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July 5, 2022, marks the 60th anniversary of Algeria securing its independence from France. Algeria’s revolutionary example inspired activists and freedom fighters around the world, including anti-colonial leaders throughout Africa and Black revolutionaries in the United States. Yet much has changed in Algeria over the last half century. In this special interview commemorating the battle for Algerian independence, author, activist, and TRNN board member Bill Fletcher, Jr. sits down with Brahim Rouabah to discuss Algeria’s history since independence—from the 1965 coup to the civil war of the 1990s and the recent Hirak Movement—and to examine how colonial interests have continued to shape Algeria’s politics and history into the present.

Brahim Rouabah, an Algerian activist and scholar, is the cofounder and former leader of the UK Algeria Solidarity Campaign. He is currently a doctoral student at the City University of New York and the author of the 2020 essay, published in the Review of African Political Economy, “The Colonial Counter-Revolution: The People’s Revolution in Algeria.”

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Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Bill Fletcher Jr. has been an activist since his teen years and previously served as a senior staff person in the national AFL-CIO; he is the former president of TransAfrica Forum, a senior scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, and the author of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction, including ‘They’re Bankrupting Us!’ And 20 Other Myths about Unions and The Man Who Fell from the Sky. Fletcher Jr. is also a member of The Real News Network Board of Directors.