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Twenty years ago, the digital future seemed very bright, indeed. However, as we have examined over the course of this special livestream series, the techno-utopian dreams of more open, more free, and more democratic ways of living made possible in the digital era have given way to a reality in which the technologies we depend on have been weaponized to surveil, condition, control, and exploit us in ever-more sophisticated ways. But was this outcome inevitable? Is there a way out? What alternative futures, for ourselves and for the digital world, should we be fighting for? And what role should “independent media” play in that fight?

In the third of our three-part livestream series “The Long Sili-CON: Power & Censorship in the Digital Era,” co-produced by TRNN and Project Censored, we try to imagine what life and technology could look like beyond the grip of global surveillance capitalism. And we discuss strategies for harnessing the tools available to us to cut a path toward a less horrifying future. We will host this livestream from 8-9:30 pm EDT on The Real News Network YouTube channel, which will include a panel discussion and a live Q&A session with panelists and audience members. Our panel will include:

  • Maximillian Alvarez (discussion moderator) – Editor-in-Chief, The Real News Network
  • Abby Martin – Creator & Host, The Empire Files; Co-host, Media Roots Radio
  • Mnar Muhawesh Adley – Founder, MintPress News; Executive Director & Host, Behind the Headlines
  • Nolan Higdon – Lecturer, History & Media Studies, Cal State East Bay; Author, The Anatomy of Fake News
  • Mickey Huff (Q&A moderator) – Director, Project Censored; President, Media Freedom Foundation

Join us for this important event and be part of the discussion! Register on Eventbrite for information about viewing and for updates on the series.

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