkerson: Trump Has No Business Threatening Venezuela
As President Trump claims he won't rule out military force in Venezuela, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says "we need to keep our dirty hands off Latin America"
DATE: 2017-08-15 | LENGTH: 16:15

Trump Reluctantly Condemns White Supremacists, but his Presidency Still Empowers Them
Gerald Horne contextualizes the terror attack in Charlottesville, and says Trump's administration has continued to embolden white nationalists
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 11:31

White on Black Killings 8 Times More Likely to be Ruled 'Justified'
A new report from the Marshall Project finds that when a white person kills a black man in the U.S., the killer often faces no legal consequences. We speak to reporters Daniel Lathrop and Anna Flag
DATE: 2017-08-15 | LENGTH: 11:02

Despite Protests, Baltimore Turns Back the Clock on Criminal Justice Reform
A bill that would impose mandatory minimums on gun possession cleared a key legislative hurdle as activists urge the council to seek more humane solutions to violence
DATE: 2017-08-15 | LENGTH: 04:50

Taking on Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Democratic Party Machine - RAI with LaRaviere (2/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Troy LaRaviere says growing up in poverty prepared him for a fight to defend public education in Chicago, even when it threatened his own job as a school principal
DATE: 2017-08-15 | LENGTH: 20:06

The Nina Turner Show: Hygiene as a Human Right with Dr. Javad Aghaloo
At the 2017 People's Summit, rural dentist Javad Aghaloo speaks about the need to include dental hygiene in calls for Medicare for All
DATE: 2017-08-15 | LENGTH: 08:43

Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy: Ku Klux Clowns Won't Stop Us
Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy, who led the City Council's effort to remove the statue of Confederate general Confederate General Robert E. Lee, discusses his campaign and this weekend's white supremacist protests
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 13:57

Raw Video: White Supremacist Rally Organizer Flees Protesters
Jason Kessler, organizer of the white supremacist "Unite the Right" rally, is chased away by protesters in Charlottesville
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 02:40

Deandre Harris on Attack by White Supremacists in Charlottesville
Deandre Harris, a 20-year old hip-hop artist and educator, speaks out on surviving an attack by white supremacists in Charlottesville
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 03:01

Secret Safe Injection Site Responds to US Drug Crisis
As President Trump calls the opioid crisis an emergency, it's emerged that a US social services agency has secretly run supervised drug injections at an undisclosed location. We speak to Maia Szalavitz, author of "Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction."
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 09:50

States Prepare to Fight Back Against Jeff Sessions' Absurd War on Pot
Letters sent by the current Attorney General hint of upcoming federal action against state's that have already legalized it, but a marijuana policy expert says Sessions may face resistance on multiple fronts
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 12:11

Media Downplays Wells Fargo's Latest Scandals
Bill Black says the real scandal isn't just the 20,000 people who wrongfully lost their cars, but that fraudulent financial products are allowed to be sold in the first place
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 08:45

Baltimore Shows Solidarity With Charlottesville
Hundreds gathered in front of confederate statue to decry hate, racisms, and the violence in Virginia that has roiled the nation
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 05:11

Meet the Berniecrat From Mauritania That Was Just Elected to Burlington's City Council
Our Revolution's first locally backed candidate in Burlington, Vermont, Ali Dieng, won his city council race running a Bernie Sanders-style grassroots campaign
DATE: 2017-08-14

Empire Files: The Roots of the Philippines Trafficking Epidemic
In this sequel to The Empire Files' report on trafficked Filipina domestic workers, Damayan's Linda Oalican provides a deeper context to the epidemic of human trafficking by guiding us through the history of colonialism, resistance and US domination of the islands
DATE: 2017-08-14 | LENGTH: 22:23

Endangered Species Act Under Attack As Extinction Crisis Hits U.S.
William Snape III of the Center for Biological Diversity says "special interests" are pushing Republicans to roll back regulations that have been successful at protecting wildlife and natural habitat
DATE: 2017-08-13 | LENGTH: 08:57

Unleashing the Transformative Potential of an Equitable Economy
The Institute for Policy Studies' Chuck Collins says that to reverse inequality in the US, we need a "next system" for the economy
DATE: 2017-08-13 | LENGTH: 13:40

30,000 Mexicans Have Disappeared in Past 10 Years
Laura Carlsen of the Center for International Policy says that as thousands disappear the Mexican government has turns a blind eye instead of investigating and preventing disappearances
DATE: 2017-08-13 | LENGTH: 14:13

