A collaborative show and podcast for the last month before the 2020 election, from The Real News team, coordinated by Editor in Chief Maximillian Alvarez and Managing Editor Lisa Snowden-McCray.

The harried and, frankly, terrifying period surrounding this election will be a time when people are desperate for information, desperate for sharp reporting and commentary that helps them cut through the bullshit punditry and political doublespeak, desperate to hear from—and learn how they can join—those who are fighting to keep hope, justice, and love alive as the world darkens. That’s why our team is coming together to bring you “The Run Up.”


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Can ‘Beat Trump, Battle Biden’ coalition really stop the right?

More than fifty progressives, activists and writers signed a petition calling to beat Trump, then battle Biden. Marc Steiner talks with three of these thinkers who signed the petition about the internal conflict involved in supporting a centrist capitalist with a problematic past on race and crime and the reasons why it’s necessary.