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Just as Israel has bombed a hospital and a UN compound in Gaza, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni came to Washington, in the dying days of the Bush administration, to sign a new US-Israel agreement barring Hamas from rearming. Meeting with journalists, she had the right to say whatever she wanted about Israel’s “war on terror”, while paying lip service to civilian Palestinian victims. Journalists for their part were systematically prevented from asking legitimate questions. Pepe Escobar argues that when it comes to media supremacy, at least inside the US, Israel will accept nothing but the upper hand.

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Pepe Escobar, born in Brazil is the roving correspondent for Asia Times and an analyst for The Real News Network. He's been a foreign correspondent since 1985, based in London, Milan, Los Angeles, Paris, Singapore, and Bangkok. Since the late 1990s, he has specialized in covering the arc from the Middle East to Central Asia, including the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has made frequent visits to Iran and is the author of Globalistan and also Red Zone Blues: A Snapshot of Baghdad During the Surge both published by Nimble Books in 2007.