How would you like to help The Real News research our next story? Starting today, you’ll be able to do just that.

With the generous support of the Knight Foundation, TRNN has been developing a series of interactive online news applications.

The first application I’d like to tell you about is Work With A Journalist. I bet you can guess how it works: our journalists and production staff make requests for research, footage and images and if you have ‘em, you send ‘em our way.  We expect a high volume of research will be contributed and not all of it will be useable. If the journalist or producer decides to use your submissions, we’ll let you know.

Remember, sometimes these requests are very time sensitive and a response is required right away; in this case by the time you’ve added research, the story has been produced. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to contribute research or footage as it could be used in follow up stories.

Make sure that when you are contributing research, you ensure that it is from a credible source. Typically, reliable sources of information cite the sources of their data, avoid speculation and inflammatory language, and include the author’s name.  Click here for a more detailed guide on how to tell if a source is reliable.

We’re really excited to launch the Work with a Journalist application and hope that you take advantage of the opportunity to contribute your footage, images and research. It’s a great way for The Real News to make sure that our viewers are involved in making real news.

Click here to begin responding to journalists’ requests for research support.

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