Economic Development for Transformative Structural Change (pt 4/4)
Change comes when enough people in a society realize what's going on doesn't work, says co-editor of "The Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development" in emphasizing that this landmark volume shows comprehensive alternatives exist but barely get any media coverage
DATE: 2017-08-13 | LENGTH: 15:14

Gabor Mate on the Opioid Crisis
As President Trump says he'll declare opioid overdoses a national emergency, physician and author Dr. Gabor Mate says an effective response would address the emotional pain and adverse conditions at the root of addiction
DATE: 2017-08-12 | LENGTH: 24:14

As Aides Spar, Will Trump Hire Erik Prince for Afghanistan?
Amid ongoing White House discord, President Trump is reportedly weighing Blackwater founder Erik Prince's proposal for a private mercenary force in Afghanistan. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says that would be a disaster
DATE: 2017-08-12 | LENGTH: 12:02

Israel Is Arresting Palestinians At Highest Rate in Years
TRNN's Shir Hever discusses the reasons for the rapid rise in Palestinian incarceration, including hundreds of children
DATE: 2017-08-12 | LENGTH: 12:43

Economic Development for Transformative Structural Change (pt 3/4)
None of the countries that actually developed did it without planning & social policies are as integral to strategies of economic development as purely economic policies say panelists at book launch for The Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development
DATE: 2017-08-12 | LENGTH: 13:40

As Trump Threatens North Korea, US Preps War Games Next Door
President Trump has doubled down on his "fire and fury" threat to North Korea, saying maybe it "wasn't tough enough." Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ says that despite dangerous bluster from both sides -- and upcoming US-South Korea war games -- peaceful solutions are still within reach
DATE: 2017-08-11 | LENGTH: 18:45

Federal Court Nixes Environmental Law Trump Actually Supports
William Snape III, of The Center for Biological Diversity, discusses US Court of Appeals overturning of EPA ban on hydrofluorocarbons, which are thousands of times more powerful greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide
DATE: 2017-08-11 | LENGTH: 08:44

Does the Democrats' 'Better Deal' Include People of Color?
Democrats have unveiled their roadmap for electoral victory, but is it enough to win over voters, particularly communities of color? Author Steve Phillips of Democracy in Color and writer David Dayen discuss
DATE: 2017-08-11 | LENGTH: 26:36

The History of Guam
Guam is a virtual US colony, whose residents have been denied the rights afforded to other Americans, says professor David Vine
DATE: 2017-08-11 | LENGTH: 13:28

Economic Development for Transformative Structural Change (pt.2/4)
1947 was a year of political ambition, says a panelist for the book launch of The Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development in posing the question, "Do we have that same level of ambition in the current crop of international leaders?"
DATE: 2017-08-11 | LENGTH: 13:12

The Nina Turner Show: Call In Culture with Linda Sarsour
Activist Linda Sarsour shares the story of the Women's March from the inside and explains the difference between "calling people out" vs "calling people in"
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 22:32

Five Killed in Kenya as Opposition Leader Claims Election Fraud
While Kenya largely remains calm, sporadic violence has broken out as the country awaits official election results
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 07:26

Wilkerson: Trump and Kim Jong-un Sound the Same
As Defense Secretary James Mattis warns North Korea of "the end of its regime and destruction of its people," Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says the Trump administration is playing a reckless game
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 14:01

72 Years After Bombing Nagasaki, US Threatens Another Nuclear War
TRNN examines the myth that using nuclear weapons on civilian populations was necessary to force Japan to surrender
DATE: 2017-08-09 | LENGTH: 10:26

U.S. Pipelines Spill 9,000 Gallons of Dangerous Chemicals a Day
Leading anti-pipeline campaigner Diana Best discusses hearings in Nebraska that may mark Keystone XL's last stand and a new Greenpeace warning that four proposed Tar Sands oil pipelines threaten water resources
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 15:51

The Nauseating Racial Discrimination of Rahm Emanuel's Chicago Public Schools - RAI with LaRaviere (1/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay talks to the president of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association, Troy LaRaviere about his new report that found systemic racial discrimination in the way Chicago Public Schools receive special education funding
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 18:33

Netanyahu's Billionaire Backer May Help Bring Him Down
The growing corruption scandal threatening Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political future now includes casino mogul Sheldon Adelson
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 11:48

Stock Market Boom is Bad News for Wages
The record-setting stock market is likely rooted in forecasts that corporate profits will grow at the expense of workers' wages, says economist and "Rigged" author Dean Baker
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 12:52

Economic Development for Transformative Structural Change: Lack of Alternatives Is Not the Problem (pt 1/4)
Historically all major thinkers about the economy were development economists as they saw the economy going through transformative structural changes and that is what they studied, says co-editor of The Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 12:01

