The Real News Launches New Show: Why You Should Give A F*ck
Why You Should Give A F*ck Premieres on TRNN June 10 at 7PM ET

Genevieve Montinar and Tunde Ogunfolaju say that on their new show, “Why You Should Give a F*ck,” they want to keep things simple.

“We want everyone to know what’s happening in this country on a day-to-day basis,” said Ogunflaju. He said he’s tired of the way political hacks and commentators seem to speak for everyone. This show looks to circumvent all that by breaking down for viewers why they should care about what’s going on and by talking to everyday people.

The two plan to use each episode of the show to tackle big concepts, breaking down how these things color our everyday lives –  like power (who has it and who wants it), labor, and elections.

They also say they want to make it clear why the news cycle matters to an audience that is used to tuning out the noise.

“We want to explain to people these issues that are happening in their lives, whether they are aware of it or not, and put it in terms that it’s easy and accessible for everyone,” Montinar said.

The show premieres Wednesday, June 10 at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PST.

Montinar and Ogunfolaju work for The Real News Network as booking producer and studio technician, respectively.

To get a better sense of what’s going on, watch this clip of the two hosts talking about the show.

YouTube video

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