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The net worth of billionaire Tom Steyer stands at around $1.4 billion, and he ranks #1335 among the richest people in the world. He is a major Democratic Party donor who also ran for the party’s presidential nomination before dropping out in February 2020. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Steyer is a retired hedge fund manager who turned his focus to politics and the environment after walking away from the world of corporate finance in 2012. 

According to Forbes, Steyer spent around $65 million in the 2016 US election cycle backing Democratic candidates and supporting environmental causes. Political analysts have branded him as a progressive outsider to the world of politics. He is also the founder of the environmental group NextGen Climate.  

TRNN climate correspondent Aman Azhar asked Steyer directly about his position on politically contentious issues, including Joe Biden’s plan to combat climate change, the politics behind fracking and the influence of big oil in American politics, and whether climate change is being used by both aspiring and career politicians to greenwash conservative political narratives. Take a listen.

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