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Protestors threw rocks and burned cars after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African-American man who was killed by police earlier this month.

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THOMAS HEDGES, PRODUCER, TRNN: Frustration boiled over in Baltimore as residents took to the streets, looting and burning down businesses as anger over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray while in police custody continued. Shortly after Gray’s funeral juveniles and police clashed at Mondawmin Mall in Northwest Baltimore early this afternoon. There, people were spotted throwing rocks at police who donned riot gear in an attempt to restore order. Later the looting moved south toward North Avenue, where a CVS was set on fire and cars sat in the street burning. The violence came after a relatively peaceful week of protests across the city. Over the weekend at least 1,000 protesters marched downtown seeking justice for Gray, whose neck was severed from his spine during an arrest. PROTESTER: When he picked him up off the ground the man couldn’t move. He couldn’t move. BALTIMORE CITY POLICE OFFICER: I saw that too. And, and I agree with everything you just said. HEDGES: Many accused City Hall of being slow to release details about how and why he died. Today’s outburst prompted swift response from Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who declared a state of emergency. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asked Hogan to activate the National Guard Monday evening to deploy throughout the city. The Mayor also declared a 10:00PM curfew for five days, starting immediately. Downtown businesses were shuttered, and an Orioles game was postponed as the entire city felt the dissatisfaction of residents whose voices are rarely heard. That’s why the threats of a crackdown seemed to do little to calm the anger that was evident in the streets, which City Hall often ignores, until now. For The Real News Network, Thomas Hedges and Stephen Janis reporting from Baltimore.


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