Has Trump Threatened Nuclear War on North Korea?
As President Trump threatens North Korea "with the fire and the fury like the world has never seen," the need for diplomacy is as urgent as ever, says veteran journalist Tim Shorrock
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 12:55

Scientists Leak Government Climate Report, Avoiding Trump's Censorship
A leaked US government report directly undermines President Trump's climate change denial just as the Department of Agriculture has started to censor the language of climate science
DATE: 2017-08-09 | LENGTH: 08:21

UN Human Rights Report on Venezuela Ignores Opposition Violence
Prof. George Ciccariello-Maher of Drexel University analyzes the latest developments in Venezuela, including a new UN human rights report, US sanctions, and the begrudging admission by President Maduro's foes that he still has popular support
DATE: 2017-08-09 | LENGTH: 10:03

The Fight over the FBI's Ugly History of Surveilling and Infiltrating Dissent
Documentary filmmaker Nina Gilden Seavey talks about her battle with the FBI to obtain documents that recount new revelations about the notorious COINTELPRO program and government efforts to monitor anti-war activists at Washington University in the 60s and 70s
DATE: 2017-08-09 | LENGTH: 14:54

Native American Tribes Continue Fight to Shut Down Dakota Access Pipeline
EarthJustice Attorney Jan Hasselman, an attorney representing the Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux, discusses a brief filed this week to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline's operation
DATE: 2017-08-09

Empire Files: Buying a Slave - The Hidden World of US-Philippines Trafficking
The Philippines is one of the largest labor exporters in the world. Tricked by placement agencies, thousands end up living as virtual slaves. Abby Martin speaks to several members of the anti-trafficking organization Damayan about how this exodus of women has devastated a generation of families, and how they are fighting back
DATE: 2017-08-09 | LENGTH: 25:10

Wilkerson: Trump is Clueless on North Korea
As the US pushes through new sanctions on North Korea, direct negotiations are the only way to defuse the nuclear standoff, says Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 13:44

Minnesota Mosque Bombing Largely Ignored by the Press
A Minneapolis-Area Mosque Was Bombed Over the Weekend but Received Scant Media Attention
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 05:19

Why Trump's Immigration Policies Are Really a War on Workers
Trump's proposal to cut legal immigration by half as well as the targeting of undocumented immigrants who have filed wage disputes will drive down wages for all workers says Garment Worker Center's Mariela Martinez
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 06:53

Shifting Battlefield in Syria's Proxy War
The Trump administration's halt to a CIA program arming anti-Assad militants makes the Syrian battlefield less complicated, but only the cooperation of outside powers can end the war, says veteran reporter Charles Glass
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 11:48

Nissan Workers Plan to Push Back Following Loss
After an ugly campaign Nissan workers in Canton, Mississippi lost a historic union election by a margin to 2244 to 1307 last week. The union immediately pledged to challenge the results at the National Labor Relations Board.
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 09:52

Baltimore Ceasefire Weekend Is Just the Beginning
TRNN's extensive coverage of the 72 hour ceasefire: despite two homicides, Baltimore activists and residents remain resolute in their community-lead efforts to build hope in the face of violence.
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 05:56

Does Mueller's Russia Probe Threaten Trump?
Marcy Wheeler of and TRNN's Aaron Mate discuss the significance and scope of Robert Mueller's Russia probe, which is apparently focusing on Trump's financial dealings
DATE: 2017-08-07 | LENGTH: 20:27

Will The Catastrophic Drought In Kenya Affect Its Presidential Election?
Odenda Lumbumba of Kenya Land Alliance says that Kenya's drought is not just the result of climate change - it's also the result of failed public policy
DATE: 2017-08-07 | LENGTH: 09:35

A New Generation of Paramilitary Groups is Killing Social Activists in Colombia (pt. 2/2)
On July 30th, 2017 armed gunmen went looking for Bladimir Sanchez Espitia at a relative's house in Bogota, Colombia, and forced their way into the building, terrorizing the housekeeper and some neighbors. Sanchez was not there, because he is hiding, sleeping in a different house every night
DATE: 2017-08-07 | LENGTH: 09:44

A Rare Pause in Violence as Baltimore Ceasefire Efforts Continue
A silent walk through a labyrinth marked the second full day of citywide efforts by activists to bring a halt to homicides for 72-hours
DATE: 2017-08-07 | LENGTH: 04:02

Democrats Help Trump Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal
US isolation will only deepen if Trump and Congress continue to undermine the Iran nuclear deal, says Mohammad Marandi of the University of Tehran
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