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Trudeau Imposes Retaliatory Trade Tariffs Against the U.S.

June 18, 2018

It is in the long term interest of Canada to unravel the intertwined economy between the two countries says Dimitri Lascaris

Pope Francis to Big Oil Executives: ‘There is no time to lose’

June 12, 2018

Dan DiLeo, Justice and Peace Studies Director at Creighton University, discusses the Vatican’s climate change conference

Livestock Industry Greatly Underestimates Carbon Emissions, Endangering Paris Climate Agreement

June 11, 2018

By greatly underestimating their greenhouse gas emissions, the livestock industry is placing the Paris Climate Agreement in jeopardy because we do not know just how big an impact this industry is having on climate change

Real Media: Hot Off The Press

June 11, 2018
In collaboration with DeSmog, Real Media takes on #ShellKnew – an unfolding story of Shell’s awareness of its impact on climate change and how it has managed its image through PR as being a green socially responsible company, and the Trade Secrets Act which gives more rights to corporations above journalists and whistleblowers

Study: Humans 0.01% of World’s Biomass, Cause 83% of Extinctions

June 6, 2018

The world’s population of 7.6 billion humans represent only 0.01% of earth’s biomass, but contribute to 83% of extinctions and have caused domesticated mammals to represent the 60% of earth’s mammals

Grassy Narrows First Nation Afflicted by Mercury Poisoning, Study Finds

June 3, 2018

Mercury specialist Professor Donna Mergler discusses her new study on mercury poisoning in a First Nations community in Canada

Trudeau Government Spends Billions to Acquire Tar Sands Pipeline in Canada

Trudeau Government Spends Billions to Acquire Tar Sands Pipeline in Canada

June 1, 2018

Adam Scott of Oil Change International says Trudeau’s Transmountain acquisition makes no economic or environmental sense, it is  “Incredibly Stupid”

Puerto Rico’s Uncounted Dead

May 29, 2018
A Harvard study has found that at least 4,645 people have died as a result of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, 70 times more than Puerto Rico officials claim. We speak to Omaya Sosa, co-founder of Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism, who first reported  the government’s official death toll was underreported
Flood in Ellicott City

Overdevelopment and Climate Change Collide in Catastrophic Flood

May 29, 2018

Floods in Ellicott City over Memorial Day weekend killed a national guardsman and left many stranded. Residents say without dramatic policy changes, the town will not survive.