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From San Diego to Seattle to New York City, where 100 people were arrested Wednesday, people stood in solidarity with Baltimore.

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NBC NEWS FOOTAGE: Overnight a cross-country wave of protests in support of Baltimore. EDDIE CONWAY, EXEC. PRODUCER, TRNN, ACTIVIST: There’s been demonstrations all across the country, in New York and Seattle, in Oakland. NEWS FOOTAGE: A huge march clogged the streets in New York City tonight and in D.C. CONWAY: There’s a hundred people who did get arrested in New York and probably many, many more will be arrested across the country. People thought that Ferguson and Michael Brown was an isolated incident. But there’s been other isolated incidents. Whether it was Tyrone West here in the city, whether it was Trayvon Martin in Florida, or whether it was Oscar Grant in Oakland, or whether it was this almost-near recent case in South Carolina that’s been superseded now by this particular case with Freddie Gray. One black man, woman, or child is murdered by police officers, correctional officers, or private security once every 28 hours in America. So it’s a systemic problem about policing and keeping certain segments of the population under control. And to do that you have to have the militarization of the police department. And military wages war, and war creates bodies. People need to get involved. They need to push, even if it’s civil disobedience or any other kind of activities, to demand and get a change.


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